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ahmoniqued posted on Mar 19, 2011 at 04:41AM
Just add any random Deeks and Kensi quotes you love, simple as that! Or even have a read through some of our favourites. :)

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over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Larissa: Does your partner hide anything from you?
Deeks: Matter of fact, she does, yeah. She’s got a junk food jones she doesn’t think I know about. But I find the Twinkie wrappers stuffed between the car seats.
Kensi: That was one time on a stakeout.
Deeks: If that was one time, there’s like 12 in a box, so that’s-
[2x12 - Overwatch. ♥]
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over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Deeks: ’Hence the ten-year rule.’
Kensi: ‘Hmyeah?’
Deeks: ‘You should always know your partner for at least ten years prior to marrying them. You date me for a decade, you deserve my hand in marriage.’
Kensi: ‘That sounds so much more like a punishment than a reward.
[2x06 - Standoff. ♥]
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over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Deeks: ’So, uh, how far do you think Callen and this Tracy lady took their whole “pretending to be married” thing?’
Kensi: ’I don’t know, use your imagination. On second thought, don’t..’
Deeks: ’Mm… too late. Wait, so just out of curiosity… to your last partner?’
Kensi: ’He met an unfortunate end.’
Deeks: ’Sorry to hear that. Go. So, How many partners have you had?’
Kensi: ’Why?’
Deeks: ’You know, just wondering. Just wondering if you’re, like, the Elizabeth Taylor of partners.’
Kensi: ’Deeks..’
Deeks: ’What?’
Kensi: ’Focus.’
Deeks: ’Well, I’m trying. I just think I have the right to know if you got, like, partner poison or something, right? I mean, do they call you “Kiss of Death Kensi” or “Bad-Luck Blye” or… I don’t know… “The Widow Maker”?’
Kensi: ’Dead guy, Deeks.’
Deeks: ’See, that’s-that’s not funny.’
Kensi: ’Not you, you idiot.’
[2x06 - Standoff. ♥]
over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Deeks: It’s getting pretty sunny out here. You want me to, uh…?
Kensi: You can’t put any sunscreen on me.
Deeks: How did you even..
[2x06 - Standoff. ♥]
over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Deeks: We’re going to need the works, though, I think, yeah? Probably a booty lift. A tummy tuck. A micro-lipo to the hipso. Basically we’re going to need a overhaul to the whole undercarriage here.
Receptionist: Of course.
Deeks: And then we’ll deal with the head. And we’ll do the nose. Again. You know, hopefully they’ll get it- they’ll get it right this time. And then these little guys. Those little guys right there. What’s that? Huh? Oh, it’s Dumbo and he can’t fly without his ears so he wants them back.
[2x07 - Anonymous. ♥]
over a year ago ajhalecullen said…
Kensi: At this point in our relationship...after all the stuff that we've done. Deeks: I'm sorry did you just say relationship? Kensi: No, I said partnership.♥

I don´t know what episode its the quote from, sorry
over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
^ It's from [2x08 - Bounty. ♥] :)
P.S. Thanks so much for posting quotes! I appreciate it.

Kensi: What if he’s not interested in me?
Deeks: Well, then we know he’s probably gay.
Kensi: Is that some kind of weird compliment, Deeks?
Deeks: Um, yes. *Smiles* No. I don’t know.
[2x15 - Tin Soldiers. ♥]
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over a year ago ajhalecullen said…
Deeks: Can I mention that, uh, dress is off the charts?
Kensi: Deeks, don’t.
Deeks: What? I’m just role-playing the gushing date.
Kensi: Yeah? Oh, come here, you have a little-
Deeks: I do?
Kensi: No. I’m just role-playing. Honey.

2x19: Enemy Within
I so love this quote!!!♥
over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Deeks: Uh, SPF 70 sunblock, ChapStick and a sea-foam green Slanket? Really? What’re - What are you trying to say here?
Kensi: Come on. Everyone knows you’re a little… delicate.
Deeks: Not delicate. I’m sensitive. And my lips get chapped because we live in a desert.
Eric: (horn blows) We got a case. Awesome air horn, Kens.
Deeks: Really, Kensi? Eric gets a cool air horn and I get cuticle clippers?
Kensi: You whine like a baby every time you get a hangnail.
Deeks: Okay. In all airness, that happened once, and it really hurt.
[2x20 - The Job. ♥]
over a year ago ajhalecullen said…
Deeks: I'm going to be with you every step of the way. Even if you don't see me, I'll be there.
Kensi: He caught me off guard once. It's not going to happen again.
Deeks: I know.
Kensi: Let's go.
Deeks: Okay.

Episode 2x20: The Job
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over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Kensi: What are you…?
Deeks: I was gonna call, but I was already out front, so it seemed kind of, uh, redundant.
Kensi: Come in.
Deeks: Wow. So you just finished taping an episode of Hoarders?
[2x20 - The Job. ♥]
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over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Kensi: Is there a reason why you’re here?
Deeks: I got dinner. Got me a burger, and I got you a smoothie.
Kensi: Oh, I’ll take a beer.
Deeks: Um, okay. Really? Top Model? Why does every girl love this show?
Kensi: Because it is awesome.
Deeks: How is that a TV show?
Kensi: They’re about to start the judging.
Deeks: Mmm. Can’t get any better than this. Turkey burger, Top Model. Can you open my beer for me, please?
[2x20 - The Job. ♥]
over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Deeks: You okay, Kens?
Kensi: I’m fine.
(Deeks shakes his head)
Kensi: Good. I’m… good. When I can feel my jaw, I’ll be really good.
[2x20 - The Job. ♥]
over a year ago ahmoniqued said…
Kensi: Oh, my God. I cannot take this anymore. This guy has been speaking non-stop.
Sam: You should be used to that.
Deeks: What? Was that, uh, that aimed at me? Are you saying that I talk too much? Is that what you’re implying, here? Because, uh, I’ve never got that complaint before. Actually, people say that I don’t talk enough. They say, “You’re really charming. You should talk more. You should double down with that talking, ‘cause…” (funny looks and silence) I’m gonna shut up.
[2x20 - The Job. ♥]
over a year ago KensiandDeeks said…
Kensi: Ready to take a little ride?
Deeks: [looks up and smiles]
Kenis: On the bikes. Deeks, on the bikes!
Deeks: I didn't say anything! just put it out there.

Episode 2x03 I believe...when they are in the desert.
over a year ago KensiandDeeks said…
Callen: Deeks, Kensi, what's your status.
Deeks: We're good.
Deeks (to Kensi): You ok?
Kensi: Yah. But I need to pee.
Deeks: I think I just did.

Love this moment this is when they jump out of the door and land on top of each other.
Episode 2x17 Deliverance
over a year ago KensiandDeeks said…
This site is the best!!!!!! it had like alllll of the Densi quotes ever (well currently end of season two hopefully there will be many more in the future.) they are just hilarious.


hope you like it!
over a year ago mia_ana said…
In the gouse of a dead guy, Deeks and Kensi hear noises:
Federal agents, don't move!
Deeks: LAPD
other guy: NSA
Kensi: NCIS
Deeks (again): M-O-U-S-E

Kensi beats both of the other guys, and Deeks goes; What are you doing?
Kensi: I had a hunch, they aren't NSA, but forigen operators.
Deeks: You don't kick a guy in his junk on a hunch! Geez, sometimes I don't evan know you!! Who does that?

I know it's not THE Densi scene, but it' funny :)
over a year ago Kdevoto14 said…
Deeks; You smell like sunshine... and gunpowder. Two of my favorite things <3
over a year ago rrosie said…
kensi: "Our thing"
Just the perfect episode