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Fan fiction by moolah posted over a year ago
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Created by ifiwasaguyx
(this story was not written by me-I don't own)

Tagged: degrassi, babydaddy

Before You Read: This is important!
If you see:
“...” between paragraphs, it means that the scene above is over, but the scene below is in the same day.
“- - - -” between paragraphs, it means that the scene above is over, but the scene below is from a different day.

You and Declan sat in his very large, very fancy bedroom. It was wide, and spacey, and decorated with both a manly and sophisticated eye. The room held a king sized bed, a bureau, a walk in closet—which had it's own sofa—a desk, a love seat, an arm chair, a fire place, and a flat screen television. The love seat and arm chair were positioned around the fire place, and the television hung on the wall to the right of the fireplace. He sat on the love seat, leaning slightly into the right arm. You sat next to him, leaning your back against the back of the sofa, with your feet stretched to the...
Guide by PaprikaFest posted over a year ago
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Hey I just found this amazing event happenin' in Toronto. You cannot miss Jujube Mandiela this Sunday Novemeber 28th on stage reading a play by Kanika Ambrose, "My Ummmm-hmm"

This is a rare chance to see Jajube doing something different. See the details below

I think everyone should book their tickets early too, this is going to sell out.

Paprika Does Double Digits
10th Anniversary Celebration
November 28th

Watch the Trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfSEWlrUz4

a collection of work from the past ten years, performed by current
participants, artists, alumni and friends of the Festival

Tarragon Theatre Mainspace
30 Bridgman Ave. (One block north of Dupont & Bathurst)
Reception at 7pm Performance at 8pm
For tickets, call the Tarragon Box Office at 416.531.1827

Article by moolah posted over a year ago
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<-- Munro...or Eli!**takes my breath away**
All credit goes to Teennick.com


So, in case it doesn't come through properly in the text, Munro has a total sense of humor and was joking (often self-deprecatingly) during much of this interview. Also, fyi, I'm not psychic -- we were talking via Skype, which is why I could tell what was in his bedroom. And without further ado...

So, the last time I saw you was in Toronto when you guys were shooting the carnival video, Boiling Point hadn't aired, no one in America really understood what was coming yet... has life become any different for you since becoming America's Sweetheart?
First of all, I am not America's Sweetheart! It's very sweet for people to say that. But it's just so much fun. Just for myself, as an actor, I feel like I've grown. Because for every job you take, you should grow; you should move forward as an actor. But for me personally, I still... I don't like, go to celeb parties and drink martinis, I don't know.