-Johnny's POV-

Sometimes, it gets a bit annoying how Alli is. But I still love her. Is that even possible for me? I mean, its me! And besides, shes a 9th grader! But, its still hard for me to imagine life without her.

Wait, wait, wait. Lets back up a bit! Whenever i first met Alli, I thought she was hot. But she was a bit clingy, and back then I didnt really like 9th gradres. But then, we hung out by playing poker on the little camping-earth stuff trip thing and then I gave her a chance, and DAMN! If i didnt, i wouldnt be here, now would i? Love that girl. But, when she spilled about us to Holly J [the bitch of the moment] I had to break up with her. Then Alli made a "I Hate Holly J" fanclub thing and we all signed up. We were together again! But when she kissed KC, i didnt think i had ever been so jealous. But i kept it easy, like I always do. But then, after i slept with her, she got all weird. I was a bit worried too, because I love her (wow, never thought I'd say that) She even asked me my middle name. George! Eck. But then she said we shouldnt hang out anymore, and it killed me. Then i told her i was a virgin, and we decided to take things slowly. Now, we're back!!

Now, back to whats going on now.
"Johnny....I love you," Alli said. I closed my locker and smiled at her.
"Love you too, Bhandari." she smiled back at me, kissing me. Wow, sometimes I forget how amazing she is.
But, "the moment", as Alli called it, was ruined by the bell. Ugh, I had science next. How was I going to concentrate on science when I had Alli on my mind? Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy.
"See you later." she kissed me and walked away. I saw the ends of her long skirt poking out of her bag. Haha. I almost forgot. Her parents, strict Muslims, dont like her wearing the stuff she does wear, so she puts on extra clothes overtop of her normal ones, so her parents dont find out.

After classes were over, the end of the day, I met up with Alli. Again, I know how cheesy this sounds, especially for me. Im not used to mushy, gushy love, though its basically all Alli thinks about.
"Found you!" she gushed.
"Yup," I said, putting my arm around her shoulders. I could've thought of a better line, but like I said, I'm not used to that cheesy love stuff.
"I was thinking, maybe tonight we could go see a movie or something? Maybe a little kissing?" she asked. We only ever made out, well thats the farthest we go now of days. Shes to uncomfertable about having sex after what happened. Clare even told me that she got tested for STDs and pregnancy. I dont have any STDs, trust me. And I'm pretty sure we used a condom. Cant remember. But I owe Clare alot! She told Alli to tell me that she still wanted to be together with me, and then we made an agreement and blah blah blah!
"I guess. What movie?"
"Doesnt matter. I Just want to be with you." she smiled.
And that was true, and I just wanted to be with her.........