As Anya was sitting alone with just a bag in her hands Sav saw her and came over to her. They were now the only two out side or not at the pep-rally. He came up and said "now there is definitely something wrong, just tell me" she then realized she couldn't hide it anymore, she just started to burst into tears. Sav said worried "Anya, whats wrong, I can fix it" and she said still in tears "no you can't, not this" and he said "I bet I can" and she started cry harder. He sat down next to her, grabbed her hand and said "Anya you can tell me anything". She then pulled out the boxed test and handed it to him. He let go of her hand and held the test and his eyes went blood shot and said "you think your pregnant?" and the she said in a little less tears "I know that I am" and He said "did you take a test" and she said "no, but I just know I'm so sure of it, but I'm to scared to take it because if in 3 short minutes there could be a little blue plus sign and then.." he stopped her and said "Anya, you need to take this test and we need to be sure" and she said "I can't" and he said "Anya, there is nothing to be scared about I won't leave you" they both then went back in side then as she went to the restroom to take it. She walked out with the test. They sat there and waited. It was the longest 3 minutes of their lives. The timer (on Sav's phone) went off they looked at the test and their it was their answer. All they saw a was a small little blue plus sign. She was pregnant. She started to cry. Sav said "what are we gonna do" and she said "I don't know but all I know is that abortion is out I'm not doing that" and Sav said "then do you want to keep it?" and she said "what do you want to do" and he said "anything you want to" and she said "that's not what I asked" and he said "I don;t know, it's a lot of work to raise a kid, but then it's our kid" she wiped some tears off her face and said "I want to keep it, and I don't care whether or not your going to stay, I'm keeping it" Sav then said "I'm staying with you, I had just as much fault in this situation I'm not leaving you" she then looked at him and confided in his chest and hugged him(fade out). (fade in) Sav walks in his house he has no idea on how to tell his parents. As he walks in he sees Asha, her parents, and his parents sitting down. Sav's father says "Sav, the marriage is still on" and Sav knew what he had to do "no, no its not" and Asha's mother said "we agreed on this it's happening" Sav then raised his voiced and said "no its not!" and his father said "stop arguing its will happen" and Sav said "It can't ok" and his mother "why can't it" and Sav almost didn't want to say but he had to "I got Anya pregnant, and before you start to say bad about her I pressured her ok I was just as bad as her!" Asha's parents were so furious and just stormed out without a word. Sav's father said in anger "Sav, how could you do this, you have destroyed your life you are never going near that girl again" and Sav then said "what if Alli was in Anya's situation, what would you want the boy to do I know you two don't like in a very racist way but I do and I'm doing the right thing, I going to marry her" he then stormed out of the house. His parents both thought if it was Alli. They felt horrible. Sav ran down to target to buy a ring, he knew it wasn't real but the second he had enough he would buy her a real diamond he was only able to buy a band. He went to her house rang the doorbell. Anya answered the door and the Sav got on one knee and said "Anya will you marry me" and he stood up as Anya was in shock he said "I know it's not much but the..." she stopped him and kissed him in a short yet passionate way and said with a small amount of tears "I don't care, I wouldn't care if the ring was a bottle cap as long as if it was from you" and he asked "is that a yes" and she said "of course". They kissed at her doorstep long and passionately. Then he interrupted it and said quietly "I told my parents" she then at that moment stopped and said "what?" and then he said "they know I don't care there not getting in my, I mean our (looks at her stomach)way" she then said "I know I should be happy but, are they, like, going kick you out or anything?" and he said "I don't know and I don't care, we'll be fine" she kissed him yet again in the same matter as before. (fade out)