Every since Anya found she was pregnant she had become antisocial. She didn't wear the ring to school. She was now 3 weeks pregnant. They were planning to get married this weekend. They were just going to sign papers, no wedding just papers. She was kind of upset about it, but there wasn't much she could do. So in class Sav was passing notes to Anya (the bold sentences are Sav's and the italics are Anya's):

names for what?
the baby
I really don't want to talk about that right now
I want to think as little of the situation as possible and that’s gonna be pretty hard in a few months, might as well enjoy what I have left
why would you say that
of course you would say that you don't see or feel the way I do right now, I have to give up everything for this and don't have to do anything for all I know your probably going to leave by next week
what? why are you saying this or even thinkg this?
because it's true and you know it is

Then the bell rang and Anya was the first person out and Sav caught up with her and said "where is this coming from" and she said "you have everything going for you and I have nothing anymore, I had to give up power squad, larping, everything important to me" and Sav said "nobody told you to give those things up" and she replied "I can't do any of those things now" and Sav asked why and her reply was just her looking quickly down at her stomach. He kind of understood. She just then walked away. He knew how upset she was. He then got an idea. During the next break said to Anya, alone "let’s have a real wedding" and she said "what why would we do that it’s just us" and he said "tell whoever you want" and she said in almost tears and loudly "I don't want anyone to no!" and then he said "why are you ashamed of what happened" and she said "you don't have to be the one that is going to have the proof all over yourself" and she started to cry. He didn’t so much as get it as much as he wanted to make her feel better. He then said “Anya, I just want you to be happy” and she said “well, you better stop then because I’m not going to ever be happy” and the he said in a very concerned tone “why are you saying this why are you so depressed?” and the she said in tears and anger “I’m sorry I’m not miss happy go lucky right now” she then cried. Then Sav said “Then what do you want?” and she said “I don’t want to be pregnant” and then he said “Ok you know what I did this to you and you should make yourself feel this way” and she said “but it was my fault! I gave in” and he realized using those old condoms was probably why this happened so he calmed his voice, sat next to her and said “no, it’s my fault I used the old condoms from the camp retreat and its probably the reason why your pregnant” and she got mad and said “what that’s why, so this could have been avoided (she raised her voice and stood up) so because you were cheap I’m now pregnant!” and he said “I didn’t realize that it was a big deal” she got more mad and said “ya, don’t worry, we now have a baby on the way, but no big deal” he felt so guilty now.