Anya was now furious at Sav but she didn’t want to be. Her hormones were going crazy. She hated being pregnant, she wasn’t going to hate her baby but she just didn’t want to be another Degrassi teen mom. But there was one thing no other teen mom at Degrassi had, she was going to marry her “baby daddy”. She was just so scared. She was sitting in her room that night and she was home alone and the door bell rang and she went down and answered. It was Sav. She said with no emotion “what?” and he said “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose, but it happened and you can’t do it alone” and then she said “but with you, I might as well be alone” and he said in shock “Anya, you have to stop, you just have cold feet, were going to be fine” and she hugged him and said “I’m really scared” and he hugged her back and said “so am I but we’ll figure it out, step by step” and she released from the hug and pulled him upstairs into her room. They both sat on the bed side by side, looking at one another. Anya then broke the silence and said “what’s the first step?” and he said “telling our parents, but that’s done” and since Anya hadn’t told her parents yet but said in a lying tone “ya of course” and Sav knew it and said “you didn’t tell them did you?” and she then said “not exactly” and he got frustrated and said “why wouldn’t you tell them yet?” and she said in tears “I can’t there are going to kill me I just know it” she cried and cried, lately that’s all she had been doing. Sav then said “when they get home tonight we’ll tell them, together” she then kissed him for being so brave. She then got on her back, while they were still kissing. And Sav stopped and said “are you sure” and she said “I’m already pregnant, what there’s nothing not to be ready for” and he understood and they still did it. She first took off his shirt, and then he started to unbutton her shirt. Then they heard a car pull up and Anya said “crap, my parents” and they got up and put their shirts back on. They both quickly ran down stairs into the living room then they sat down and waited. Her parents walked in and saw the waiting for them and her mother said “Anya, what’s going on” they both stood up and then her parents sat down and said and Anya started to talk and she said “well… I don’t really know how to say it but…” she stopped and froze in fear so in a few seconds he knew he wasn’t going to say anything so he blurted out “I got her pregnant” Anya felt ashamed now that her parents knew. Her father got up wanted to kill Sav. But before her dad could do anything her mother said in pity “Anya, how could this have happened, you were such a good girl, but now, how?” and she said in sorrow and remorse “I don’t know, I...” Sav the stopped her and said “It was my fault ok, don’t blame your daughter but she decided to keep the baby and I’m standing by her side at every moment were getting married and your not stopping us” and her mother asked Anya with a look that said “really?” and she just nodded she was being very quiet. Her father was so mad and said “you have one week to get out. (paused for 4 seconds and said in shame and anger) You are no longer, my daughter” Anya started to quietly cry and ran upstairs and Sav followed she started to make her cry a bit louder. Sav said “Anya, Anya calm down” and she said crying “did you hear what he said” he sat down next to her and rubbed her shoulder and said “it’s going to be fine” she cried on his shoulders.