Anya sat slumped over on the table, not touching her food. She glanced up at Holly J and Leia as they sat down.
Holly J rolled her eyes. "Thursday already? I thought this mess was over with the fairy princess gig?"
Leia frowned. "It's called LARPing Holly J."
Holly J rolled her eyes. "LARPing, fairy princess, what difference does it make?" She looked back at Anya. "What happened with you two anyways?"
Anya sighed. "I convinced him to go babysitting with me. And we were talking about kids when we grow up. I told him I wanted two. He wants six. Who's gonna have all of those kids?"
Holly J frowned. "Seriously?! You were fighting over the number of kids you want? You're in HIGH SCHOOL Anya. You won't be having kids anytime soon."
Leia patted Anya's shoulder. "If you're so upset about it, why are you still eating with us? Sav's coming."
Anya looked up to look at Sav, who was awkwardly standing off to the side.
Holly J sighed. "Here you go Anya. Alone time with Prince Dorkshire. Come on Leia."
Leia and Holly J walked off as Sav sat down next to Anya. He sighed. "Look Anya. What happened last night was stupid, really stupid. I was wrong to disagree with you on something that is your decision. We can have as many kids as you want. I just don't want to fight anymore"
Anya smiled. "Thank you Sav. That's really sweet."
She leaned up to kiss Sav. He smiled. "So you want to come to band practice after school? That is, if you don't have LARPing."
Anya grinned and sat up to hug S av. "Of course I'll be there Sav. I'll always be there."
He smiled. "I love you Anya."
She smiled back as they both began to walk off, hand-in-hand." I love you too."


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