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|► damon & elena - strange couple

Vampire Diaries -- Skyscraper

:: Nina + Ian || Why I Smile ::

Damon/Elena,Stefan/Caroline-Running dowm corridors

Damon Salvatore [For Your Entertainment!;♥]

The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Teaser Promo

Damon and Elena | If this ain't love then how do we get out?

Damon & Elena ; Shattered (уσυυ нανє lσѕт мє fσяєνєя.) ♥

Ian & Nina: Please don't go

Damon/Elena - You're not going to hurt her

Damon/Elena - Best I ever had

shiver (damon; elena)

Damon and Elena - I Can't Lose You

Damon&Elena|Goodbye My Lover

Damon..Elena "I would die for you...But you won't..."

Damon and Elena+ Katherine and Stefan| 2x20| Shattered

Would you DIE for a person you LOVE the most? D&E (UVC Round 2)

Nina&Ian.I desperately need you

Damon& collab part for xDelenaCollabsx.

Damon&Elena - Loving you with my whole heart

Damon & Elena | Whatever It Takes

Dead Inside | Damon & Elena

No, I don't hate you .. don't wanna fight you

♥Damon&Elena♥I ve been waiting such a long, long time..

♥Damon&Elena ♥ - Now, I've gotta love your love letters Written on my skin ..

Damon & Elena

Damon & Elena ● When you look at me

damon & elena / beat inside me

Sobrev [I+N] "Right there beside me"

Nina&Ian - "Say it again"

Lift Me Up | Damon + Elena

D&E ;; Find your way into my heart.

Stefan; Damon & Elena; I loved you all along

Damon & Elena - How difficult - to love

Damon | Elena • "what once was lost may be found" [Collab w/JennyQa]

Ian & Nina (Superman)

Ian & Nina // You make me smile ♥

► She loves dancing [for Dzhelina & smthxdiabolical]

Damon & Elena - Enchanted (Vampire Diaries)

Nina & Ian || " I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

Delena;; ƒυтυяιѕтι¢ ℓσνєя♥

"I set fire to the rain.." (D/E)

"Damon,you are so close,don't give up.."

dreams are lost; hearts are broken..

Nina+Ian-Teenage Dream [to the AMAZING Eva675]

Ian&Nina | MMA 2011

Ian & Nina At The MMVA \\ Leave Me Paralyzed ♥

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev on Etalk

Ian & Nina ; sparks are fly

Nina and Ian at MMVA 2011 (all photos)// Hey Lady

Ian&Nina at the 2011 MMVA// For Sam

NIAN # This = Love (dedication)

Damon/Elena || Freaky Like Me

Damon & Elena ::All we are::

Damon&Elena Done For Love

Damon & Elena | you can't deal with the pain...♡

Elena♥ Damon I need you here

Damon&Elena :: Broken Hearted Girl

Ian&Nina // "there's not a thing that I would change"

TVD || Cut [BOIT]

Damon & Elena - Point Zero [BOIT]

Damon & Elena || " I'm Holding too tightly "

Damon/Elena || In My Arms [2x22]

Damon&Elena // "he did it because he loves you"

Damon and Elena-My immortal

Damon & Elena | what started out as friendship has grown stronger ...

Damon/Elena [2x21] Elena remembers being compelled...

Nian (Nina Dovrev & Ian Sommerhalder)-Baby I love you... {NIC}

Heart in my Hand

Nina & Ian // "..lift me up with your love.."

Damon&Elena||Use Somebody

Damon+Elena; these hands are holding you

Damon & Elena - Animal (Vampire Diaries)

Delena/Spuffy - Fact/fiction

nina dobrev & ian somerhalder || " this could last forever"

damon & elena • if i only could make a deal with god

Damon and Elena - That is your humanity

Damon and Elena - Everything

Damon/Elena ; You Could Be Happy

damon & elena | last dance

damon&elena; "everyday i fight this feeling..

delena & sooric; just the way you are

everytime we're close..♥ (NIC)

damon & elena; i'm barely breathing

D/E - "Love would be forever

you're not like the others; futuristic lover..

The Vampire Diaries - This pain is just too real

i don't wanna let you go; i'd be lost without you..

||Damon&Elena|| ... It's hard to fight these feelings*

i am everything you want..

Futuristic Lover || Damon & Elena

Vampire Diaries: Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking;; [Elena/Damon(/Katherine)]

You & Me || Nina & Ian

Just a Kiss♥♥ Damon Elena ♥♥ For Lousia

damon & elena ● worlds apart;;

Anywhere But Here Damon/Elena

Damon & Elena - Late Goodbye

Damon & Elena - Stupid Girl

The Ultimate Nian+Chophia Contest

Nina&Ian-Just can't get enough