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(3x09 spoilers) Damon & Elena - Meant To Be

Damon / Elena ~ Can't breathe easy

Elena, Stefan & Damon | B, Angel & Spike

i am ready, i am fine.

Broken | Damon and Elena | 2x22

damon&elena | i need you now

'i will try to fix you' ; [delena]

Damon&Elena; "Trust me." [3x09]

damon&elena [3x09] | blink

Damon&Elena [S3] ;; We found love

Damon&Elena | I'd Come For You

The Vampire Diaries ♥ Delena ♥

The Vampire Diaries Stakeout: Behind-The-Scenes: Favorite Locations

Damon/Elena // My Heart Will Go On

[ my heart will go on ] D+E

Damon & Elena || we always survive.. {3x09}

Poison and Wine - Damon & Elena

Elena and Damon- I wanted you

D+E;; [what shall we die for?] ;; dedications

Do you think about me now | [DE]

I didn't mean to hurt my little girl | Damon & Elena

The Vampire Diaries 3x09 "Homecoming" Canadian Promo (5) HD

would it make you; wanna stay?

damon+elena | that's your way to a vampire's heart

Damon and Elena | 3x06

damon/elena and eric/sookie | hey na na

The Vampire Diaries - 3x09 Homecoming Clip

Damon&Elena | What Makes You Beautiful

Damon&Elena | Incredible Love

► Damon & Elena // Delena // s l e e p [3x08] ❤

[3x08] Damon & Elena ♥ each time I look in your eyes...

Times | Damon&Elena

The Vampire Diaries Extended Promo 3x09 - Homecoming [HD]

3x08 Damon and Elena - ending scene (bedroom) - The Vampire Diaries

3x08 Damon and Elena training scene - Vampire Diaries

Damon/Elena/Stefan ; it happens in a blink

damon&elena | he's never gonna change

Damon/Elena|what makes you beautiful

Damon/Elena [AU] - Sober || The Vampire Diaries

Damon/Elena - Addicted

(AU) Damon and Elena - Love Lockdown

echo | damon + elena + stefan

Damon and Elena ||Next to you

damon&elena [3x07] | passion & danger

Damon & Elena ● She will be loved

The Vampire Diaries - Ordinary People Preview

d + e | hot temptations; sweet sensations

Damon | I'm Still Here

Damon & Elena - You found me

Why Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Love Each Other