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Damon&Elena"Finish Line"

Here we are at the finish line, ah Here we are at the finish line Finish line - Train Hope you like it Please comment and supscribe ^^

"Rescue me, show me who I am" || Season 4

● Damon + Elena | "She´s gone, there´s no world without her" |3x22

Damon & Elena ● she made you decent

Damon + Elena ► I'll never stop trying

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Damon/Elena - She's my home

Multifandom | Give me Love | Collab for SSWmuffiinx ♡

►The Vampire Diaries { Couples } | It's just love

►Damon+Elena | If Happy Ever After Did Exist

► Damon & Elena | Never let me go [+3x19] He changes her too