Denmark Where should a tourist begin in Denmark?

Soultemptress posted on Apr 22, 2008 at 11:14PM
I hope to travel there within the next few years. Not sure. I have on my list Copenhagen. When I can find out I will post the town that my heritage began. I know it is a small island on the western side of Denmark coast. I do not have the name currently. My Aunt does.

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over a year ago DrDevience said…
If you are going to Copenhagen (and everyone should go there at least once in their life) then you should also put Helsingör on your list. There you will find Kronborg Slot (castle) - known as Elsinor by Shakespeare buffs. It was the setting for Hamlet and well worth a visit.
over a year ago aholic said…
The island is called Zealand, Sjælland in Danish. You should go visit Dyrehavsbakken (some just call it bakken, which means the hill)if you want to have fun. Bakken is better than tivoli, I think.

You should visit Rundetårn (which mean the round tower) you can look out over the city from there.

You should also try to sail in the canals. It's cheep. From there you can see all the sightseeings at once and it's a 1½ hour sailing. Try it. In Danish it's called kanalrundfart.

Don't worry, fart means speed here :P
over a year ago aholic said…
Zealand is almost as big as Northern Ireland :)
over a year ago aholic said…

check out this link
over a year ago aholic said…
Alright you should also try these things in Denmark:

Middle age centre
Stevns klint (so beautiful)
møns klint (so beautiful too)¨
gavnø slot (castle)
thorvaldsens museum
Rosenborg slot (castle)
rytterknægten (beautiful forrest)
Østerlars rundkirke (round church, very beautiful)
rubjerg knude (nice place)
take a trip with sandormen (bus that drives on the beach)
viborg cathedral
mols bjerge (beautiful national park)
geografisk have (geographic garden)
minibyen i varde (a mini town in a town called varde where the houses are only 90 cm.
schackenborg castle (a royal member lives there. The town is very beautiful and is called Møltønder)
dybbøl mølle (mill)
danfoss universe (beautiful new modern place)
samsø (nice island known for it's potatoes)
egeskov slot (castle with a big garden and a lot of tourist attractions)
Den fynske landsby (old village in Funen with old houses only)
Hammershus (old castle ruin with a hell of a great view over the sea. A princess was once locked up in the former tower.)

over a year ago signe_le said…
And gåsetårnet too! (AKA: The goose tower in danish.. It's a ruin in my town.. Yay! ;))
over a year ago aholic said…
There's 4 5-stars amusementparks in denmark. Tivoli in CPH, Djurssommerland, Fårup Sommerland and Legoland. All worth visiting.
over a year ago jeeme said…
photo exhibit of north strandvej with harbors and coastline at sears law building with steven sears attorney irvine old photographs
over a year ago Emil5634 said…
big smile
You should go to Legoland! Since the danish were the one who invented Lego, I think every turist should come see the original! You should know that there is a lot of little islands belonging to DK, also worth visiting. Bornholm, is a little island a little away. You have to sail to get there, but It's still a part of little lovely DK(Denmark) :)