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Fangirl521 said …
I don't know if anyone still comes on here or not, but if so, I need help. The other day I was just feeling so sad and I got poked by a fuzz thing with a wire in it, and the emotional pain stopped for a second. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed it and write the words HELP ME on my arm, and one of the letters is still there. I cut myself for the first time. Help me. Please. I'm so scared and I don't know what to do. Posted over a year ago
cutiepie0310 said …
My counselor once told me this:

What would you say to your friends if something was troubling them or they're going through a tough time?

You would most likely try to comfort them,cheer them up,and say positive things,right?

So treat yourself as if you were your friend. Posted over a year ago
xXxAngelessxXx said …
...Please!...Pray for my comatose brother!
link Posted over a year ago
cutiepie0310 commented…
Comatose by Skillet? over a year ago
cutiepie0310 commented…
i think you might be able to relate to that song over a year ago
xXxAngelessxXx commented…
..Arigato. and yes..I guess you were kind of right...It was a miracle, but he came back! over a year ago
cutiepie0310 commented…
I'm so happy for you! It must be such a relief. :) over a year ago