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Death of Mike Delphino!  Evaf 0 429 10 months ago
New Club Look Suggestions [CLOSED]  jlhfan624 16 1527 over a year ago
I cryed!  susanmayerlove 0 3136 over a year ago
Watch Desperate Housewives Online Now !!  goodhdtv 2 9253 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives Favorite Couples Game  wildcats13 47 8981 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives Survival Game  wildcats13 32 10367 over a year ago
watch desperate housewives online for free  puffy18 1 8653 over a year ago
Why didn't they just call the police?  baps813 0 1447 over a year ago
Guess the Quote (hangman)  Doodlebug81 232 9377 over a year ago
LAST ONE STANDING (CHARACTER GAME)  leanneheward 1 1732 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives Couples Song Contest  EastendersRox 1 1192 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives Time Game  magsf99 55 4021 over a year ago
Which is your favourite DH episode ever?  brigmeister30 11 2332 over a year ago
The kiss, hug & slap game!!  magsf99 32 3761 over a year ago
Things you would have liked to see in the finale...  me_me23 0 671 over a year ago
Mike's dog  sexymaedel 14 7997 over a year ago
Kathryn Joosten (Mrs McLuskey) RIP  me_me23 0 982 over a year ago
Who thinks Karl (Carl?) was the best character of all time on the show?  schnurke 1 1065 over a year ago
who killed chuck  puffy18 0 6035 over a year ago
Can any DH fans help me find something?  HtheH 1 1344 over a year ago
how to watch Desperate Housewives online?  sectournament 0 939 over a year ago
susans kidney transplant  inspiredTV 0 1608 over a year ago
eva longoria season 1 episode 21  babyangel_831 0 1328 over a year ago
Sharing DH web online  ranq 0 718 over a year ago
DYLAN Theories???  wisteriawoman 14 6331 over a year ago
Countdown to 20 000 fans!  Epetrus 63 3594 over a year ago
STEVEN CULP comes to Tampa event  VULCANEVENTS 1 2561 over a year ago
Deaths in fairview updated again  MikeDelfinoHOT 0 1217 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives Icon Contest VOTE!  littlemizqt 56 4576 over a year ago
when does the new season start ?  ste3344 10 23696 over a year ago
A Little Night Music The Musical Theatre  onthebroadway 0 1024 over a year ago
free perfume samples of the wives  drwaksman 0 821 over a year ago
perfume  drwaksman 0 466 over a year ago
Is Desperate Housewives the best TV drama?  memesization 0 552 over a year ago
wholesale sneaker shoes  jerry130 0 687 over a year ago
Hot ,Hi friend,fashion shoes and clothes with good quality price.  jerry130 0 638 over a year ago
Hot!!! fashion shoes and clothes with good price!  jerry130 0 651 over a year ago
Next Episode  wisteriawoman 12 1085 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives Banner Submissions!  tp1992 10 1375 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives chat room!  slakker 2 7728 over a year ago
Where can i watch full episodes online?  Lindarose 7 2630 over a year ago
new episodes  Kspeten2008 1 561 over a year ago
Possible Spoilers:next season discussion  silver93 12 1031 over a year ago
Best word(s) to describe contest!  smileyface197 12 926 over a year ago
Nice is Different Than Good  carolzhang 0 449 over a year ago
Trivia Help  lalaland1234 0 390 over a year ago
Susan's Pole dance  Kaileymoore 1 755 over a year ago
what do u think the desperate housewives new neighbours are hiding  Kaileymoore 1 1390 over a year ago
Banner/Icon Suggestions  nandacavalieri 6 759 over a year ago
Mike Delfino's red guitar (season 5)  hamilton17 0 732 over a year ago
Six degrees of Desperate Housewives  tp1992 2 1632 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives fan-designs @ CafePress  reluxi 0 661 over a year ago
Do u think Julie in Desperate Housewives is beautiful?  Kaileymoore 1 602 over a year ago
Write your own episode of desperate housewives  marthaa 1 910 over a year ago
Season 6 returns and you'll never guess what happens?  djwoods 0 1802 over a year ago
The Desperate Housewives Survey  UniAmsterdam 1 549 over a year ago
Who are the 3 people who died?  Familygal925 8 6134 over a year ago
Season 6 Returns  djwoods 0 764 over a year ago
Which actresses would you like to see in Wisteria Lane?  MirkoST 1 861 over a year ago
Fan Picks for season 6  djwoods 0 500 over a year ago
A Great Season  JulioC 0 822 over a year ago
cheap woman handbag  belt011 0 804 over a year ago
OMG-Toronado!!! Spoilers...  Motherhubbard77 13 1158 over a year ago
characters  sophei90 3 764 over a year ago
Countdown to 10 000 fans  Epetrus 26 1279 over a year ago
Check it out....  alishabajaj23 0 460 over a year ago
How many fanatic's?  norway94 8 901 over a year ago
Exclusive Perfume Desperate Housewives  Patje 0 485 over a year ago
Set Visit to Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters with Exec Producer  chowdhury6 0 610 over a year ago
Countdown to 9000 fans  Epetrus 27 1504 over a year ago
James Denton in a NEW MUSIC VIDEO-Behind the Scene Footage HERE!  musicrowintern 0 925 over a year ago
Countdown to 8000 fans!  norway94 7 607 over a year ago
Countdown to 7000 fans!  norway94 17 900 over a year ago
End of S05E18  nickelhatton2 0 1178 over a year ago
what is your favorit female acter?do you think there will be film?  girl224 0 658 over a year ago
Countdown to 6000 fans!  norway94 17 1439 over a year ago
JAN. 25TH ????  lvjessica 0 701 over a year ago
[Speed Rate] Housewives  leonaraisin 0 986 over a year ago
what do you think of edies new husband?  kittypoop 3 1442 over a year ago
Whos your favorite male too look at on the show???  Kistle 6 864 over a year ago
countdown to 5000 fans  ghosty_girl 38 1554 over a year ago
What do the ladies do in real life?  zombiegato 1 810 over a year ago
edies husband might be....  ste3344 11 3659 over a year ago
where can i find all the seasons?  karoline 0 437 over a year ago
Season 5 Continues Jan 09 & some SPOILERS **** CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR SEASON 5 *****  wisteriawoman 3 957 over a year ago
Who do you like and who do you dislike?  norway94 3 905 over a year ago
When is next Episode - Is that the end of the Series?????  wisteriawoman 0 775 over a year ago
Do you agree?  kenzeke0305 0 565 over a year ago
I am so happy to see wonderful Lily Tomlin working again.  SebiBaires 0 533 over a year ago
Season Premiere Reaction???  dave 2 837 over a year ago
Season 3 Starts September 24th  dave 1 724 over a year ago
Andrea Bowen  clover106 0 955 over a year ago
Will Tom and Lynette fight about the Pizzeria tonight?  projectmongoose 0 437 over a year ago
Some new spoilers for Season 5  angelznfoots 2 12576 over a year ago
JAMES DENTON - MIKE THE PLUMBER - BOBBLE HEAD  cyds64 0 3718 over a year ago
Representation of women in desperate housewives  stephaniieee24 0 2446 over a year ago
Countdown to 3000 fans  Legenda 12 942 over a year ago
Possible Spoilers for Season 5  angelznfoots 6 3057 over a year ago
Season 4 final !  xDHmadx 7 2321 over a year ago
Desperate Housewives Spoiler Chat  ciaran 2 1497 over a year ago