This is trifle sponge
I am going to give you two variations on this dessert, which is a favourite in my family - seriously, my gran has to make three fullsize bowls for Christmas Day alone!

Its really simple and honestly, a monkey could make it.

Original Version

You will need:
- 1 packet of trifle sponge
- 1 large carton of fresh cream
- A pint of custard (don't use ready made, it doesn't set)
- 2 Cadbury's Flake bars

To make:

The night before you want to serve it, break up the trifle sponge into big pieces into a medium sized dessert dish (size of dish approx same as picture).

Next make up your custard. Pour custard over trifle sponge, and leave to sit until custard is set. Place in fridge overnight.

Just before serving, whip cream and spread it or the sponge and custard.

Crush a Flake with something heavy and sprinkle the chocolate over the cream. Use a second Flake if you like lots of chocolate!


This was an experiment my mother tried when she couldn't get Trifle Sponge and it worked out really really well.

Nance's Dessert Flan Style

You will need the same ingredients as before, with one change. Instead of Trifle Sponge, use a Sponge Flan.

Night before, make up your custard and pour it into the flan base. Fill to the top of the flan.
Leave to set flat in fridge overnight.

Whip cream and spread it over flan just before serving. Sprinkle Flake over it.

The only Flake to use



Unfortunately, I have no picture of what it looks like, but it tastes delicious - hence the reason we have no pictures!

It should look layered like a trifle though.
I recommend this size and depth of dish for making it