Subaru Okiya is a complex man with a mind very similar to Shinichi's. In fact, he may be even smarter than our favorite detective. But I've been thinking for a while now, and what if Okiya Subaru was only an alias to somebody else? But then, who would it be? Bourbon? Well, there's also another option behind the true identity of Okiya, and that could be...Akai Shiuchi. First, I'll start by explaining some similar things between the two. Then I'll explain how it could have been done. Finally, I'll contradict the common mistakes that I think mislead the readers into believing he is Bourbon. Who knows, maybe he really is an ordinary guy, or the Black Organization member Bourbon. But as far as my knowledge extends, he is Akai Shiuchi.
Some interesting features:
Both have very similar faces and heights. Well, you could believe it's a mask Okiya is wearing, as some people have suggested, but in file 638, Ran kicked Okiya, which proves he is wearing no mask.
Both have habits of putting their hands in their pockets
Both Okiya and Akai are left handed. Thank you to Chekhov of DCTP forums, for listing the following
"I'll note all times Akai uses his hands. You may comparethem to the actions of known left handed and right handed characters and I'llleave the determination up to you.
287 - coughs into left hand
289 - about to take out bus jacker with left hand
289 - uses radio with right hand
327 - uses car lighter with right hand - not unexpected since he is the driverand using the left would requiring crossing over his body
337 - lights cigarette with match with left hand and hold cigarette left handed
354 - handgun in left waist high pocket - it is set for left handed draw
354 - grabs Ran's elbow with right hand - although he is possibly still holdinggun in left
379 - Opens telephone booth with right hand
383 - Earbud in left ear
419 - Holding cellphone with left hand while steering with right.
420 - Fiddling with teli in car with right hand - not unexpected since he isthe driver and using the left would requiring crossing over his body
422 - holding bug tap radio to ear with left hand
422 - Earbud in left ear.
434 - Left hand on trigger, right on pump
434 - puts gun over left shoulder while keeping finger on the trigger. (righthand in pocket)
434 - pumps gun in flashy way using only left hand
434 - holds gun in left and aims left handed only (right in pocket)
502 - holding phone to ear with left hand
504 - using left eye to look through scope and left handed style for riflehandling
504 - right hand to open door (right handed sort of door btw))
596 - left hand for phone, right for binocs
596 - left for phone right to open door
596 - hangs up phone with left hand
596 - right to open door
598 - left for phone right on the handle
599 - left to pull back curtain
599 - left hand to flip through text message and close phone
599 - right to open door
600 - left to pull out can of coffee and open it one handed
600 - picks up coffee with left hand
601 - left hand to pull out flowers and remove bomb, right to stabilize flowerpot
601 - let hand to hold bomb
601 - right to remove apple from basket, left to pick up bomb
601 - left to pick up box
602 - right hand to take phone from Conan - may be intentional for fingerprinton cellphone trick
603 - left to hold and hang up cellphone
607 - left to answer phone and hang up phone
608 - left hand to grab James' wrist (would have been awkward for right hand todo since he is in his car)
609 - right hand to hold cell phone and click buttons
609 - left to grab shot location right hand in pocket"
Both are extremely smart
Both refer to the Black Organization as wolves (File 599, File 704)
Now, as for how this could have been done, and some answers to questions against this idea:
How could Akai have lived if the DNA in the car matched up with the DNA on Conan's cell phone? This is a question that commonly makes the reader wondering how Akai could possibly even be alive, let alone be Subaru Okiya. But here's my theory, a possibility as to what could have happened. In chapter 597, somebody touched Conan's phone. His name was Rikumichi. Multiple people at the time touched Conan's phone, but Rikumichi touched all over Conan's phone, even inside. Rikumichi also committed suicide, which nobody knows what happened to the body. In a later file, Jodie happens to have borrowed Conan's phone, and brings it to the police to be examined. But of course, only one person would know which of his two phones Akai touched, and that would be Conan. Jodie could have brought the phone Rikumichi touched to the police instead. Also note, Rikumichi shot himself in the head, much like how Akai was shot, making it more convenient in case police went to examine the body more. Isn't it peculiar how only a hand was left unburned, making it easier to identify the body? The plan could have been made by Rena and Akai, possibly Conan (although from Conan's shocked reactions when Akai is brought up, I'm not sure), and Akai could have brought Rikumichi's corpse to the site, parked near the rail for a quick escape route, pretended to have been shot using an empty gun and fake blood, then fell into the car, sneaking out the other side to escape, and then Rena would bomb the car with Rikumichi inside.
Akai was shot in the head and the heart. How could he have faked it? An empty gun can be used by Rena, and from where the blood came from, a device can easily be hidden under his coat, in his hat, and, from the blood dribbling from his mouth, in his mouth, just as they use in movies and television shows.
Are there any hints as to whether the body may not be Akai's? Usually Aoyama Gosho leaves some sort of a hint! Aoyama Gosho usually does leave hints. The only hint I can think of now is when Jodie is questioning Takagi about the body, Takagi says, "There's something strange about that burnt body, though."
Subaru Okiya's eyes look different than Akai's! How can that be? In files 658-660, Genta asked his father why he was wearing glasses, to which his father replies, "She (Genta's mother) said these would make me look smarter and she kept insisting; she was so fussy! But I think those were your grandmother's reading glasses...the degree is pretty deep, I almost couldn't open my eyes after I wore them, what a torture!" Akai could have used the same trick, by purchasing high prescription glasses to make his eyes squint.
Quick question: why does Conan trust Okiya so much? Great question: we all know that Conan doesn't easily trust everyone, so why would he trust Okiya because... he's a Holmes fan? Although the answer is not for certain, he could know Okiya is Akai, and lets him use his home willingly because of that. I mean, there was the Holmes Freak Murder Case (Files 117-121), and Conan didn't trust anybody but Hattori, Kogoro, and Ran! It's a terrible excuse for a smart guy like him, especially since he's never doubted when Haibara gets a chill when a new Black Organization member appears... also, he should be rather concerned from that and the fact someone in the Black Organization is a fan of Sherlock Holmes, naming the password for one of their computers "Sherringford", one of the names considered by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle before he decided on Sherlock Holmes.
Haibara gets a bad feeling from Okiya. Doesn't that prove he's Bourbon? Haibara also got those reactions from Akai, since he was a Black Organization member too..
I was just wondering: in file 638, why does Ran feel like she's seen Okiya from somewhere? Well, this could help the whole Akai/Okiya situation, as she's met Akai Shiuchi multiple times, she even says he looks like someone. She's met Akai three times; the first at in New York City ("Golden Apple" 353-354), in arestaurant ("Sato's Engagement Bet" 329), and another time after the"Dark Footprint" arc (379-380). Plus if you remember, Ran's thoughts are usually correct; she believed Conan was Shinichi, and in the Shirigami case, she acted strangely around a fake Shinichi, but cried around the real one, even though the real Shinichi was disguised.
Is there a possibility Akai is not even alive? Maybe, although no major character that is a protagonist has been killed.
Okiya Subaru drank Bourbon! Doesn't that mean anything? Yes, in file 640, Okiya does drink some bourbon. In file 343, the same trick was applied to Jodie, showing her drinking some Sherry to imply she was Vermouth...also, in file 677, Andre Camel mentions that Akai's favorite drink was bourbon, and doesn't it make sense that if Okiya was Akai, he'd be drinking Bourbon?
Okiya is smart like Bourbon! Well, Akai's not stupid! He's extremely intelligent!
Conan doesn't want Okiya to know about Shinichi, or for Ran to talk about him! Even if Akai didn't work for the Black Organization, Conan doesn't want anyone to discover Shinichi Kudo is alive, or, being that Akai is extremely intelligent, discovering Conan Edogawa is actually Kudo Shinichi!
Okiya says his favorite color is black! He says he likes it because it covers things inside of him he doesn't want known, which is the same reason he despises the color also. Akai has secrets!
Couldn't Okiya be Yusaku Kudo? Like the evidence above, Haibara gets chills, Ran gets a strange feeling around him, and Conan certainly knows something. Plus, why would Yusaku go to all that trouble when he already know's Conan's identity? And then, where would Yukiko be? (Unless of course he cheated on her, or so she thought...again! )
Could Okiya be Kaito KID? In case you've never heard of it (sorry if I'm spoiling something), Kaito Kid is actually 17 year old Kaito Kuroba, who has a mom, and certainly doesn't have time to play dress up 24 hours a day when there's school. Plus, Haibara doesn't sense dark vibes from Kaito Kid at all!
my belief is that Subaru Okiya is actually Akai Shiuchi in disguise. But there is one question people have been asking me, one question that still remains: if Okiya Subaru is Akai Shiuchi, how is Akai Shiuchi in the same room with Okiya? If you haven't watched the newest anime arc currently being featured, Okiya Subaru and Akai Shiuchi are in the same room. This Akai is also known to fans as "Scar Akai", because of the burn mark he has on his cheek.
Well, what if "Scar Akai" was not really the Akai we know? What if he was, let's say...Bourbon?
Scar Akai uses his right hand. As I mentioned in the previous post, Akai Shiuchi uses his left hand to do functions such as shoot a gun and such. On the other hand, Scar Akai has used his right hand to shoot a gun and return a cell phone. Also, Okiya Subaru uses his left hand.
There's more facts to come, but first I would like to answer some questions sent in by viewers, as I did in the previous post on Okiya.
Couldn't Akai lose his memory after the accident? At first, it does seem likely that by his actions, he seemed to have lost his memories. But if you carefully look, his actions seem to show his memory is indeed in tact. He seems to appear before the FBI a LOT, something you wouldn't expect from a guy that lost his memories. Also, in file 704, Scar Akai SMILES at Chianti, showing he obviously knows her.
What if Akai does have his memory and is just trying to lie low? If he was trying to lie low, which he would be, he wouldn't be walking on the streets in public as himself, as he puts the lives of him, the FBI, and Kir at stake. He would more than likely stay in a designated hiding spot or, more likely, disguise himself.
Why did Scar Akai leave a message for Jodie then? More than likely, this is not Scar Akai. You do remember there was another guy there, right?
Why would Bourbon dress up as Scar Akai if he hates Akai? Think: if he was to dress up as Akai, he could obtain more information from the FBI and also find out the whereabouts of the real Akai, if he was really alive.
Why would he send Kogoro a text? To gain attention, it would make sense to be bold enough to send a text and get people to notice him, and examine their reactions. He's done plenty of bold things, such as shoot the robbers in the Teito Bank Robbery Case, appear in front of the FBI, and other such things. He would have to make sure that he didn't leave prints though.
Wouldn't it make more sense to talk to the FBI then pretend you have no memory? Maybe he's not speaking because he cannot imitate Akai's voice. Also, they might try to ask him things or refer to things he may not know yet, so he can't risk it.
Okay, now onto some more observations:
Gin seems to know that Scar Akai is not Akai at all. Gin saw Scar Akai for himself in files 700-704, yet he called off the hunt and lowered the gun he had pointed at Kir/Rena/Hidemi Hondou. Why? Even though the mall was filled with cops and he saw Akai, he would not lower the gun from Kir's head if it was Akai. He obviously knows something.
Now, here's an interesting question I actually recieved:
If Scar Akai was Bourbon, why wouldn't the Black Organization know his plans? As mentioned before, Bourbon is extremely smart, but also independent. He works alone, and tends to be secretive. Even Gin has recognized this trait in him.