Detective Conan Anyone interested in a DC RP

Thern posted on Nov 30, 2011 at 04:21PM
I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a Detective Conan Role Play.
I'm always in the mood to do one but the hard thing is finding people to rp with.

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over a year ago Ai4869 said…
I don't mind...but how do you plan on doing that?
over a year ago Thern said…
I'm not entirely sure. it would probably just have random fun stuff happen and then have some cases mixed in there too. Just like any other rp.
That's sort of the plan any way. I'm not too good at setting up rp's.
any ideas
over a year ago MoonlightSeeker said…
sorry, but what do you mean about detective conan role play? I never heard about it...
over a year ago Thern said…
It's alright
anyway to put it simply a role-play or RP is pretty much just making a story with another person or more for fun. You choose any character you want to be and take their role by putting what they do and say.
~example using two made up characters~
one person would put: Blaze walked into the lobby ,and looked around. "is anyone here?" she called out

Next person: Thernari was sleeping peacefully on one of the chairs, and awoke when he heard Blaze's voice. "...huh,...yeah I am in here" he replied sleepily while rubbing his eyes.
then it would just go on till you end the story or people get bored and don't post.
I hope that all makes sense I'm not the best teacher for this since I don't really do it everyday ,but actually a form of simple rp is used for many things like when you put actions like *hugs* or -Glomps- _tackles_ into your talking. Just add to that being a specific character and having some sort of plot and setting and you pretty much got the basics.
~few notes~
-Proper grammar is usually required, doesn't mean you have to be perfect (we are all human after all and no one is perfect)

-( ) is used for OOC (out of character) things that you would not have in the story like say you want to say sorry that you took awhile to reply you would put: (sorry I took so long to reply)

-Some people are picky about length of post, like some are okay with one liner but others prefer big long page post. Usually around 4 lines is a decent size . it takes practice though to get good long rp’s .

- do not double post.

And I think that is pretty much it if you ever want to practice getting all this down I'll be glad to help just message me and then we can on from there.
over a year ago MoonlightSeeker said…
big smile
Wow, sounds fun!
I want to join, when is the practice?
over a year ago Thern said…
I guess we can practice whenever after this weekend. yeah I'm just mega tired right now from my Presentation I had to do in my Japanese class.
over a year ago Thern said…
I still really want to do this if anyone else still wants to.
over a year ago Indecipherable said…
If you are still willing to do this, I'd be willing to join....although I did just start Detective Conan, I'm interested
over a year ago Thern said…
okay good. yeah I'm actually hoping to start it soon once i get done with stuff.
over a year ago Thern said…
okay i set one up finally. here's the link link