Detective Conan Roleplay

Thern posted on Apr 03, 2012 at 07:37PM
this is a Detective Conan rp where the characters do random things and hang out and of course solve cases. just like they do in show.

-normal rp rules
-no god modding
-try to stay in character
-have fun
-You can be anyone from the show, just be sure to stick with the Japanese names.
-post who you want to be in parenthesis before you start.
here is a list in case you are unsure of who to be. link

Charters in use:
Kaito Kuroba (played by Thern)

Current case: none

I think that is all for now just let me know if you guys think of anything to add to this and also be thinking of cases if you want cases because i have a hard time thinking them up unless they are heist cases.
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over a year ago Thern said…
((I'll be Kaito Kuroba))
over a year ago Chibiterasu333 said…
Can you be an OC? If not I'll be Haibara
over a year ago Thern said…
(( umm.... sure I guess so. that way I can also use my one OC Chubs which is just a chubby dove that Kaito owns. ))
over a year ago Chibiterasu333 said…
YES!!! Thank you I'm just a random APTX victim that used to be a high school detective.She's called Aries Kinamata (well she is now at least)and she has red-brown hair in pig tails.Oh and she's really good at lieing and acting like a kid :D
over a year ago Chibiterasu333 said…
Ok so where do we start?
over a year ago Thern said…
((Sorry I sort of forgot to reply to this i was kind of hopeing more people would come and before i knew it i forgot all about it. but we can start where ever since this is pretty much a random rp. that is if your still up for this rp.))
over a year ago icyicy00 said…
This looks interesting...