Detective Conan What are your 5 favorite episodes of Detective Conan?

miz-ktakase posted on Mar 27, 2009 at 01:00AM
Here are my favorite episodes of Detective Conan, from top to bottom, with the top my all-time favorite:

1) Ski Lodge Murder Case (JPN) / Massacre Night Parts 1 & 2(US)
2) On Location, TV Drama Murder Case (JPN) / Lights, Camera... Murder (US)
3) 16 Suspects!? (2nd Detective Conan Special)
4) The Strange Person Hunt Murder Case (JPN) / Mystery Mastermind (US)
5) The Girl from the Black Organization and The University Professer Murder Case (6th Season Special)

What are your favorite episodes of Detective Conan? Feel free to place (in a maximum of 5) your favorites.

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over a year ago Kudou_Shinichi said…
My 5 favorite episode of Detective Conan are:
1. Episode 472 -Young Kudo Shinichi's Adventure
2. Fly To 10 Planets in the Sky
3. Episode 490 -Hattori Heiji vs Kudou Shinichi (Deduction Showdown on the Ski Slope)
4. Kudou Shinichi (The Case of the Mysterious Wall & the Black Lab)
5. The Stranger in 10 Years
over a year ago shikadara said…
big smile
Wow rly hard to decide and I haven't actually watched all but I rly like the ones with Kaitou Kid, Shinichi or Heiji and I'm not sure about the name but the one with the mansion, clocks and finding the treasure with like a light path made by mirrors is rly good as well. Come to think of it, does anyone know which episode that is? lol
over a year ago yienxa25 said…
episode 1. the roller coaster murder case
episode 522. shinichi's true face and ran's tears
episode where genta was being stalked by the culprit. i can't remember the title. but i enjoyed it.
i also want movie one. i can't remember also the title but it's the birthday of shinichi.
and ova 9: stranger inten years. i almost cry.
over a year ago ain_vampire said…
mine is

1. episode 49 - 50
2. episode 191 -193 shinichi returns
3. episode 522 shinichi true face and ran tears
4. all movies 1 - 13
5. episode 118
over a year ago harrii55 said…
My favorite episodes hmmm :
1. 304 - "Trembling Metropolitan Police Headquarters 12 Million Hostages" ---> the best cause officer takagi nearly finds out conan's id
2. 76 - "Conan vs. Phantom Thief Kid" ---> first time conan battles out with kaito :D
3. the special LupinIII vs DC ---> that was hilarious :D
AND ALL THE ONES involving Heiji and Kid and the black org.
i just love detective conan cant really pick it out :P
over a year ago HeijiHattori said…
big smile
well,for me...
here they are..
1.Movie 10-private's Eye Requiem
2.Movie 7-Crossroads of the Ancient Capital
3.OVA 2-16 Suspects?!
4.Episode 304-Trembling Metropolitan Police Headquarters 12 Million Hostages
5.Unknown yet >,,<
over a year ago shahad2010 said…
there are several beautiful episodes that i like it..but every episode that the organization appear, shinichi,heiji,kid and the movie 3,5,7 and 13.
over a year ago queen042595daz said…
big smile
For me, episode 190,286,228,171,472!!!
over a year ago daisy_lilypiE said…
my favourite episode are:
1.episode 522
2.episode 190
3.episode 101 1,2 and 4
5.ova 2,9 and 10...

over a year ago aishiteru_conan said…
mY faVoRiTe ePisoDes are . . .

ePisoDe 411 --
( The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code ) --paRT 1 anD 2--

ePisoDe 421 --
( Gingko-Colored First Love ) --paRT 1 anD 2--

ePisoDe 545 --
( A Witch Yelling in the Fog ) --paRT 1 anD 2--

ePisoDe 566 --
( The Partner is Santa-san )

ePisoDe 587 --
( Kid VS. The Four Spirit of the Detective Boys ) --paRT 1 anD 2--

ePisoDe 589 --
( The Worst Birthday ) --paRT 1 anD 2--

ePisoDe 592 --
( The Tori's Pledge of Monkey anD Rakes ) --paRT 1 anD 2--

ePisoDe 608 --
( White Day of Betrayal ) --paRT 1 anD 2--

oVa 1 --
( Conan VS. Kid VS. Yaiba )

oVa 9 --
( Stranger in Ten Years )

oVa 10 --
( Kid in Trap Island )

maGiC fiLe 3 --
( Shinichi and Ran = The Memories of Mahjong Pieces and Tanabata )

mOviE 1 --
( The Time-Bombed Skyscraper )

mOviE 4 --
( Captured in her Eyes )

mOviE 6 --
( The Phantom of Baker StreeT )

mOviE 12 --
( Full Score of Fear )

mOviE 14 --
( The Lost Ship in the Sky )


Detective Conan VS. Lupin III
over a year ago miss_Kaname said…
thats too hard man or women xD!!~~ all i can remember is ep 304 and ep 345 i luv also the crush of black & red series so much!! i luv all black organization ep and heji ep and love in the police office also & kaito kid ep i hate conan friends ep.. exept if princess ai was there!
thats too hard man or women xD!!~~ all i can remember is ep 304 and ep 345 i luv also the crush of bl
over a year ago imari_1412 said…
1. The Girl from the organization and the Professor's murder case.
2. Kaitou Kid vs. Conan
3. Movie: The Raven Chaser
4. Movie: The Lost Ship in The sky
5. Full Score of Fear

over a year ago RainLove1234 said…
1. EP 188-193: Desperate Revival Arc
2. EP 521-523: Murder! Kudou Shinichi Arc
3. EP 471: The Uncontrollable Rental Car!
4. EP 346-347: Find the Buttock's Mark
4. EP 616-621: London Arc

I can never pick just one episode, because I love long arcs.
1. EP 188-193: Desperate Revival Arc 
2. EP 521-523: Murder! Kudou Shinichi Arc
3. EP 471: The Unco
over a year ago eshalsmith said…
Episode- 191 The Desperate Revival ~The Black Knight
457-458 Sonoko's Red Handkerchief
472-473 Shinichi Kudō's Childhood Adventure
522 Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears

OVA- 9 The Stranger from Ten Years Later

Movie- 3 The Last Wizard of the Century
5 Countdown to Heaven
7 Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
over a year ago bunsocristine said…
big smile
all episodes are my favorite .. <3 they are all amazing ..
over a year ago iHayoonii said…
My 5 Favorite episodes are:
1-The mansion of death & red wall
2-Murderer Kudo Shinichi
3-Clash of red and black
4-The two events on a full moon night
5-desperate revival :)
over a year ago praises said…
My top 5 DC episode favorites:
1. The North Star #3 Express Leaving Ueno
2. The Desperate Revival ~Shinichi's Return
3. Shinichi Kudo's New York Case
4. Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation!
5. Holmes' Revelation--when shinichi confessed to ran.
over a year ago saso90 said…
1. ep 222
2. ep 490
3. movie 7
4. ep 323
5.secret birth of kid
over a year ago mentantei_20 said…
big smile
Baron Of The Night Murder Case(Puzzle Chapter)

The Man Who Was Killed Four Times

Phantom Of baker Street (movie 6)

A June Bride Murder Case

A Moonlight Sonata Murder Case

over a year ago Swanpride said…
There is no way I can pin it down to only five episodes...
1. The black organization arc (duh...especially the episodes in which Vermont plays an important part - and when Akemi dies).
2. The Detective Love Story arc (Especially the episodes when they hunt the mad bomber - Conan trapped with Takagi in the elevator is one of the most suspenseful moments in the whole series.
3.The episode in which Conan got shot (in General, all the eps in which he ends up in big trouble).
4. Most of the multi-parters, epecially those in the first season, especiall A moonlight sonata Murder Case. But I also love the episode during the soccer game.
5. A June Bride Murder Case
over a year ago KudoMouri193 said…
big smile
I love all of the episodes which involved:
-Shinichi and Ran
-Kaito Kid
-Black Organization and FBI
-Not ordinary cases
So, it's hard to decide :D
over a year ago laladengg said…
i love all detective conan's episodes.but these episodes are really amazing!superb!

*OVA 8
over a year ago mnsc12 said…
i totally agree with you KudoMouri193
over a year ago ShrunkenGenius said…
1. When Shinichi confess to Ran~ (Not sure which episode it is) I jumped on my bed after watching it!

2. The episode when Haibara cries in front of Conan... I almost cry for her.

3. Ova 9 Stranger in 10 years, poor Ran :( Luckily it doesn't really happen

4. The movie where Haibara confess to Conan (maybe movie 4) but at last said 'just kidding' x(

5. The movie Ran said 'I love you Shinichi'
over a year ago cikdonat said…
big smile
1- ep 190
2- ep 521
3- ep 287
4- ep 263
5- ep 411
over a year ago kaitogirl said…
Mine is
1-ep 383
2-ep 129
3-ep 188—193
4-ep 96
5-ep 263
over a year ago KiichiKudo said…
Theres so many.. Ep 34-35 shows that DC means business and can show gore.. 345&425 just love those.. the whole clash of Red&Black.. And I just love the cases dang
over a year ago iloveray373830 said…
mine is all of them
over a year ago KiichiKudo said…
Now that ive been rewatching it...
Damn cant still think of anything.. theres so many.. the Magic Kaito eps were amazing, loved the london arc.. clash of red&black really lived up to its reputation and 345&425.. (then the 200s specials, sic')
And all movies were top notch but I really loved the tension from Movie 4 and Movie 13 for obvious reasons (even though it wasnt at the top of DC movies I just cant stop loving it..)
Im really looking forward to a big arc with the current graphics (before london arc came out aoyama said something about new hard-boiled BO arc... huhhuh...)
over a year ago aubdog06 said…
I love all of them :)
over a year ago Lucky1245 said…
Mahh Fav Episode
11. Moon light sonata murder case
260. THe shaking Resturant
465 The shadow of dark organisation
movie 6. The phantom of the baker street
movie 16 Eleventh Striker
over a year ago ranmouri21 said…
i all all the episodes cause DC is the best!!
over a year ago bakaito said…
the black organization
kaitou kid
little shinichi
returned shinichi

they add up to more than 5 episodes i guess...haha
over a year ago Joka789 said…
5. Episode 219 "Gathered Great Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Phantom Thief Kid (2hrs Special)"
4. Episode 421-422 "Gingko-Colored First Love (Part 1+Part 2)"
3. Episode 385-387 "Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin (Overture + Interlude + Last Tune)"
2. Episode 394-396 "Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion: The Seal+The Mechanism+The Resolution"
1. Episode 136-137 "The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Part 1+Part 2)"
5. Episode 219         "Gathered Great Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Phantom Thief Kid (2hrs Special)
over a year ago Joka789 said…
over a year ago raghav24999 said…
over a year ago Miaster said…
1. 621-Shinichi confessed!!
2. 101-Senpai says Shinichi rejected her (he's been in love with Ran since he was little)
3. 170-171-Conan is jealous of Araide sensei.
4. 190-Shinichi is back! :D <3
5. 521 or 522-Shinichi saves Ran and bandages her <3 huehue.