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The fans pick: Dev.
The fans pick: Bass Down Low
The fans pick: In the Dark
The fans pick: 1
The fans pick: Dev (kiss my lips)
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Answer: Heres Mine: She's Preggers in This :)
1 fan answered this question
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jblover0204 said …
dance dance dance dance dancin in the dark Posted over a year ago
Ryan231 said …
This SHOULD Be A Fan-Pick, But I'll add it soon XD:

Which Song Do You Want a Video Made For?
I Know Naked Was Recently Released But I Just Wanted Your Thoughts :)

For Me, I'd LOVE For Breathe's Video To Come..Or Perfect Match :3
Posted over a year ago
KateKicksAss commented…
I'd love one for "Me" or "Getaway". Or "Killer". over a year ago
Ryan231 commented…
They'd Be Like..Amazing :D over a year ago
Ryan231 commented…
Oh i've seen that cover once, many times actually. I actually thought that Naked would be on it, But Don't Hurt It..I Gotta listen to it =P And I Wish Killer was on Both Versions..Even replace the ''In The Dark'' Remix fear Flo Rida...Or the Bass Down Low remix feat Tinie Tempah..*sniff* over a year ago
LindzyLovesYou said …
#200 :D<3 Posted over a year ago
Ryan231 commented…
Yay! :D♥ Congratulation On Being 200..xDDD over a year ago