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Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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Your favorite thing to do on the weekends is:

A.stop my Dad from blowing up the house....AGAIN!!!!

B.Play on the computer be obsessive!

C.Plan to destroy my counterpart!

D.Blow up the house...AGAIN!!!! =3

E. go to the malls and find some jeans to impress my crush!

One thing you cant stand is:

A.My brother!

B.My mom!

C.My name!


E.wet jeans!

You describe your fanpop bestie as:

A.Mentally ill!

B.Obsessed with everything im obsessed with!


D.Science pumped!


OMG you cant believe that your so-called friend was going out with your x-boyfriend/girlfriend you:

A.boyfriend? girlfriend/ I'VE NEVER EVEN DATED!!!!

B.Don't really care if he/she wants to date someone who I found totally annoying go ahead!
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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1 fan

Well who were expecting? your mom? Sheesh. Well anyway, I woke up the next morning dazed and confused. I barely remebered anything, except that stupid boy and those stupid lab gloves. Blossom was staring striaght at me with a worried look on her face, finally she said" Buttercup!? are you Ok?"

"Ya I'm fine, why?"

"You were laying on the doorstep last night passed out!"

"Oh ya, some stupid dorky nerd saved me from the gang green gang."

"The Gang Green Gang? what're they doing in Ultratown!?"

"I DON'T KNOW! DOES IT REALLY MATTER!? THE POINT IS I GOT SAVED BY A NERD!"I yelled,Blossom just sort of stared at me, like I was being dumb. She then started asking me about everything I remebered.

"I told you Blossom! I don't remember anything but that stupid idiot in those dumb green lab gloves! well, that and he called me BC."

"hmm, Well I better go check and see if Bubbles is awake yet"
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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Blossom:The point is let me sleep!

(k this next line was d3f's idea so need to give her credit)


Blossom:we are not naming him IQ!!!!!

(That was the line)

Baily:(gives dexter a dirty look as blossom heads to her room)



Dexter:Why were you looking at me weird?

Baily:Dad when will you learn im not a normal person!

Dexter:Trust me I KNOW!

Baily:(looks at him the same way Dexter rolls his eyes and starts walking down the basement steps *aka his new lab*)


Dexi:that chick was nuts!(a crash of glass was heard this is what Break was hearing)

(Break enters)

Break:Mom are you okay?

Dexi:Break!I was just um doing nothin!

Break:What was that noise?


Break:(gives her a dirty look)
List by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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Hi everybody! it's time to talk about some up and coming chapters! lets get this over with!

Crystal blue eyes chapter6:Fletch's grudge, Boomer's revenge.
Its almost time for the big night! The dance is on friday and Fletcher and Bubbles can't wait! But someone else is also happy for the day soon to come, but not for the genius and powerpuff's happiness. Two people.... that want revenge. Fletcher is begining to remember the other reason he could'nt be with Bubbles.But Fletch is already got a grudge on Bubbles. But thats not the the worst part. Boomers found out about Fletcher and Bubbles, and hes out for revenge. He wants to snap Fletcher like a toothpick, and leave him to rot. Bubbles knows that she she can stop Fletcher from getting hurt, but is begining to wonder if Fletcher can save her!

The Dork in Green Lab Gloves Chapter2: Nerds, dating, and soufle's.
Buttercup is thinking about her mystery boy, just wondering who on earth would save her besides her sisters, especially a nerd. But, schools starting up and BC has cooking class. Everythings good....till the soufle falls. As a new boy comes to class, Dexter's brother Hexter. While all...
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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~Queen of stars

Suzy:You took up an article for that stoopid announcement?
Darxy:did you just have a slip?lol
Article by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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Fusion fighters: the next generation of fusion fall. As has now passed the war against fuse has ended.But the world in the cartoon network universe got destroyed in the process!But Cartoontopia(that's whereI got the name for my comic titled cartoontopia, but no realation), the largest surviving part of the planet lives on.

I've contemplaited many times placing fusion fighters on the Dex3fan club, but let's continue.

It's been thrity years since Fuse's attack on Cartoontopia, and strange things have begun to happen. Newspapers have reported fusion sightings all over especially in Sector v,the now main city of Cartoontopia.Most have yet to realize the ordeal, feeling it's just a silly rumor. But, when Dylan Tomphson moves to Sector V with his single father, the notorious Dexter: male genius. Dylan realizes something just is'nt right. First things in Sector V seem bland for this young Half superhero genius kid. But when Dyl meets a brown haired girl named Jeniveve Tennyson, daughter of Ben Tennyson, while saving her both from a fusion and an oncoming truck. Dylan soon realizes Sector v is'nt exactly the way it's supposed to be. With the announcement of the...
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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Crystal Blue eyes Chapter 5: the date

That same night.....

"I need your help Blossom!"Bubbles cried rushing through the door and hugging her pink eyed sister.
"Bubbles what happened?" Blossom said, letting go of Bubbles and helping her wipe the tears.Bubbles sat down on the couch and could'nt say a word, her sobs muffled by one of the couch throw pillows. Finally, she pulled her head up slowly, let out a saddened sigh and said in a low tone. " I need your help, but I can't tell you the truth."

"Bubbles, you have to tell me! I can't keep handling you like this! If you wnat my help I have to know whats going on! this all started ever since you came home knocked out! You have to tell me what happened!"

" will....will you promise not to tell anyone? Or say that I told yoy about it to anybody?"

"Of course Bubbles, but why do you need it to be kept such a secret?"

"Because...........Because Fletcher told me to."
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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(Baily sits in her seat and begins 2 take the lab coat off)

(Dexter clears his throat)

(Baily puts it back on)

Dexter:Now class I must say that was very rude of you to laugh at Baily because of her voice.

Boy:My dad says he used to beat up kids with weird voices Mr.T he said he used to pick on this nerd named Dexter!


Baily:Oh why!


Dexter:that was me!

(the boy snickers to himself)

(a woman rushes in handing Dexter papers)

Woman:Hmmm I remember you!

Baily:get out of here Suzy!

(suzy is the woman)



Suzy:besides im the principle now!

Baily uggg!(reaches into her lab coat pocket)


Baily:(pulls out the time tweaker)

Dexter:I thought that broke!
Article by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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No, it's not just me. It's Cartoontopia! yes. the revising... SHE IS DONE! here is photos of the New Helix and Merlinia to start off with!

SO, whats new about it? there is a new plot line for starters. a better one. where there is more story to How merlinia gets to cartoontopia. Also this one has more characters, and we'll actually get to have THIS one go on for longer than TWO DARN PAGES! so... YA! any questions, comments, or just talk about it in general then go to my cartoontopia page or to the cartoontopia forum in the Dex3fan page. I shall explain more, LATER!also I will add a link to the cartoontopia club which is getting it's name changed BACK, to cartoontopia.

ALSO! be sure to be on the look out for HeliX! no that was'nt a miss type. Helix, the character from cartoontopia who orignally had a comic, IS FINALLY GETTING HIS COMIC! ya! so be on the look for both on the Cartoontopia club page, and the first page will be up soon for Cartoontopia!
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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well, you know I....usually say somthing before I write this so............MEH! HA! now lets get this thing over with!

Crystal Blue eyes part 4: to love a Genius Part 2: Brotherly advice

That same afternoon.....

"I can't believe it!"Bubbles cried, Blossom trying to comfort her.Buttercup skulked, then finally snorted out "WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID PROBLEM! I GOT ATTACKED!"

"Buttercup! Bubbles is in a very bad emotional state!"

"no....it's ok..Buttercup has her own problems to worry about...."

"Ugh, never mind. Just tell me what happend Bubbles...."

"I....I can't"

"Oh great! maybe she's faking it! now can we worry about the fact that I GOT SAVED BY A NERD !?!!????"

"a.......a.....nerd?..THAT'S IT! BUTTERCUP YOUR A GENIUS!" Bubbles cried with joy, hugging her sister then racing off. "BUBBLES!? where the heck are you going!!!????" Blossom shouted.
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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Narrator:the city of megaville!were the Thompsons are getting ready for another day of glorious education!

Derek:Consider it not a burden but a reward!

Baily:man am I glad that I passed gym last month or I wouldn't be able to stay in 8th grade!

Dexter:Okay kids were gonna be late!

(Baily gives Dexter a dirty look)

Dexter:(thinking)ever since that happened and I CALLED HER A START PUPIL SHE'S BEEN DOING THAT!

Baily:What do you mean WE are going to be late?

Dexter:Well today is the day when parents and teachers switch jobs!

Derek;Oh poor Dylan I hope we find him soon!



Baily:what now I cant even groan to myself with out you making a stoooooooopid comment!

Derek:You had a-


Dexter:C,mon were gonna be late.

(they get to huber)
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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Dexi:I swear though this chick could be the biggest imbecile on the entire planet!
?????:Maybe I can help you out with that imbecile.
Dexi:Who's there?
(a short but not to short girl came out of the shadows she had red hair big pink eyes like blossom curly red hair and she wore a lab coat.)
Dexi:...Blossom?..whats with the Dexter get up?
girl:UGG WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT!...I am not Blossom!
I am...Baily!
(lightning it the backround)
Baily:grrrrr....look do you want me help or not?
Dexi:I guess but...
Dexi:First tell me whats up with your whole dexter/blossom thing you got goin on.
?????:oooo Baily your in trouble!(Baily turned around to see what looked like Dexter only dare I say it?.....ccc..cool!dun dun dun!oh yea and I guess I should mention that he is also in a giant robot.
Baily:Thats my stooooopid brother!
Dexi:Okay someone plz tell me whats going on!
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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It's been a week since we've seen Dexi. We've yet to even leave camp because we hope she may return unharmed. That.....and i've secretly felt the keys presence in our campsite. I have'nt mentioned it to anyone yet because i've looked all under every rock, every leaf, everything you could probably turn over and look under and have yet to find a thing. but well let's get to what actually is happening "Now".

Otto walked up to me this morning, with his usual question.

"Well commander kurk, shall we move out?"

and as usual, my answer:

" no mister Spok. we shan't be moving on, live long and prosper(yes, it's bad start trek humor)"

"No, it's spok that does live long and prosper, all you do is say no mister Spok."

"yayaya. spok."

"Wait a min-WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN WE ARE'NT LEAVING? if we stay here any longer Drax'll definitly have us!"

"we're staying."
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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Ok, I am actually excited about this one, so I did an interview before the actual first chapter is released.And, to help with this interview, we've brought Dexter to be the dude asking the questions! YA......I think.Oh just read!

Dexter: welcome one and all to......this interview.

Dexi: lame!

Mandark: agreed!

Dexter: Shut up!I am Dexter and I will be-

Mandark: Ruining this interview, we know!

Dexter:grrrrrrr as you can see, unfortunatley!

Dexi: hayo!

Mandark: shut up!

Dexter: Can we please move on now!

Dexi: I don't know. CAN WE?

Dexter: ugh....First question-MANDARK SHUT UP!


Dexter: darn straight it's not now shut it!First question! what exactly is this series about?

Dexi: eas-

Mandark: it's about me and Dexi getting into a big brawl over who's the better villan/hero.Well not just exactly that but who's "top dog" in our realationship.
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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Ok, I'm just gonna keep makin these! so let's get this over with!

Part4: to love a Genius part1: Ocitana

starting from where we last left off.......

He looked into her eyes,almost like he was telling her he'd wrote it about her.He sat down ,her heart jumped a beat.Mrs. Poetarian then said in very normal, tone "Well Mr. Fletcher, it was a bit short, but at least it was right on the point.I give it an A"


"no, just an A but if you keep up the work like that, you'll be getting A plus's in no time"

"well, as long as I have my inpiration....I doubt i'll ever need another thing"

Fletcher looked at her again, blushing. This was'nt normal. something was wrong. fletcher was being too good. Usually he'd freak out over a plain old A. What was wrong with him? Mrs.Poetarian had six more students come up, then finally the bell rang.she expected Fletcher to try to walk her to class, but instead he ran off in a hurry.she decided to follow him.
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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Ok, another side story! ugh....let's get this thing over with!

The Dork in Green Lab Gloves, Part1: I got saved.....BY A NERD!!!????

It all started..like this.
Mandark broke up with me. Meh, it was for the best. Bubbles got dumped by Boomer. Hey, I told the chick it'd never last. Dexter and Blossom are going through a rut. I told her to watch out with that stupid nerd.Blossom was skulking in the back of our room, Bubbles ran off crying. Blossom said she'd be fine, so I decided to try and cheer up blubber puss Bubbles. I went outside, started walking...and then I started to think. Mandark and me....could it really be over?Really when it happened..it was perfectly fine but....now, what if it was a bad Idea? I pushed the thoughts away, tossing them aside like an old tin can. But I still could'nt escape the sadness deep down. It ate away at me....

"well, well, well, what do we have here boys? a crying Buttercup?"

Article by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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I'm gonna start doing side stories! YA!!!!!

One of these I already started, but the rest I'm going to start soon!

Crystal Blue eyes
Bubbles just got her heart broke, by the person cared for the most, running to the park in tears she meets up with a blond haired boy, Dexter's also Genius triplet brother Fletcher. At first he seems mean, but then he saves her.Her feelings start to change and now her heart seems to yearn for the strange arrogant Fletcher.Her Crystal blue eyes wonder, Is she falling in love with him?

The Dork in Green Lab Gloves
Buttercup and mandark are done, Buttercup feels it was for the best, now that jerk can go back to that stupid Dexterina.But when the gang green gang attacks with no one else around, Buttercup wishes that nerd were by her side. As she begins to faint from the pain Ace is about to finish her off!Until a voice comes from out of the blue.Or, I should say, the green. A black-haired boy sweeps out of nowhere, a labcoat flapping in the wind.The last words she heres is " don't worry BC, you'll be alright". It could'nt have been Dexter or Fletcher, but then who was it? Once she wakes up shes back home,...
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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I'm making part three again cause........i'm bored. so here goes!

Crystal blue eyes part3: poetry doth not describe her

The next morning......

she sat upon her bed..thinking of him....his curly blond hair looking ragged. His crystal blue eyes, shattered. The sadness she saw yesterday was too much. What did she do? nothing! all she did was go away....just like he said to... she was feeling terrible because of it.

"I can't believe I did that to him......he did'nt leave me alone when I was crying.....but why do I care so much?!" she said quietly to herself. She could'nt get him out of her head... not after that picture. she began fighting with her own subconciouns(yes dexter I know it's spelled wrong!)ever since.

"he's an artist...."

"he called you stupid!"

"his eyes are beautiful"

"He hates you!"

"he saved me"

"hes the only reason you fainted in the first place!"
Article by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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hey people im making a quiz (yes I was inspired by Dex3fan)of witch person you are okay so um this is kinda weird.

1What do you do when your not being EEEEVVVIIILLL(LOL)

A:Me evil ha!
B:Try to destroy my stoooopid counter part!!!
C:Load up the footballs(laughs evily)
D:Think of how to dunk your brother in the toilet with out getting in trouble!
E:Science duh!!!!

2Whats your fav color?

B:Hot pink!(yes there kinda the same but deal with it!)
D:pink/purple cuz they both rock!

3Whats your dream?

A:To marry a genius!(blushes)
B:To destroy my counter part!!!
C:Teasing that dweeb who has footballaphobia!!!!
D:Break!I mean uhhh hehe.(blushes)
E:To be a scientist!

4Whats your dream job?

Article by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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The unfortunate news: I've decided to not do the WDMD doujinshi, until I finish the actual article series. So until I've gotten finished with WDMD2: Dexter vs. the universe, WDMD3: Return of villans, and WDMD4: final days, No WDMD DOUJINSHI FOR YOU!

The good news, here's a little bit of the next few chapter's coming up in WDMD 2: Dexter vs. the universe.

When Dexter met Dexi 2: Dexter vs the universe chapter five part 2: Love really bites.

Dexi has escaped with Manwell to new unknown adventure to find out what has happened to the real Mandark, and more about Manwell's past while doing so.But what has happened to our friends in search of the key to the next dimension? Dexter is refalling for Blossom and falling out of love with Dexi with each passing day, but Blossom is too worried about what might happen if Dexi found out of Dexter's new secret feelings. DeeDee finds a skeleton key in a case near the campsite whisking them to next level of Drax's game. With the loss of Dexi Drax has decided to step it up a notch, leaving Dexter and Blossom in the vampire dimension as Otto and DeeDee get taken by invisos. Can Dexter protect blossom from...
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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1 fan

Days passed, Drax did'nt really do much. All he did was have me help Susan do whatever he was doing, and usually it was nothing. After about week, I was getting the routine. Susan would wake me up, he'd go tell Drax I was awake and would be down as soon as possible while I changed, then we'd do whatever he told us. Which was usually........nothing.This morning was different though. Instead of Susan waking me up like I thought Drax would make him, Drax did it himself. At first a I thought he was gonna tell me somehting weird like, "could you please go kill susan" or" why don't you go feed the girl eating phirana". But strangely, he said:

" get dressed. theres someone who I want you to meet today."

I was a little creeped out.But I found my dress in my dresser, just as before, got dressed and headed down stairs.Drax met me on the way out the door. Following me down, asking me weird questions as we did so.

" Dexi, Mandark tells me you are not quite liking being here." He said, his head tilted down.
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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Dexter:So your fighting days are over?
Darxy:No way ewww!
(Manwell comes walking down the hall)
Darxy:Oh no not him!!!!
Dexi:Whats the big deal?!?
Darxy:Well you see he was....well.....we were...he's my x-boyfriend.
Dexi:(tears run from her eyes as if she was about to laugh until the bell rang)
Darxy:Yes!saved by the bell!
Dexi:Aww man!!!
(Dexi hjas to get to cheerleading and yess Mrs.Bellum but meanwhile Darxy being her counterpart loved cheerleading but her Dad thought it was silly)
Mrs.Airups:Okay class I'll be right back so when I do get ready for cheerleading!
Dexi:Well I hate this cheer stuff but at least that stoooopid im-
(sees Darxy coming)
Dexi:What the heck are you doing here!!!
Darxy:Me what about you I mean sheesh!!!!
Dexi:You know we are cheering for a football team!
Darxy:Soooo it's not like im afraid of them and even if I was it's not like im playing!!!
(Manwell sees Darxy)
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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Ok, I've decided to continue this, cause....i'm bored. so here goes....part2!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Blue eyes Part 2: the other side of Fletcher Falcon Tomphson

The next morning...

She awoke to the usual banter and brawl of her sisters cries. they were always fighting with their new half sisters. She then realized she was home. How had she come home? had he brought her here? had he returned and carried her to the front door? A billion questions swirreled through her head, including one that came last........Had it never happened at all? One of her sister stepped in. Buttercup.Her face lit up to see her sister alive and well.

"BUBBLES! Your okay!"her green eyed sister cheered, coming to hug her sister.
"How....how did I get here?" She asked shyly. "the last thing I remeber is passing out in the park"

"the park? you were on the front door step passed out! somebody in a white lab coat and navy blue boots had brought you, it was too dark to see who it was, and by the time we got to you, he was running around the corner!"Buttercup cried out.:Blossom thinks it mighta been Dexter, but Dexter has Black boots and I...
Fan fiction by dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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these are just ideas, but please comment on which you like best so I know which way to go on the story plotline!

There's 4! here is the number 1 idea,no it's not my favorite, it's just the one I though up first.

When Dexter met Dexi doujinshi Script: chapter1: Idea 1: new chic in town

(Auditorium, Dexter is sitting next to Otto, and the grim reaper, Mandy and Billy are in front of them. Dexter is mad about something, we don't know what yet)

Dexter: ugh, I can't believe we're doing this. It's just a new student! what's so special about a new student!?

Grim: maybe she's a forgien exchange student, they said she has a weird voice.

Mandy: can it Grim! the only reason we're even here is cause it's my cousin.

Otto: wow, wait! you know who it is!?

Mandy: No, all I heard from the principle was that she's my cousin alright? so shut it time travel dork!

(shot moves over to the front, prinicple steps up to the microphone, let's out a low cough)
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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okay so this is just 3 of dexi's enemy's

Name:Dexter Thompson
some family members past,present,and future:Mother, father,sister:Deede,Wife:Blossom Thompson,kids:many.
Personality:nerdy,smarty pants,book worm,nervous,weird.
why enemy?:Dexter:to many reasons she is sooooo stoooooopid she thinks she knows everything about everything but I'll show her!!!!! and don't even get me started on break!!!! Manager:Um Dex this can't hold much more.

Name:Draxteriana susanne Mulleb or Darxy for short.
Some family memebers past,present and future:Father:Harold Mulleb,Husband:?????.brother:Demi,Kids:Many.
Personality:Most of the time she's really smart but since Dexi is to she can also be very stupid or as she would say stooooooopid,Bookworm,Comic book nerd,.

Why enemy:Darxy:Because Dexi is my annoying counterpart and every time something good happens to her something bad happens to me!!!!