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Selena Gomez-Naturally

Copyrights to Selena Gomez. I strangely think of this as a Dexi and Mandark love song, or a Bell and Mandark love song, your choice.

Taylor swift- you belong with me

Copyright's to taylor swift. I consider this another Dexi and Dexter love song. This is actually the only song on Dexi's ipod that she listen's to daily. Dexter still has no clue why. Typical.

Justin bieber- one less lonely girl

I know so far there's only justin bieber song's but It's what I'm looking up right now. Copyrights again to Justin. I consider this as one of Dexter and Dexi's love songs..

Justin Bieber's Let me tell you one time

I don't make videos so I just put the orignal music video, Copyrights to Justin Bieber! I consider this Otto and Dexi's love song. Would'nt it be weird if that ever actually happend?Otto and Dexi as a couple? weird mental pic.