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Debra Morgan
Jacob Elway
Dexter Morgan
Dexter (Michael C. Hall)
Dexter Morgan
Debra Morgan
Debra Morgan
Debra and Dexter
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The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Rita
The fans pick: Arthur Mitchell (Season 4)
Arthur Mitchell (Season 4)
Brian Moser (Season 1)
The fans pick: No, there'd be no show!
No, there'd be no show!
he will have small bouts with...
The fans pick: The Old Dexter
The Old Dexter
The New Dexter
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1 fan has answered this question
2 fans have answered this question
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Farishtha said …
Dexter has become part of my daily routine, I'm on season 7 and while I do not know how it ends yet, I'm a bit worried I smell disappointment in the air! Posted 13 days ago
StanleyBro said …
good serial, but a little bit strange.. Posted 1 month ago
hannahmaries said …
Hey everybody! My name is Hannah, and I am currently writing a research paper on the show Dexter. I would love if any of you could answer my questions listed here...
1. What are your overall impressions of the show?
2. Have you ever felt that Deb, Rita, and LaGuerta have been over-sexualized?
3. Have you ever felt that there have been any racial issues?
4. What do you think the show is about? Posted 5 months ago
hannahmaries commented…
If you would like to answer these, just answer them as a comment! Thanks so much! 5 months ago