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Search a spotify recorder  Hans_Maulwurf 1 794 over a year ago
Downlaod Dexter Netflix  Jamy10 1 1101 over a year ago
Capt. LaGeurta never talks directly to Dexter during season 7 until she arrests him?  martinmocha 0 799 over a year ago
Dexter+Lumen  laughcuzitsfun 1 1895 over a year ago
Dexter's "Code"  SpanksU 1 1822 over a year ago
Michael C. Hall fan?  BlissTrouble 1 1165 over a year ago
R.I.P. Rita  stepfanny66 2 2216 over a year ago
Hannah McKay..?  laughcuzitsfun 3 2536 over a year ago
Please help an addicted person ;-)  _Mountain_Dew_ 5 2135 over a year ago
Hey Guys!  dexters_lover 0 367 over a year ago
Quote Game  Doodlebug81 177 7493 over a year ago
30 Day Dexter Challenge  misanthrope86 64 15722 over a year ago
Debra's bullet in LaGuarta  hinckley1 0 920 over a year ago
DEXTER New Spot Look  KarinaCullen 3 1065 over a year ago
"Darkly Dreaming" DEXTER - The Ultimate FanVid ShortFilm.  GonzeyFilm 0 1073 over a year ago
Dexters final season, speculation/insight withOUT spoilers  ratsicle 0 684 over a year ago
Dexter: The Family-Friendly Serial Killer, Brought to You by Dr. Evelyn Vogel  umbra 0 570 over a year ago
Watch Dexter Season 7,Episode 12 (Surprise, Motherfucker!) Online .Free  tvlinks2013 3 6126 over a year ago
About lila (dont read as it has spoilers)  ste3344 25 48211 over a year ago
Dexter Speculation, insight, and what may come in the season finale. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen Season 7 episode 11.  Jamellc 0 1985 over a year ago
Wishlist for Dexter Series  lucif3r 0 898 over a year ago
Dexter AFTER show! Extra Dexter!!  KoppelForMayor 0 841 over a year ago
Hi guys! I am the real creator of Dexter.  inachu 0 1572 over a year ago
Dexter Isn't That Great  BottleMan 2 1151 over a year ago
The Ice-truck killer hand in season 6 *pontential spoiler for S6 finale*  McDreamyluva 3 9788 over a year ago
Critique my Dexter poem  TruthSeeker 2 2139 over a year ago
Dexter and the DDK[Possible spoiler.]  Slasherchick92 0 1154 over a year ago
Downloadable Dexter Font  supernatural6 20 85757 over a year ago
Sex Tips To Learn From 'Dexter'  lauriestrode84 1 2056 over a year ago
Take a New Video Sneak Peek at 'Dexter' Season 6  Howareya22 0 689 over a year ago
Gift Guide: Dexter Action Figure  Howareya22 0 642 over a year ago
different writers for season 4?  miguelfan 2 1241 over a year ago
Season 6 trailer permier at Comic Con! 7/21/2011  Zoove 0 495 over a year ago
where is Dexter fillmed?  nicklowe 2 1125 over a year ago
The Knife  CrazyLegs 3 6763 over a year ago
differences of Debra in The Books vs. in The Series  lonelylord 1 1588 over a year ago
The Dexter Screencap Guide  misanthrope86 14 1181 over a year ago
Dexter Season 5 Trailer Parody (*SPOILER*)  blackeyedlouise 0 1031 over a year ago
DEXTER Board Game  donjoy13 0 1065 over a year ago
HELP - international survey about Dexter  zemase 0 468 over a year ago
New Custom Dexter Morgan action figure!!!  sdabbs 0 3351 over a year ago
tats  paulyak24 0 542 over a year ago
Books vs. the series, why do you prefer and why  dextersurvey 0 723 over a year ago
vote for dexter!!!  iNinja 0 517 over a year ago
Season 4 episode 1  the_bunkster 3 693 over a year ago
Dexter Season 4 on DVD!  martindavis 0 649 over a year ago
DEXTER CAUSED MURDER!  Drakkoholic 5 999 over a year ago
Who did it?  simbelmyne 0 586 over a year ago
Dexter mashed!  LeeDM101 0 537 over a year ago
final episode season 4  macdac 0 712 over a year ago
Dexter Fashion and Style  lipgloss24 1 13966 over a year ago
What would you do for 20 million dollars?  seren21 4 1037 over a year ago
Dexter Blood Slide Soap  Bloodbath13 1 1687 over a year ago
John Lithgow  alanio 1 664 over a year ago
Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter got married  laurainium 4 1560 over a year ago
Ending to "Hungry Man" (Spoilers)  Cinders 3 1166 over a year ago
The Trinity Killer's Motives  SwarlsBarkley 4 4720 over a year ago
Dexter Fan Club  ninjafan 0 2951 over a year ago
Crazy Theory  daveatx 0 566 over a year ago
Price Cut on Dexter T-shirts!  dexy25 0 709 over a year ago
Awesome Dexter shirt!!  dexy25 3 1878 over a year ago
A Favor  ashes314 0 197 over a year ago
Serial Files: Case 1 - The Bay Harbor Butcher (Dexter)  Genghiscon 0 712 over a year ago
Season 3  someguynamedjer 2 1080 over a year ago
Hi A kiwi fan  kiwiang 3 765 over a year ago
HELP! I need this episode!  nville 2 718 over a year ago
Help me find the razorblade necklace!  kandydi21 1 1906 over a year ago
Season 2 episode 3  pollock 1 3934 over a year ago
the Vince Masuka appriciation thread :)  thevampiregirl 2 1669 over a year ago
Online auction featuring scripts signed by the cast members of Dexter  krosado 0 1315 over a year ago
Dexter DVD giveaway  skipkassidy 0 734 over a year ago
A blog you shouldn`t read...  InnerShadow 0 644 over a year ago
Need More of Michael Hall  tweetykiss 0 596 over a year ago
Need more Episodes!!  hypersniper 17 1875 over a year ago
The other Morgan  Grover 2 523 over a year ago
Dexter on CBS!!!!  daitheflu4u 7 1425 over a year ago
I'm not a fan of Lila  brownchubbychic 2 483 over a year ago
Start of season 3 !!  Dexx 1 2207 over a year ago
just wondering...  the_bunkster 1 683 over a year ago
Congratulations to Michael C. Hall!  scavoner 0 1158 over a year ago
Season 3  hypersniper 5 943 over a year ago
Desperatley Seeking Dexter  daitheflu4u 3 966 over a year ago
Dester Season 2 finale  hypersniper 3 696 over a year ago
Anyone else disappointed in S2 Ep9?  Grover 5 1040 over a year ago
I just linked the leaked episodes (11 and 12)  Euphoracy13 1 686 over a year ago
Episode 10 disappeared?  Grover 5 920 over a year ago
episode 10!!!  the_bunkster 5 939 over a year ago
episode 9!!!  the_bunkster 2 647 over a year ago
Writers strike  nikki1989 4 1052 over a year ago
Unmask  hypersniper 7 1207 over a year ago
season 2 episode 7  pollock 2 1100 over a year ago
season 2 episode 6  pollock 5 908 over a year ago
Acceptance  hypersniper 5 724 over a year ago
Lila  scavoner 2 1855 over a year ago
Dexter Soundtrack  hypersniper 0 4836 over a year ago
What is the Screensaver on His Laptop??  james2475 0 1595 over a year ago
Last Chance to Enter the Dexter Fanlib Contest!  scavoner 0 335 over a year ago
question  effebi 0 600 over a year ago
What do you think made him this way?  basusj 4 811 over a year ago
serial killer spot  bluej12 0 545 over a year ago