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dexter + hannah | last goodbye

deb + quinn | GHOSTS

dexter & deb | the one you once loved is leaving

deb + quinn | STAY WITH ME

deb + quinn | BLOOD SPORT

Dexter vs. The Mentalist - Spanish Rap Battle

dexter & hannah | dust to dust

Jordan Chase~ Tick, Tick, Tick....

dexter & deb | the one you once loved is leaving

Dexter - I'm a serial killer

Dexter Kills Innocent Post Office Lady

Dexter Top 5 Kills

Dexter - "I own you"

Dexter's Most Awkward Moments

Dexter - Meet Masuka the pervert

Best of Dexter - Season 1

Bleeding Out | Dexter & Deb

Another love | Dexter + Deb

Dexter Parody

dexter & debra (8x12) | interlude

Dexter : Finale: Now It's Over - Goodbye Video

Deb + Quinn || I Would Wait A Lifetime

Dexter Season 8: Episode 10 Clip - Leave Together

I'm A Monster - Showtime's Dexter Dedication Song

"Darkly Dreaming" Dexter

Dexter - Debra Morgan - Broken Bones

Dexter Season 8 Episode 6 Promo "A Little Reflection" (HD)

► dexter&deb | sarah minor

Dexter Season 8 Episode 5 Promo "This Little Piggy" [HD]

Dexter † Tribute

Dexter & Deb l Together

Dexter Theme Fingerstyle Acoustic

Dexter Season 8 Episode 4 Promo "Scar Tissue" [HD]

you are lost | Dexter + Deb [8x01]

Dexter - Blood Theme [Piano/Violin/Viola/Voice Cover]

Michael C. Hall on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dexter & Lumen l Anything for You

Lumen Pierce • Sail (Dexter)

My take on the Blood Theme

Dexter Season 8: Dr. Evelyn Vogel

Dexter - Radioactive

Dexter Season 8: Official Trailer

Dexter Season 8: Tease - Killer or Innocent Victim

Dexter Season 8: Tease - Behind a Mask

Dexter- my little secret

Dexter: Final Season Sneak Peak

Hannah McKay tribute

Dexter/Debra | yellow light (watch in HD)

► dexter&deb | to let myself go

Dexter : Season 8: Tease - The Full Picture

Dead Space 3 x Dexter

Dexter - Chocolate version -


Dexter | Where My Demons Hide

Dexter: Father, Son, Serial Killer

Dexter and Ray Donovan Summer 2013

Dexter & Debra || "Save me..." (Torch Song)

DEXTER the Serial Killer UNICORN

dexter | setting sail, coming home

:: what goes around comes around (dexter&debra) ::

► debra morgan | arrow

[Dexter] Dexter Cast - Karma Police - S7 Finale

Dexter Morgan's Laboratory parody

Dexter+Hannah [I just want you to know who I am]

I can't stop loving you | Dexter + Deb

[Dexter] Dexter and Hannah - Toxic

► dexter&deb | dance on our graves

► isaak sirko | like tick tick

Isaak and Viktor were--?

broken | Dex + Deb

what do I have to do | Dexter + Deb

Blood Demo inspired by Dexter

Dexter: New Blood

► dexter&deb | flickers

Dexter: Season 7 (behind the scenes)

dexter | are you a serial killer? [7x01]

Dexter - Season 7 - Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Photoshoot [VIDEO]

Michael C Hall Interview on Dexter Season 7

Dexter Season 6 Recap

Dexter Fan Pop Quiz

Vincent Masuka

Dexter Morgan | Personal Jesus

dexter&lumen | you're the only light

Miles Behind Me [Deb/Quinn]

Look After You[Debra & Quinn, Dexter]

Dexter Tribute

Dexter Season 7 Trailer: Dexter Revealed?

Morning Routine

Music Video: Tonight's the Night

Dexter vs Doakes: Best bits - Part 2

Dexter Vs Doakes: Best Bits - Part 1

Dexter Season 1 Trailer

Yvonne Strahovski on "Dexter" Season 7

Dexter 7x01 "Are You" 2 Minute Sneak Peek

Truth Brings Light (Dexter Spot)

Dexter Returns

Winged Wicked Things

God Say's Nothing Back

Dexter, Brian Moser Character Casestudy

"'s like you're screaming; and no one can hear..." || Dexter & Rita