Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Third Wheel SUMMARY REVEALED?!!

MetaGregHeffley posted on Jul 05, 2012 at 01:31AM
Jeff Kinney announced that the summary of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Third Wheel will mainly be about Greg Heffley and his love situations.

Main points:
-Greg growing up
-Valentine's Day
-Greg interested in taking the girls for the Valentine's Dance
-Mom's plans for Rodrick's College
-Rowley's girlfriend
-Chirag Gupta and Greg's friendship since Childhood
-Manny and Greg becoming less like enemies
-Gammie's death

Greg Heffley will be in ninth grade still facing problems and puberty. When Valentine comes, he hopes to find a girl for the dance. But what if noone wanted him for the dance? Will Greg get his girl?

Characters(in order of times in the book)
Greg Heffley
Frank Heffley
Manny Heffley
Darren Walsh
Holly Hills
Rowley Jefferson
Rodrick Heffley
Susan Heffley
Patty Farrell
Chirag Gupta
Mr. Underwood
Heather Hills
Principal Roy
Jo Heffley
Gary Heffley
Mrs. Mancy
Grampa Heffley(mentioned only)
Lil Cutie(cameo)
Jessy Walsh(Rowley's Girlfriend)
Gammie Heffley(last appearance)
Chester Heffley(cameo)
15+ other characters

Pages: 309
From; February until July

Jeff has announced this to be the original draft. However this may change.
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over a year ago MetaGregHeffley said…
Sneak Peek:

February 1st:
I Just hope that things are going to get clean this semester because after what Rowley did to me last week...
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big smile
omg can't wait to read it
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i have it its cool
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Sounds interesting and cool to read.