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Digimon Xros Wars ep 69 Summary

Article by ana_tai_tadase posted over a year ago
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ep 69: Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise
相内美生 細田雅弘 細田雅弘 竹田欣弘

As Tamura Makot is about to transfer to another school the next day, he prays that this time he HAS to be able to make friends, then all of sudden, he gets aborts into the world where Digimon lives in "Digi-Quartz". A Digimon name Phelesmon appears in front of Makoto. Phelesmon says: "He's an kind angel if he sees the person is in trouble, and won't just leave a person like that.", and he's just like Makoto who's lonely and doesn't have friends. Both of them seems to becomes friends and enjoy the live. Although it'll be a fuss doing this, but they want to try become popular. Phelesmon suggests"why not exceeds the same dream with the two of us together." Makoto nods and say yes.

The next day, as Tagiru are going to the school, he got knock over on the bridge with Makoto. the keychain on Makoto's bag falls into the river. Tagiru panics and jumps into the river and search for the keychain. However, Makoto tells him not to worry about it, and left.
The school Makoto is transferring to is Tagiru and others' high school, also in the same class. Makoto is nervous as he introduces himself. However, he follows Phelesmon's direction, look into the students eyes hard, and calls out "Everyone, let's become friends!", all of sudden, everyone becomes all friendly to Makoto and gives him warm welcome. Makoto is very sastify with this. Then, Phelesmon says Makoto has to become friends with the students in the school. Then Makoto asks Yuu gather everyone in the school in the schoolyard. Yuu and others are very happy and follow Makoto's words.
After witness the scene, Tagiru, Taiki, Gumdramon and Shoutmon truly believes that it's Digimon that's behind this, so they immediately goes towards DigiQuartz. Somehow, the Schoolyard in DigiQuartz is fully block, Tagiru and others can't go straight forward. Over there, Phelesmon and Makoto are together have steadily started their "The Holy/Sacred Ritual of Friendship "!

This article was made and translated by : http://bokutachinodigitalworld.blogspot.com/ not me. If you wanna know more news, spoilers about Digimon go to this site, it's awesome, totally recommend it (:
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