Digimon DXs-II

dargox posted on Mar 22, 2012 at 05:45AM
((So on the last digimon DXs, virusmon send his grunts to break up our heros which works for awhile but everyone back and with even more trouble, first off hikari still don't remember that's matt is her boyfriend, next a new group of bad guys call the dark digi-knights show up trying to take over the x-digimon which cleo was a part of, and for last our hero still have to find a way stop virusmon and his Xs-virus.))

Bad guys

Guil-knight (a male human wearing a guilmon style armor)
Rena-knight (a female human wearing a renamon style armor)
Ange-knight (a female human wearing a angewomon style armor)
Flamda-knight (a male human wearing a flamdamon style armor)
Sting-knight (a male human wearing a stingmon style armor)
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over a year ago dargox said…
[at dex's house 3:30am]

Dex: jogging down a dirt road with his friends. "come on guys! do u want the bad guys to win?"

Blare(dex's black renamon): jogging. "not me, so lets go...hup...2...3...4"

Cleo: jogging. "look I don't want the bad guys to win but do we have to wake up at 3:00am just for team training?"

X-gabumon: jogging. "i agree with cleo, we can do team training at 6:00am"

Matt: hand cuff to hikari, and jogging. <thinking: dam I hope hikari remembers me as her boyfriend soon cause I don't like to be hand cuffed>

Gabumon: jogging. "hey vulpixmon don't look now but I think shadow is trying to get peak of your goods, if ya know what I mean?"
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Vulpixmon: *playfully glares at shadow* pervert
Hikari: why do I haft to be hand cuffed to Matt?
John: it's a uhhhh
Charmandermon: Dex wanted to try it the way he used to try it with blare it's a challenge to see if you can keep up and stay the exact same speed as the person your cuffed with
Hikari: then why isn't anyone else cuffed
TK: cause Matt wanted to do it
Patamon: yup
John: and also since you already went for a jog Dex wanted to put you to that challenge
Hikari: ahhhh ok!
(I just remembered them their on there too XD)
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over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: turns around and jogs backwars. "well charmon is kinda right but you and matt are cuffed because one you drew his name from the hat last night, two it's a good way to help u to work as a team, and three those are the only hand cuffs we have. So if your done.....i surguess u to HURRY UP YOUR *BLEEP* AND MOVE IT!!"

Blare: pass up hikari from the right saying. "giggle..hey hikari u mite want to listen to drill master dex or else he'll make you do push ups....hup.....2....3....4"

Matt: "man, y do I feel like i'm back in boot camp?"

Gabumon: "maybe it's because your out of shape matt?"

Cleo: "yeah matt, you do look fatter than your band posters"

X-gabumon: still jogging, try so hard not to laugh.

(hey dark, I hope u don't mind me shortting charmandermon to charmon)
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over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(nope I don't mind are you still gonna reply to the beyblade rp though?)
Hikari: *rolls eyes* like I haven't done push ups before why do you think I disappear every morning
John: yeah right I bet you can't run faster then me
Hikari: wanna bet?
John: betcha who ever gets to the park first has to buy everyone a bottle of powerade
Hikari: do we start now?
John: ye- *hikari zooms past him and everyone else dragging Matt* holy shit
over a year ago dargox said…
(yeah but I want to restart the beyblade rp though).

Matt: slideing around on the ground while hikari pull him by hand cuffs. "WHOOOOOOOOOO....HIKARI!!...SLOW DOOOOWN....YOUR....DRAGGING...MEEEEE!!!&qu­ot;

Gabumon: "hey vulpixmon, u know jonh just tricked hikari right?"
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Vulpixmon: John never tricks Hikari when it comes to betting
Patamon: why?
Charmandermon: cause most of the time John loses
Hikari: *slides to a stop and Matt falls ontop of her* owww Matt get off me
John: *runs ahead of Hikari* HA HA *makes it to the park first and runs into a tree*
TK: ouch hey John has to buy all of us Powerade now
John: mphh stek selph phease? (I'm stuck help please?)
Charmandermon: *pulls John by the leg*
over a year ago dargox said…
Matt: knock out in that hurt anime form (don't what it's call)

Gabumon: runs up. "MATT, HIKARI!!! Are u two ok"

Dex: jogs up. "well he better be cause in...let see it's 4:39am....so we'll take a 1 hour break and then we'll start phase 2 of the training ok?"

Blare: jogs up "heh...heh....hey vulpixmon I bet you my lunch for 2 weeks that you, gabumon, matt, and hikari woun't pass phase 2."

Cleo: jogs up "y is that blare?"

X-gabumon: jog up "yeah tell us what's phase 2 is?"

Blare: looks up "nope, can't tell ya but u'll see what it is for your self in an hour."
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: I hate hurting people but *kicks Matt off and sits up*
John: Hikari maybe you should stop playing soccer and basket ball and tennis and every other kinds of sports
John: *shrinks in the anime way* ok ok don't do a rampage
(hey Dargox did you get my message? With the link?)
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over a year ago dargox said…
(yeah I did, btw LOL XD for hikari action)

Matt: come to and sits up. "oooow, what happen...my head feels like a soccer ball"

Gabumon: "that's because hikari kicked it around like one."

(hey I think we should wait for guilmon to get on, so in the mean lets go to your beyblade rp ok?)
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
('sigh' by the time i get here, you guys are gone)
seph: 'laughs watching the game and lies on the grass'
shadow: 'is with vulpixmon'
over a year ago dargox said…
(well i'm still here, hey I have an ideal lets do some math!, ok where I live it's 12:29pm, so guilmon what time is there where you live?)
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: *take a drink of his powerade* ok 30min till so every one exsap matt, hikari, gabumon,and vulpixmon. Will go in that forest. *point to a tree line* then you four will come in 30mins after us ok?
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: do I haft to be cuffed with him to do it?
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: yes, for the last it's part of this training! *stands up* and after u two we'll draw two more name to cuffed other ok? So though it out or should we call u chicken?
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: *her eyes turn red glaring at Dex*
John: Dex you should never call her a chicken or other wise she WILL push herself to far and end up in hospital she's still in a bad condition
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: ok jonh but any ways every one let go set up phase 2, so matt & hikari stay here intill you hear a airhorn. *walks off into the forest*

Blare: *fallows*

Cleo: *fallows*

X-gabumon: *fallows*
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: *sighs and hugs her knees*
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
seph: take care of her matt or you will be answering to me 'follows everyone else'
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
shadow: and i was not peaking at vulpixmon's "goods" gabumon. i'm more respectful than that
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
shadow: 'follows the others' have fun vulpixmon
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
(yo dargox, you still alive? i presume hikari is waiting for your post)
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(guilmon you can call me dark you know)
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
(oh ok and.... HIIII teehee)
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(HIIIIIIIIIII AHHHHHH *falls of the bed* owww my butt)
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
(comet rider, help her please
cometrider: 'horn glows and she is lifted back to her bed'
hows that dark?)
takato: have fun guys
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(thankies!!!! And how'd you do that and WHERE IS DARGOX I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR DAYS)
TK: c'mon Patamon
Patamon: coming *jogs with TK*
John: *runs with Charmandermon*
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
seph: 'jogs and thinks about hikari'
(comet rider is a fancharecter i made. hes a pegasus unicorn)
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: *scratches her nose* ahhhh why is my nose ichy
Vulpixmon: someone is thinking about you Hikari
Hikari: awww man not again
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
seph: 'thinks happy thoughts about hikari'
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
(Seph is gonna make Hikari's nose come off if he keeps thinking about her lol XD)
Hikari: *rubs her nose*
Vulpixmon: hahahaha looks like that someone wint stop thinking about you Hikari
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
seph: 'thinks some more about hikari'
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Vulpixmon: wouldn't be the best of ideas Hikari
Hikari: I don't care I hate it when my nose gets ichy
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
seph: 'thinks about how he cares about hikari'
shadow: 'thinks about vulpixmon'
over a year ago dargox said…
(sorry for being late)

Matt: "sure, what ever seph" *also starts to think about hikari, hopeing she remebers that he's her boyfriend*

Gabumon: "man, I wounder what they are planing in there?"
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: I am in need for a knife
Vulpixmon: you are not gonna cut your nose off
Hikari: I wasn't thinking that
Vulpixmon: what were you thinking?
Hikari: I was thinking of breaking this cuff
over a year ago dargox said…
Matt: *look at hikari saying* "oh come on hikari! Surely being hand cuffed to me isn't that bad, is it?" *sratches his nose with cuffed arm*

Gabumon: "heh heh...at less me and vulpixmon don't have to be cuffed each other and I bet if we were cuffed me & vulpixmon would make a better team than you two, right vulpixmon?" *he playful elbows vulpixmon*
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Vulpixmon: yeah we would
Hikari: I'm not saying I hate being hand cuffed to you I don't min that it's just that I don't like the cuffs it's very tight on my wrist right now and it feels sore
over a year ago dargox said…
Matt: "oh..is that all maybe I can untighten it....um..do u have a bobby pin?"

[mean while with dex and the group]

Dex: "ok, so dose everyone got the plan down?"

Cleo: "i do, all of us hide with our digimon and when we see hikari&matt we attack them but don't hurt them, right?"

Dex: "right, so john will that be ok with you?"
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
(got time to post something)
seph: attack them? stuff that. hikari is the one i care about and matt is my friend, aint no way i'm attacking them
shadow: same for vulpixmon and gabumon
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: "seph&shadow we are not really attacking them just acting like it, meaning all our attacks will only be at 5% power and fouse on things around them, NOT AT THEM!"

Blare: *look at seph&shadow* "see..what dex is saying, we are going make it feel like they are being attacked to force them to get lost in the woods, which in turn forces them to work as team, which hopefuly helps hikari to get her full memory back at the end."
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: hey Matt i think it's been 30 minutes already
Vulpixmon: let's go then!
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
seph: dont expect me to help you. i dont want them to hate me. 'he sighs' i'm only here because hikari asked me to stay. nothing else
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
shadow: where seph goes, i follow
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: "fine..how about this you two just keep watch two make sure the plan don't go off the tracks ok? Any who every one it's time to hide"

[every one hides]

Matt: *stands up with hikari* "i agree with vulpixmon let go"

(oh btw I came up with a new rp here's the link: link)
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
both: 'hides in a tree and watches'
over a year ago hikari_hiwatari said…
Hikari: sorry Matt but I wanna get this thing off soon *runs at super high speed yet again dragging Matt*
Vulpixmon: oh boy HIKARI WAIT UP!!! *runs trying to catch up*
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
sep: 'watches'
over a year ago dargox said…
((hey guys I'm on chapter one of my fanfic and I need some starting ideals, chapter name is the new digi-destines))

Matt: *being drag* "OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!"

Gabumon: *runing* "damit we said WAIT FOR US!!!"

Dex: *hideing* "ok, blare your up"

Blare: *nods* "POWER BLAST!!" *blast the ground in front of hikari & matt kicking up tons of dirt*