Dinozzo & Gibbs Which of my favourite Tony/Gibbs moments is your favourite?

Pick one:
Missing | "Tony, as far as I'm concerned you are... irreplaceable."
SWAK | "You. Will. Not. Die."
Frame Up | "I'm not getting outta this one, am I boss?"
Last Man Standing | "Pa?" ♠ "Take care of yourself." ♠ "Miss you too, Dad."
Bounce | "But you're making it right. And me proud. You're irreplaceable."
Truth or Consequences | "No." ♠ "No?" ..... ♠ "Make your case."
Flesh and Blood | "Steak cowboy-style, I love it."
Obsession | I broke Rule 10 again. ♠ ...the rule I've always had trouble with.
Requiem | Tony saving Gibbs' life.
Hiatus Part 2 | "It's your team now."
 Lie_to_Me_123 posted over a year ago
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