Just some facts about the Dir En Grey members....

京 Kyo (Vo.):

Basic info:
Full name: 西村 亨 (Nishimura Tooru)
Height: 5'3"
Blood type: B
Birth place: Kyoto
Birth date: February 16, 1976

Fun facts:
- He has the worst luck when it comes to eyebrow peircing. He tried to peirce one of his eyebrows. It got infected. Then, he tried his other eyebrow. Same thing happened....
- He hates to be called "kawaii" or "Kyo-chan". However, he likes to be called "Kyo" or "Kyo-san".
- One time he was fighting with his father (over his grades, Kyo wasn't a very good student) and at one point Kyo said he'd leave home, so his father replied, "Then take off those clothes because I bought them for you" and so Kyo stood outside naked for three or four hours until his parents came out to apologize to him XD.
- During his entrance exam for high school he turned in a blank sheet of paper, and never even went.
- He lies in his interviews.
- He likes girls in kimonos.
- At one point in time he rescued a kitty
- He can fall asleep anywhere.
- He doesn't like getting chocolate from fans because it melts in the mail.
- Once he ruptured his tympanum (some part in his ear).
- He finds women "utterly terrifying".
- The name, "Kyo" is Warumono, meaning "bad person" in Japanese, but at the same time it is his favourite manga.
- He enjoys being the "scary one" in the group.
- He almost got alcohol poisoning when he first drank alcohol. His small body couldn't take it.
- He's afraid of planes.

薫 Kaoru (Gu.):

Basic info:
Full name: 新倉 薫 (Niikura Kaoru)
Height: 5'7"
Blood type: A
Birth place: Hyougo
Birth date: February 17, 1974

Fun facts:
- Everyone was afraid of Kaoru upon meeting him (even Kyo).
- He likes anime and manga. Especially Gundam.
- He has Hyde's autograph.
- He is near sighted.
- When he was younger he had a tendancy to pee on people when he was mad. He peed in a kid's hat and on his neighbor (O_o).
- He has a Hide plushie he would bring with him on tours.
- He doesn't like rollercoasters or scary movies.
- He is the oldest member of Dir En Grey and appears most mature. All the other band members look up to him in a way. He is the main composer for most of their songs - which is why he is the leader of the band.
- He likes his adam's apple on his body. He thinks it is very masculine.
- When Kaoru was young, he got bored with his original black hair and he began slowly brightening it to brown. When his parents noticed the change and asked him about it, he told them that the chemicals in the swimming pool were causing it, which is funny, because Kaoru can't swim.

Shinya (Dr.):

Basic info:
Full name: 寺地 心夜 (Terachi Shinya)
Height: 5'7"
Blood type: B
Birth place: Osaka
Birth date: February 24, 1978

Fun facts:
- He is closest to Kyo.
- He always teased by the other band members.
- Once he recieved a vacuum cleaner from a fan.
- He owns a small brown chihuahua named Miyu. She's like his baby to him and he spoils her alot. Shinya's stated that Miyu is one of the most important things to him.
- In his parent's home, they have another dog, called Puppy (or Papee depending on translation). Puppy doesn't like Shinya anymore and tries to bite him when he tries to pet him.
- He is considered the "baby" of the group since he is the youngest.
- He wouldn't consider himself to be truly "grown up" until he becomes a father.
- One time when tossing out his drumsticks, Shinya accidently threw it behind him.
- When he was in school, he played trumpet for the brass band.
- He sleeps on an average of ten hours a night. On holidays, he sleeps for twelve hours with his dog.
- He is extremely shy and rarely talks.
- Once, he actually smoked when he and his friends blew smoke into bubbles. He thought it looked cool and he wanted to try. That was the first and last time he smoked.

Toshiya (Ba.):

Basic info:
Full name: 原 敏政 (Hara Toshimasa)
Height: 5'10"
Blood type: B
Birth place: Nagano
Birth date: March 31, 1977

Fun facts:
- His apartment once flooded. At first he thought it was just some juice he spilt on the carpet but he could never seem to mop it away. So he called his landlord to take care of it. Now all his wooden furniture is moldy....
- Acording to him, he was "kidnapped" by the other four Dir En Grey members from his former band: D+L (he was obviously joking).
- Nicknamed "Totchi" by his fans.
- He likes to live in Japan because it is the only country shaped like a banana (xD).
- He enjoys anime and manga and many of his costumes are based on anime.
- He draws mangas of his bandmates.
- His bedroom is red - because red makes him energetic and happy. While his bathroom is blue - because blue makes him relaxed (he loves baths).
- Embryo was the very first song when he played on his bass using his fingers instead of a pick. Even now he alternates between the pick and his fingers.
- Toshiya is the only member who was not a part of La:Sadies before Dir en grey.
- He is definitely the dorkiest member of the band XP

Die (Gu.):

Basic info:
Full name: 安滕 大助 (Ando Daisuke)
Height: 5'10"
Blood type: B
Birth place: Mie
Birth date: December 20, 1974

Fun facts:
- He got into a car accident when he "fell asleep" at the wheel with the rest of the Dir gang.
- He descibes himself as "baka".
- He teases Shinya alot.
- He likes to get underwear from his fans. He finds them useful since he usually doesn't have time to buy them (lawl).
- When he first met Shinya, Die thought Shinya was a girl and tried to hit on him (I can actually picture that....).
- Apparently, he is good at english.
- Kaoru cut Die's hair after growing it for nine years.
- There was a fire in Die's apartment once. He tried to smother it with a fire extinguisher, but he just succeeded spraying the foam all around his feet and then he ran outside. He said: "That was so uncool!".
- Die's full name is "Daisuke", and the nickname for it is Dai. Some say that he changed the spelling of it to that of the English word "die", aiming to a more serious aspect. So Die is to be pronounced as "dai", not "di-eh".
- He has four sisters.
- He is considered the "jokester" of the band.