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News by mag23342 posted over a year ago
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Some people thought that the Dazzlings aren't the only threats to both the Rainbooms of Canterlot and Equestria....
But their father is!
Forte Luster was once the pupil of the certain Star Swirl the Bearded
Article by 1DGal3322 posted over a year ago
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Queen Chrysalis-This battle will be perfect,it will surely be your fall.I've dreamed of certain victories like this since I was small
Think you can harm me clown?I could make you my slave,I've got a nice spot for you in the Canterlot Caves
I've an entire army of changelings on my side.You just have cotton candy and way too much pride,I'm a destroyer of love,you just dance in window panes
I'll take all of Equestria,hold the chocolate rain
Discord-Why hello Chryssie,I don't believe we've met before.Either way you'll soon learn not to challenge Discord
You need an army of changelings?I can do it alone.It took the Elements of Harmony to turn me into stone
You talk a big game but your skills sure are lacking,all they need is gushy romance to send you packing
I corrupted the mane six,wreaked chaos like no other
All you did was go to bed with Twilight Sparkle's brother
Queen Chrysalis-What an absolutely ridiculous sentiment