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PeachyKeen1994 said …
176,600th fan! Posted 2 days ago
trisha1 said …
To anyone who hasn't signed my petition, I made a petition at to bring back Phineas and Ferb. If you want to sign it here it is: Posted 7 days ago
trisha1 commented…
also send it to anyone in your family who likes phineas and ferb, any of your friends who like phineas and ferb, and if you're school-age any teachers at your school who like phineas and ferb 7 days ago
GALAXYMAX43 said …
The background not good !!!! Posted 10 days ago
PrueFever commented…
Why do you think that? 9 days ago
GALAXYMAX43 commented…
not arranged good ! 9 days ago
GALAXYMAX43 commented…
havent good quality, its piece and piece 9 days ago