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The Evil Queen Grimhilde (Snow...
Lady Tremaine (Cindere- lla,...
The fans pick: I've Got No Strings In Italian (Pinocchio, 1940)
I&# 39; ve Got No Strings In Italian...
You Can Fly In English (Peter...
The fans pick: Scar (The Lion King, 1994)
Scar (The Lion King, 1994)
Jafar (Aladdin, 1992)
The fans pick: Kevin Bacon
The fans pick: Beauty and the Beast
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DisneyPrince88 said …
If you want the Big Hero 6 TV Series to be 3-D animation please sign in here
Thank you
Sign this petition? Posted 7 days ago
SentinelPrime89 said …
My top 10 animated Disney movies. And mind you, my opinions changed a little since my article a few months ago.

10. Lady And The Tramp
9. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
8. Tarzan
7. Beauty And The Beast
6. The Lion King
5. 101 Dalmatians
4. Mulan
3. Zootopia
2. The Fox And The Hound
1. Treasure Planet Posted 9 days ago
SentinelPrime89 said …
I'm just can't get interested in the Beauty And The Beast remake. I'm sure it could actually be good but there's just too much distracting me from it. The Beast doesn't look beastly and all the enchanted objects look too... Tim Burton-esque to me. Emma Watson is the only positive thing I see in it. Posted 13 days ago
PrueFever commented…
I fully agree with you. When I saw the trailer for the first time, I wasn't overwhelmed, like most... It just doesn't look right... :/ 12 days ago