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The fans pick: Jafar
The fans pick: the lion king
the lion king
The fans pick: Eeyore
The fans pick: Beauty and the Beast (1991)
The fans pick: Aquata
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jakemould said …
One of the Disney's aniamted classics for little children now. When i was younger i went to Disneyland in Florida with my family. I had a photo of me with my family on Mary Poppins i use to watch that. Disney cartoon they were a little bit for babies cause i don't watch it nomore. Next year i might go and see that again. Maybe in France. Im nearly a man now! Posted over a year ago
jakemould said …
All of the Disney Classic's are soo cool. On this picture it had a Disney castle build since 1955. Look like a ball castle where Cinderella goes. It had beautful fireworks. Seen all of the Disney's. Posted over a year ago
jakemould said …
One of my favourite Disney classical are Pongo and Perdita, Roger, Anita on 101 Dalmatians. On The Lion King my favourite is Mafassa and Simba, Nala, Also Peter Pan and Cinderella. Also Lightning Macqueen on Cars because they are alot all of classical. Look good. Posted over a year ago