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[KSS] Ever After

I'm giving you all my love

♥ Come On Get Higher

Disney Couples in Love

Disney Couples - I knew I loved you

Disney Couples - Sugar Rush

Disney Couples - Shine


Disney :) Short but Powerfull!

Disney~ Lucky

Disney - Your love is my drug!

Non/Disney - Super Bass

Disney Couples (You're Still The One)

Disney Couples - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

the mom song

little mermiad aladdin and cinderella 3

When You're Looking Like That

listen to you re heart

peter pan

more random disney


Tangled-I see the light-Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene)

[Disney & Others] - ℓоиєℓу ƒιи∂ѕ мє

Pocahontas and John Smith - If I Never Knew You Reprise

Pocahontas and John Smith Meet

Pocahontas Love Triangle: John Rolfe or John Smith

Simba and Nala Reunite

Simba and Nala - Can't Let Them Feel The Love Tonight

Lady and the Tramp - Bella Notte

Phoebus and Esmeralda Kiss

Phoebus and Esmeralda Meet

Tarzan and Jane - Stranger Like Me

Tarzan and Jane

Ariel and Eric - Kiss The Girl

Pocahontas and John Smith - If I Never Knew You

Cinderella and Prince Charming - So This Is Love

Beauty and the Beast - Something There

Beauty and the Beast - Tale As Old As Time

Meg - I Won't Say I'm In Love

Mulan and Shang - I'll Make A Man Out of You

Snow White and Prince - I'm Wishing/ One Song

Simba and Nala - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Jasmine and Aladdin - A Whole New World

Jasmine and Aladdin - Forget About Love

Aurora and Phillip - Once Upon A Dream


Kiss Me

disney and non disney couples-can i have this dance

Eric and Ariel - I can't make you love me


So Close

POTENTIAL BREAKUP SONG -Disney & Anastasia video

Disney October

Disney - "LA LA LA"

Cry Me a River - Disney Couples

Disney Couples, Amazed

Disney couples- I knew I loved you

Disney Couples- Kiss the girl

Ever Ever After (Disney Couples)

disney couples-ever ever after

Disney Couples "Whatever it takes"

Disney and Fox Couples - I'm Gonna Love You

Breathe - Animated Love

Aladdin and Jasmine - Anyone at all

Clocks - Mulan and John Smith

Almost lover - Disney and Non-disney

Esmeralda & Aladdin - Burning

Left Behind - Jasmine & Eric


disney: falling waltz

disney couples may i

Ordinary Day - Pocahontas and John Smith

Disney Couples - Accidentally in love

Disney Couples- There You Are

Disney Couples - Everytime We Touch (Slow)

This is Love {Disney/Non-Disney Couples}

Disney Couples-I Think I'm In Love

Disney - Love you more.

Disney Love - This I Promise You

Disney Couples Romance - I Still Believe

Disney Love: Beautiful Soul

Disney Love- I believe in you and me

Disney Love-I Wanna Be With You

I'm in heaven when you kiss me (Disney)

Disney: Ever, Ever After

Run it back again