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The fans pick: John Rolfe
The fans pick: 2D
The fans pick: Jack Frost (I know he isn't Disney...just want to know)
The fans pick: Jack Frost and Rapunzel of Corona
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MrsDawson13 said …
I always wanna come back on here, but I never know how. My crossovers were pretty crappy anyway. I think I found one of my favorite fanfictions through here and I was talking about it today. It was called Landlocked, and it was the Ariel and Jim pairing. Posted 16 days ago
auroraxaurelia commented…
Never heard/read Landlocked. Do you know what fan wrote it? 14 days ago
dewy60 said …
In Case if you have didn't seen my crossover picture: link Posted 1 month ago
auroraxaurelia said …
So I have exciting news I wanted to share since being back. My birthday was yesterday. I turned 27. I bought myself a trailer (my new home) and have been officially moved in for a couple days now. Anything new or exciting happening with anyone? Posted 1 month ago
chesire commented…
Belated happy birthday! :) 1 month ago
auroraxaurelia commented…
Thank you. :) 1 month ago
auroraxaurelia commented…
Thank you both. It wasn't bad. 1 month ago