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kristenfan10109 said …
I'm so upset I go on Fanpop using my IPad and when I want to view comments, comment, or edit one of my images I've submitted I can't it only lets me view the image then gives the description,tags, who submitted it, and the club its on its driving me crazy! Does anyone know where I go to file a complaint or a problem so this can be fixed? Posted 6 days ago
kristenfan10109 commented…
If you guys comment on my photos would you mind telling me what you say until it hopefully gets 6 days ago
auroraxaurelia commented…
I don't know who or where to complain but if I comment on your photos I will tell you. :) 2 days ago
15sturmelle2 said …
Hear me out guys. No i am not leaving Fanpop. But tomorrow i will be spending a few days at my uncle's camp. I will be leaving tomorrow and i likely won't get back until Saturday. Hope you guys can function without me just fine. Posted 19 days ago
Angeelous commented…
what. 19 days ago
15sturmelle2 commented… don't get what i'm trying to say do you? -.- 18 days ago
MalloMar commented…
Have fun. :) 16 days ago
15sturmelle2 commented…
I'm already back. I stayed two days. But thanks anyways. 12 days ago
sturmelle15 said …
As of late, i'm officially quiting Fanpop. I can't deal with people objecting to my opinions anymore and i have no choice but to quit Fanpop for good. Posted 23 days ago
sturmelle15 commented…
Say what you like about my decision, but it's too late to stop me. 23 days ago
chesire commented…
I'm sorry if you feel like we're against you. We're merely supporting other creators here and we try to avoid any dispute against each other. If you feel like it's healthier if you leave Fanpop, then I guess it's for the best. I hope you'll feel better. 23 days ago
15sturmelle2 commented…
Can i take over for you with you being gone? 23 days ago