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Something So Right
this day aria
Jane and Naveen
Hans and Phillip
GROUP HUG!! (R.I.P. Robin Williams)
Genie Group Hug!
All The Girls Love Genie!
"Never Had A Friend Like You"
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Hans x Elsa
Anna x Hans
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Two Mothers
Where are you going my son?
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sturmelle15 said …
I got my copy of Muppets Most Wanted today and i absolutely loved the songs and the cameos, humans and muppets alike. Out of all the songs, the Big House and Something So Right are my most liked songs. I liked Something So Right because other characters besides Miss Piggy were featured in that song, of whom included Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Pepe, Lew Zealand, Rowlf, Scooter, Link, and Beaker. I also was also glad to see Angel Marie and Beautiful Day Monster. Posted 4 days ago
chesire said …
Guys have you heard the news? Robin Williams (Genie from Aladdin) died today. This broke my heart. :'( They said he committed suicide, which was even worse. We never knew how depressed he could be behind all those laughs and smiles he shared with us. He was a part of my childhood and I'm thankful for him. He will forever be remembered by his works. May he rest in peace. :'( Posted 8 days ago
Violet_Shade commented…
I never felt so sad over a celebrity's death in my entire life...he was such a great man...RIP Robin. :( 7 days ago
sturmelle15 commented…
First Mickey Rooney, now him. That makes two people we've lost in 2014. 7 days ago
DIAMELA commented…
iam so sad!! he was one of my fav. actors!! RIP Robin Williams 7 days ago
Angeelous commented…
What a horrible death :c, RIP<3:cc 5 days ago
sturmelle15 said …
I'm proud to say we're one day away before Muppets Most Wanted comes out on dvd and blu-ray. It was worth the wait. Posted 8 days ago