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Angeelous said …
tomorrow (17th april) is my birthday! :D Posted 10 days ago
chesire commented…
Happy birthday! Hope you had a great one! :D 8 days ago
DIAMELA commented…
Happy Birthday Angeelous!! A little late.. I know!! I wish you the best, best!!! 8 days ago
Angeelous commented…
Ow <333 thank you so much guys! <3 7 days ago
Persephone713 said …
I LOVE Ariel and Adam. I might write a fanfic about them, would anyone read it? Coincidentally they are drawn by the same guy. The are my fave OTP couple. Besides Villain couple Gaston and Vanessa- cause they were made for eachother in every single way possible HA HA! Posted 17 days ago
DIAMELA commented…
yes!! i would read it!! and my cousin too...cuz this is her OTP 17 days ago
chesire commented…
That's an interesting couple since both can be very stubborn. I'd love to read a fic of them. :) 16 days ago
kristenfan10109 said …
Hey guys I don't know if any of you are into gender bending but I noticed there wasn't s a club for it until now go check it out! Feel free to post anything you like Posted 1 month ago
auroraxaurelia commented…
Awesome! I just joined. :) 16 days ago