Hi! this is the continue of my real story:).

Part 21

Tiana went to talk to him. when she comes and told me. "Jim told me that it wasn't you .. It someone else. Ariel.. , jim has a girlfriend."

Part 22

After all, I danced horrible. When the assay finished I run to a bathroom I closed the door and I started to cry, cry & cry.

Part 23

My friends come with me and all embraced me and gave me encouragement:).

Part 24

I was in the stairs very sad, and then megara comes and said, "I knew what happened." "yes.." I said. "Don't worry, I know her.. she's ugly and her name is Marianela." "oh." "She's ugly so, don't worry."

Part 25

I was eating in the casino when Jim sits on the table in front, I turned around and I started to cry, cry & cry (that way when one cries loudly) He saw me and he went from there. That was so strange I have never cried for a boy.

Part 26

That day I went to my house and I started to do a letter to jim saying all I can't say face to face, a really pretty letter. lol

Part 27

In break time I went to his bank, and I leave it there. When break time finish I went to look at his class, and I saw him looking at my letter with some of his friends, I was like "NOOOOO! D:"

Part 28

Tiana: "Hey, beautiful letter." Me; what? How do you know? Tiana; "Well, I read it and all the class too." Me; WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? ._.

Part 29

I was walikng to the bathroom, and I met some friends of jim's class, and they said "Hey! That letter was so cute! I would never have thought of doing that, amazing!. Me; "ooh, thanks" :D

Part 30

Next day. After all, I was like "angry" with Jim. In sports girls and boys made groups and Monica (Jane) was with Jim and We had to run with hand and gave me a lot of jealousy when I saw jane and jim.

Part 31

After sports I went to Jim's class and I saw that were some friends playing, I looked back and Jim came to me and and I thought "Don't look at him! Don't look at him!"

Part 32

Before he went through back he stop and look at me and say "Ariel I'm really sorry to made you cry.""IT'S OK!" and I hugged him<3.

Part 33

I was talking with Jim. <3 In lunch time, when I saw that hercules was coming to us, and he pushed Jim and "screamed" "KISS HER!!" then, the bell rang. I was .__. and I said "eeh.. BYE!"

Part 34

We got very nervous because this day is the final show D:

Part 35

THE DANCE OF ALL SINGLE LAIDIES was awesome! and Jim danced Toy story It was a little boring but when they finished I screamed "JIM I LOVE YOU!" lol.

Part 36

The next day,Final Day in school. All 6th grade were watching the show in a video & when I saw back I saw Jim crying because one of his best friend is gonna leave the school. & Belle told me; "Go with Jim.."

Part 37

I went to him & I hugged him and I stayed with him until the video ended. Then all the 6th grade started to scream the "couples in the grade." & I noticed that Jim was looking at me. ^^

Part 38

FINAL DAY SCHOOL. After the video we Went to our class & tiana Told to me "this is the last Ariel day. You need that Jim Have to be your boyfriend!" & I said "Sure. {Sarcastically.}"

Part 39

FINAL SCHOOL DAY. All the classes were talking, eating, etc & I went with my friend Esmeralda (Kote) because she was leaving the school & I hug her & We started to cry.

Part 40

FINAL SCHOOL DAY. Tiana went to me running and almost screaming & she said "ARIEL! JIM TOLD ME THAT HE'LL BE YOUR BOYFRIEND IF YOU ASK FOR!" me; wtf.