Chapter 3: Notre Dame

Belle woke up the next morning terrified she had a nightmare that she and Phillipe were chased by wolves she suddenly realized that it wasn't a dream it was all real they were saved by Judge Frollo and he had brought them to stay with him at the Palace of Justice. As she was finished getting dressed a dark skinned, black haired girl maybe a little bit younger than her wearing ragged clothes came in with a silver tray setting it on the table across from the bed "Your breakfast Madam Lord Frollo will come in shortly he wanted to talk with you this morning "Thank you this breakfast looks magnificent" the girl smiled "Thank you I made it myself if you'll excuse me I have to get going I have chores to do please enjoy" "I will I didn't catch your name Eliza", "Have a good day Ms. Belle."
She was about to ask how she knew her name but she had already went out the door she sat down at the table and started eating the portage there was also a saucer of cream and milk, a bowl of sugar, a plate of fruit next to a fork, and a beautiful red rose with a sweet fragrance that filled the room.

Just as she was finishing up she heard her door open she looked up "Good morning my dear", "Good morning Judge Frollo", "Please you can just call me Frollo", "I prefer to be formal if you don't mind", "Not at all call me whatever you wish", "Eliza said you wanted to speak with me", "Who?", "Eliza a servant girl", "Aww yes you'll have to forgive me I don't remember all the names of my servants", "Of course that's understandable", "Now to the matter at hand I'm going up to the Notre Dame bell tower to visit my son Quasimodo and was wondering if you would like to join me", "I would be delighted you didn't mention you had a son", "Yes I took him in when no one else would", "That was very kind of you", "Yes it was shall we go then" "Yes absolutely", " Good you can ride with me in my carriage its waiting for us outside."
When they arrived Belle was memorized by the cathedrals beauty she was one of the oldest buildings in Paris they walked through and entered a door that let to the upper level a massive young red haired man was talking to three stone gargoyles.

"Good morning Quasimodo", in shock he replied " Good morning master" "Dear boy whom ever are you talking to?", "My friends", "I see and what are your made of Quasimodo?" He asked as he knocked on the statue that was named Victor " Stone" "Can stone talk", "No it can't", That's right your a smart lad I have someone I would like you to meet this is Belle she's going to be staying with me for awhile." At first Belle was shocked when she saw him face to face he was completely deformed he had a large hump on the top of his back, a big nose, and something large and round above his right eye he couldn't open it as wide as his other one but she pushed all of that aside it wasn't right for her to judge so quickly he seemed like a nice boy "Bonjour its very nice to meet you Quasimodo", "Its nice to meet you to Belle oh please have a seat" he pulled out the chair next to Frollo and pushed her into the table "Thank you very much", "Your welcome", "Very good Quasimodo now lunch" said Frollo Quasi grabbed three plates and glasses then came and sat down in front of him "Shall we review your alphabet today?", "Oh yes master I would like that very much", "Very well A" he asked as her poured them all some wine "Abomination", "B?", "Blasphemy", "C?" Belle could tell he was struggling to remember but he got it it was a very unusual way to learn the alphabet from how she learned but some people taught differently and she noticed that Judge Frollo was very religious so it made sense.
"Contrition", "D?", "Damnation", "E?", "Eternal damnation", "Good F?", "Festival" Frollo spit out his wine and quickly wiped his mouth "Excuse me", "F F F forgiveness", "You said festival", "Your thinking about going to the festival come along Belle" walking down the steps heading outside "Its just that you go every year" said Quasimodo "I am a public official I must go but I don't enjoy a moment the dregs of human kind all mixed together in a shallow drunken stupa", "I didn't mean to upset you master", "Quasimodo can't you understand when your heartless mother abandoned you as a child anyone else would have drowned you and this is my thanks for taking you and raising you as my son", "I'm sorry sir", "Oh my dear Quasimodo you don't know what its like out there I do I do."

Frollo turned to him and began to sing "The world is cruel the world is wicked
It's I alone whom you can trust in this whole city I am your only friend I who keep you, teach you, feed you, dress you I who look upon you without fear how can protect you, boy, unless you always stay in here away in here. Remember what I taught you, Quasimodo you are deformed, I am deformed, and you are ugly, and I am ugly, and these are crimes for which the world shows little pity you do not comprehend, you are my one defender, out there they will revile you as monster, I am a monster, out there they will hate and scorn and jeer, only a monster, why invite their calumny and consternation? Stay in here be faithful to me, I'm faithful ,grateful to me I'm grateful ,do as I say ,obey,and stay in here", "You are good to me master I'm sorry", "You are forgiven but remember Quasimodo this is your sanctuary", "My sanctuary", "Come along Belle" Frollo hollered "Coming" she walked up behind Quasi and placed her hand on his shoulder "I think you should go do what makes you happy", "Will you be there?", "If you want me to, "Yes", "Then I'll be there", "Belle", "I have to go I'll see you later" Quasimodo watched her until she was out of his sight then continued singing and climbing all over the cathedral.
"I think you should go do what makes you happy"