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"She lives in a day dream..." [Genie/Ariel]

Sad At Me [Cassim/Marina]

All fall Down Melody/Jane/Jim

Strangeness & Charm MEP //Eris & Davy Jones//

ll All we have is broken like shattered glass ll Flynn and Jasmine

"When we collide, sparks fly" //Rapunzel&Jack//

"Bolt x Angel - pairing by DFPUR on youtube

Take It All Away (Eric&Esmeralda)

Awake and Alive (Phoebus&Tzipporah)

Two Is Better Than One (Multi-Crossover)

{SmeexFauna } F a i r y t a l e s

Grumpy/Merryweather; Never Let You Fall

Non/Disney Crossover - Because You Live

kuzco/chel~ she can get it

Love Like Woe (Charlotte and Wiggins)

Just a Dream MEP - Giselle and Wiggins

Charlotte & Wiggins [Uptown Girl]

"You're Like a Baby" Avatar Scene ft. Tarzan & Kida

Rapunzel sees the Kingdom (A Disney Crossover)


DDD's "24 Hours" MEP

John Silver & Jane Porter // So Contagiously

Wishing He was Mine ;; { Arthur x Eilonwy }

Jim Crashed Into Cinderella

Aladdin&TheLittleMermaid What Hurts the Most

Hercules ~ The arabian night ~

Crazy Posevive - TianaxNaveenxJasmine



Battle on the Tower (Disney Crossover)

King of Pride Rock (Disney crossover)

ariel and aladdin - truly madly deeply


Esmeralda/Meg friendship crossover

jim/jasmine-skater boy

Phoebus & Belle - The Last Night

Ghost - Holli/Phoebus/Esmeralda

Aladdin/Ariel - Love The Way You Lie

Esmeralda/Aladdin - Jai ho

Cinderella/Eric - You are the only exception

Monster Dark Crossover {Finished}

Need You Now - Dean and Tiana

In the Business of Misery {Eris Tribute}

KuzcoxLottie - Naturally MEP

AladdinxLottie - Right Round

Peter x Alice - What I Hear

Multi Crossover - Saviour

{Everything Has Changed} eric/odette

Wait Forever {Tarzan/Ariel}

CrystaxFacilier -- Never Trust The Shadowman

speedy/megara foundations

Villian crossovers

aladdin + ariel

Pocahontas & Tarzan - You and me - Part one

Kuzco & Chel - A mesoamerican romance 'Waking up in Vegas'

Jasmine/Esmeralda/Aladdin - When It Was Me

Non/Disney Crossover - just an ordinary day...

I Melt With You - Jim & Audrey

Hercules and Anastasia's Fairytale

Wilbur x Violet - Hot n Cold

Wilbur & Violet - Never Had A Dream Come True artificus

Wilbur Robinson x Violet Parr [Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down]

Ariel & Aladdin - A love story

Aladdin & Ariel - a love story

Whatcha Say ?? - Belle && Dmitri

[Non/Disney] Dimitri/Vanessa: She's cold & she's cruel

Bad Boy - Gaston / Meg


Disney Crossover - Jim Hawkins + Fangirls = Paparazzi

Disney Crossover - Peter Pan & Ariel - These Dreams

Megara-Hercules-Jasmine Untold Love Story

Non/Disney Crossover - Chel & Kuzco - Girls & Boys

Megara & Dimitri - Between the Lines

Dangerous Odette/Mozenrath


{{Ariel / Hercules}} ++Amazed++

24 --- Hercules & Jasmine [[Crossover]]

What I like about you-jim/ariel

Helga & Hades- Make Believe

Disney Crossover - Hades and Maleficent

Vanessa and Gaston

Ariel and Hercules: Forbidden Love