The old classic romantic tales since the 90's Beauty & the Beast
Here is some reasons why I love Disney couples

1. The plotline and the story behind each disney couple film is so dramatic or romantic

2. Definelty the chemistry between them e.g Belle and the Beast didn't get along but they end up falling for each other, Ariel fell for Eirc after she saved his life from drowning, Cinderella was in love with a prince, In the live action ones Giselle fell for Robert a lawyer who helps her find her prince ,but it turns out his her real true love etc

3. The music can be very romantic and classy e.g Beauty & the Beast

4. The men can be either commoners likr Aladdin, a sailor ,like Eirc ,a lawyer,like Robert etc. The females who fall for these kind of guys meaning they don't care if there not perfect or not from a royality background.

5. The happy endings of course ,every Disney fairytale should be happy .

These are my 5 reasons why I love disney couples so I hope that you enjoyed that.

See ya

Today's Disney love (Enchanted) 2007