Here is a very short article about my three favorite Disney ladies, I will try to make it as long as I can.
I will try to explain my reasons for placing these three ladies as my favorites.

At a very strong third place we have the Brittish young lady Jane Porter.
She has taken the third place by being a very funny character and for the fact that she is a total misfit in the jungle and even so she decides to stay there.
I like her romance with Tarzan because it feels really natrual to me, it takes a little time and she is very confused over what to do about it.
Her personality and her looks are also very impressive, she is a very talented artist which is something that I want to be and she is one of the cutest adults in Disney history.
Most people complain about how she looks in the tv-show but I think that considering how much differences there is between a movie and a tv-show it is not as bad as it could have been.

At second place is the Princess of Agrabah Jasmine
Jasmine is a very good character because you get to know her very well in the movie, she says what she thinks about things very clearly.
Another thing why she is at 2nd place is because she is the most seen princess/leading lady, she is in the movies,specials,a tv-series and much more.
Her relationship with Aladdin is interesting because they almost "break-up" a few times before they finally get married.
She is beautiful and have the mind and temper to match it, which is useful when she is on adventures with Aladdin.

At first place is the french beauty herself, Belle
Belle is my favorite as most of my friends on here knows, she is one of the most real characters in my opinion and I love how she interacts with Beast.
She loves books and I love any form of fiction so I can relate to her on that point and she is relatable to some people because of the fact that she is seen as an outsider in her home town.
I love her looks exept for the fact that she is drawn differently at certain points in the movie, but since they made the movie in half the time compared to other movies I can live with it.
Her personality is not perfect but I still find it very real and belivable.

There I hope you have enjoyed reading this ^^