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Disney Princes
Prince Eugene Fitzherbert
Prince Naveen
Prince Shang
Prince John Smith
Prince Aladdin
Prince Adam (The Beast)
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The fans pick: Prince Naveen
Prince Naveen
Prince Eric
The fans pick: Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert
Flynn Rider/ Eugene Fitzherbert
The fans pick: Shang
The fans pick: Naveen
John Smith
The fans pick: Charming
John Smith
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CAssieeeeeee_ said …
FROZEN IS AWESOME!!!!!! Posted 4 months ago
THEDisneyFreak commented…
I loved frozen, hi, I'm new too. 4 months ago
princecatcher93 said …
Hey everyone we have a new banner! *YAY* But I don't know how to change it *WAA* So when I do, we will have a new banner! Posted 10 months ago
Pocahontas1Fan commented…
^ are you the creation of this club? If you are you change the banner by clicking edit club on the club page. Of course you have to be the creator of the club to do it. 9 months ago
princecatcher93 commented…
No I'm not, but if you send the people in charge of Fanpop they'll change it for you I don't think it worked those. 9 months ago
alexon31 commented…
Yay! New banner! Yeah I think whoever runs Fanpop can change it, or you could always ask tiffany88 how did she changed the Princess Club banner, but I think that was how she did it... 9 months ago
alexon31 said …
Hey everybody! Is it just me or does this club needs some more attention? How about a new banner? Would anyone be interested in a new Banner contest? Posted 10 months ago
princecatcher93 commented…
You should do it. Man what is it will just about all the Disney clubs besides the Princesses one dying. 10 months ago
alexon31 commented…
I know, they are all so unpopular... 10 months ago
alexon31 commented…
Yeah, the princes are awesome as well! They deserve more attention. 9 months ago