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BKG201 said …
I know this isn't DP related but has anyone seen Captain America: Civil War? I saw it on Tuesday and it was awesome!! I loved Spider-man, Black Panther and Wanda whose powers were so cool. I also found myself agreeing with Iron Man a lot. Posted 4 hours ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Still don't see it so far, ironically in my country the movie was coming earlier than Hollywood, in the 27th April. 1 hour ago
deedragongirl commented…
I haven seen it yet, planning to watch it soon! 1 hour ago
KataraLover said …
I HATE finals week! There's so much to do and it just stresses me out SO MUCH! I'm also not even really looking forward to summer vacation. It just means I'll be working as a housekeeper for the entire summer, having to get up at 6:00 AM for five days a week, having to clean up horrible messes, continuing to be tired like I am in school, and not getting to leave until 3:30 PM. I also haven't finished signing up for my classes yet! I hate life so much right now! Posted 8 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
Whoever said college was a party, was a dirty liar! My therapist also had to cancel my appointment on monday and I can't get back in for another month. I probably shouldn't complain, but I'm really just so depressed and stressed out! 8 hours ago
BKG201 commented…
I know right??!! I'm at my second year of college and nothing is like a party. There is a lot of classes, assignments, tests and exams. The stereotypical image of college in movies and tv shows is false, at least in my country. 4 hours ago
deedragongirl commented…
You're not the only one!!! It's depressive!!! 45 minutes ago
big smile
deedragongirl said …
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! My country girl, yeap the Malaysian Elsa told my friend to tell me on my behalf and wishes me well! Just so you know that my friend works as a journalist and he knows her!!!!!!! She read my article!!! Posted 16 hours ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
You mean Marsha Milan Londoh? Cool! :D 13 hours ago
deedragongirl commented…
^^ Yeap!!! 2 hours ago