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deedragongirl said …
Hi guys, while Disney Wiki for Let it Go, there is an Argentinian Spanish version of Let it Go. Is it official or what? Posted 9 hours ago
Gabriella_Page said …
What princess do i look like? Posted 16 hours ago
Silverrose1991 said …
I'd like to apologize for cluttering the polls section with endless question polls for the movie countdown. I realized too late that it would've been better if I had just made one poll, like I did the last time. Fanpop's lack of option for deleting a poll is annoying. Posted 1 day ago
audreygrace412 commented…
It really is super annoying that they don't let people delete polls! Thank you so much for organizing the favorite DP film countdown by the way! I very much look forward to it. :) 1 day ago
KataraLover commented…
It's not exactly a problem now that Fanpop is having the polls show like I believe 100 polls or something on one page. So it's not really cluttering the polls section. It's barely even a dent in the poll section lol. 1 day ago
Night_Hunter commented…
Don't worry, it isn't causing any problems :). (They were good polls). 45 minutes ago