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PrueFever said …
I'm very torn and I could use your opinions guys :) What if you lived in a part of a country and in the other part of the country, there was this amazing job that you really wanted, like it's your dream job, your passion. Would you be able to move from your current place with friends and family, to this new place where you don't know a single soul and start this dream job? Would you be able to follow your dreams or stay put and live your life a you always have? :) Posted 4 hours ago
connor3 commented…
Wow, it's totally the situation from my past, and it somehow remind me of Little Mermaid story. Personally I followed my dreams. I live now in the different country than my family. I can't see them every day anymore, so I miss them so much, but I don't regret my decision. The thing is, if I would stay, I would always feel sad because of my lost dream. And it's not like I could stay with my family forever as well. So I moved, and now I see them only few times in the year, but - because of this our bond is stronger. I talk to them everyday, the time we finally see each other is the best time in my life. I work in my dream job, I don't wonder what could it be. Also, I met new people here, so my family and group of friends is even bigger. (PS: Sorry for my bad english) 4 hours ago
dee389 said …
It's kinda sad that Whitney Houston's daughter died. Posted 14 hours ago
ntmfan0707 commented…
It's very sad. :( R.I.P Bobbi </3 7 hours ago
Mongoose09 commented…
I know - and so young! 6 hours ago
rapunzelsgold_ said …
I get to see Idina Menzel next month in concert, and I just found out she's letting people take photos/videos! God bless that amazing woman. Posted 18 hours ago
MalloMar commented…
You're very lucky! 8 hours ago
ntmfan0707 commented…
Wow! Have fun! :) 7 hours ago
Mongoose09 commented…
Have fun :D 6 hours ago