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The fans pick: Merida
The fans pick: Cinderella's silvery white ballgown
The fans pick: 2.Cinderella's Sparkly White Ball Gown
The fans pick: Low ponytail
The fans pick: the sequel white and gold one
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deedragongirl said …
Hi guys, Sia Koskina, the girl who voiced Elsa in the Greek dubbing of Elsa thanked me for the article I wrote about her performance of Let it Go in her native language, I feel so happy about it! Posted 2 hours ago
ace2000 commented…
Cool!! 2 hours ago
disnerdtobe commented…
That's awesome! :) 20 minutes ago
audreybrooke said …
Wow. I haven't been on for months, and I check back on a whim only to find that there has apparently been a smear campaign against me? What on earth has been going on??? Posted 6 hours ago
audreybrooke commented…
On another note, hello, everyone! Not sure if I'm glad to be back (what with all of this nonsense), but I hope you're all doing well. 6 hours ago
Angelica_AW commented…
It wasn't just you... Some trolls came by and... caused a lot of trouble. 6 hours ago
audreybrooke commented…
Thank you all for your responses! I'm still a little confused about everything that happened, but I'm glad that I missed the worst of it! 2 hours ago
sweetie-94 said …
Today I watched Finding Dory and wow, it was an amazing movie, maybe a bit too slow paced at times, but overall a hilarious movie, Hank especially made me laugh. Oh and I love how there where so many flashbacks of Dory as a child (and yes, baby Dory was really adorable, her voice was just perfect :D). Oh and even though I knew Nemo didn't have the same voice as in the original his voice sounded so close to the original that I couldn't tell the difference between them Posted 10 hours ago
sweetie-94 commented…
However at the end credits they tell who voiced Peach and those fishes in the aquarium that where in plastic bags at the end of the first movie, but I didn't see them here, why where they credited? Oh and I can't decide if this or Finding Nemo was better, but I think I might prefer Finding Nemo simply because it has so much nostalgia and it's one of my favorite Pixar movies, but Finding Dory isn't far behind, oh and the short movie before it was so adorable :D 10 hours ago