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cruella said …
I have kind of a weird question. I just realized that in all my years here I've never made an article of my rankings of the Disney Princesses. So, I decided that I should do one. But, I just need to know, are we still counting Anna and Elsa as DP's on the club, even though they're unofficial? I had heard at one point that some are and some aren't, I just need to know if I should include them or not. Thanks. Posted 3 hours ago
Night_Hunter commented…
idk (Sorry), but I think that, it would be up to you if you want to put Anna and Elsa in. (I like seeing where they are rated, by others.) 3 hours ago
cruella commented…
That's okay. Thanks for letting me know. 2 hours ago
wavesurf commented…
I second what Night_Hunter said. I leave that totally up to you. Have at it, my dear!! :) 2 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
Personally, I don't count them, but I guess that's up to you. I just think we've waited long enough for them to join and they still aren't. Just because there are two of them doesn't mean it should take this long. Just have the two of them give each other their official Disney Princess crowns and have Kristoff carry the pillow the crowns lay on. It's been two freaking years, none of the other princesses took nearly this long to join, the joined within the year. Plus I hear that there is no plans to have them join. But again, it's completely up to you. 2 hours ago
deedragongirl said …
Hi guys, shall I write about the fan pop users' personality and what I think about you guys here? Posted 9 hours ago
disneymagic93 commented…
Yes 8 hours ago
deedragongirl commented… That's the link 7 hours ago
KataraLover said …
I'm thinking I'll make an article explaining why I hate Merida. I'm hoping people won't be too butthurt about it. I know some people don't like negative articles but I feel the need to explain certain things about why I hate her in depth. Especially since I'm speaking as a former HUGE Merida fan. Posted 1 day ago
wavesurf commented…
^Okay. I'm game. I used to hate her before, but now I do like her somewhat. Since I've already said my piece in a recent written article, I'm interested in reading what you have to say. 1 day ago
touchingthesky commented…
I love Mertida!<3 One of my favorites, but I used to despise her, so I'd be interested in what you have to say 1 day ago
Night_Hunter commented…
I would like to hear what you have to say about Merida. I'm still on the fence about her. :) 7 hours ago