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FloraorStella said …
Omg!! I'm so happy; an article I'd written a while back is featured on the front page of Fanpop! I've never had this happen to me; I'M SO HAPPY!!! EEEEEEEEEE Posted 2 days ago
MalloMar commented…
Congratulations! 😆 2 days ago
Evera commented…
Woohoo, congratulations! 1 day ago
FloraorStella commented…
Thank you so much, you guys!!! 1 day ago
RPuniverse1 said …
Who's the owner of this club? i have a question! Posted 2 days ago
MaidofOrleans commented…
It's one of the clubs that was created at the same time that Fanpop was created, so there isn't really an owner per se. One of us can probably answer your question though. :) 2 days ago
RPuniverse1 commented…
alright, cool. i was just wondering how to get alot of people to join my club? 1 day ago
MaidofOrleans commented…
I'm pretty swamped with finals at the moment tbh. I bet you can do it yourself! 1 day ago
KataraLover said …
Thankfully, with big hits like Zootopia and Moana, I think the Frozen hype has FINALLY died down after three years! It makes me wonder how I'd feel about the movie now with the hype died down. I'm gonna have to get around to watching it sometime. But I still think it's safe to assume that Anna and Elsa aren't joining the line-up since it's been three years and a new potential member of the Disney Princess line-up (Moana) has had her movie come out. Posted 2 days ago
KataraLover commented…
If they haven't had their coronation by now, they aren't going to be having AT ALL and WON'T be joining. 2 days ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Yes, the Frozen hype are going down after three years now, but I guees the merchandises still full of Frozen things. Anna and Elsa won't join lineup, they already popular with their own franchise. 2 days ago
anukriti2409 commented…
^^ROFL 2 days ago