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Diazdiaz95 said …
Does anyone here have any Disney related collections? Actually, does anyone here have any sort of collection? I'm just curious. Posted 45 minutes ago
truth76 commented…
Not really. 40 minutes ago
KataraLover said …
I just finished watching one of the sweetest Looney Tunes shorts EVER! It has made Sylvester one of my favorite Looney Tunes! It's called A Mouse Divided and it's about how his wife wants a baby and the stork comes and brings them a baby but it's a mouse. They were both shocked but the mouse called the wife "Momma" and it melts her heart and when Sylvester tries to eat the mouse she stops him. Then she leaves and he tries to make the mouse into a sandwich. *continues to type in comments* Posted 3 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
But just as he was about to take the first bite, the baby mouse pops out of the bread and says "Daddy", which ends up melting Sylvester's and he accepts the baby mouse as his son. He then takes is son out for a stroll but a bunch of cats chase after them so they can eat the mouse. Sylvester makes it back to the house and protects his son. Unfortunately, the stork comes to take the baby back by bating him with cheese through the chimney but Sylvester stops him thinking it's a trap and ends up taking the bate himself. The stork is drunk, just thinks that the mouse grew, and took Sylvester to the baby mouse's real parents. That is just the SWEETEST thing! 2 hours ago
rapunzelsgold_ commented…
Aw, the shorts are always the best. 2 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
Disney doesn't make Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers does. But we're allowed to talk about non-Disney relate things on the wall because this is a community. 1 hour ago
big smile
3xZ said …
Have you heard that Emma Watson cast as Belle in the upcoming Disney live-action Beauty and the Beast? It's a fabulous casting since Emma would portray Belle perfectly in my opinion 💟 Posted 3 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
I didn't know Disney was doing a live-action Beauty and The Beast. Emma certainly is a wonderful choice. She doesn't look like Belle but she is gorgeous and is a phenomenal actress. I know she'll do an astounding job! 2 hours ago
audreybrooke commented…
What I don't understand is why Disney feels the need to make a musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast in the first place. They're even keeping all the songs in! 1 hour ago
rapunzelsgold_ commented…
I don't understand why they have to make something that's already a broadway musical a live-action movie when they can just do it on stage again.. 45 minutes ago