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Arabian Night
happy birthday
Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine of Agrabah
Cinderella Tribute Collage
Disney Princess Fan Art - DP Eyes
Disney Princess Fan Art - Home sweet Home
New Tiana Design
New Aurora
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Winxclubgirl202 said …
I saw The Road To El Dorado last night, loved it. Posted 2 hours ago
Haaa! My sister loves that movie, we have it on DVD plus Sinbad. 2 hours ago
Winxclubgirl202 commented…
Love Sinbad as well, I rented both movies from the library. 2 hours ago
cruella said …
I can't stand my sister! She's the most egocentric, cry-baby, control freak in the universe! Everything hurts her feelings and she'll sit around crying, trying to look sad, so that my mom will feel sorry for her. Than she'll decide she wants to help weird people like, drug addicts, and she getting offended when my mom and dad say they can't come over. After that she talks about this "poor" person non stop for months until we're sick of it. I can't take it anymore! Posted 2 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
You have an egocentric sister too? I feel your pain. Although my sister is the opposite. If someone she knows gets messed up she just hates them, talks bad about them, and gets upset is someone talks about them (like my brother). But I've complained about my sister before, now we're talking about your sister. She sounds really annoying and a poor judge of character. I mean, it's not bad to try to help people who have lost their way, it's actually admirable, but from the sound of it, your sister sounds like an ignorant push over and a cry-baby. Hopefully she won't be bugging you much longer. The only bad thing about my vacation next week is that my sister is coming with us. I hope things get better. 2 hours ago
cruella commented…
Yeah my sister is very egocentric, but she does it a way that's supposed to make her look heroic for helping a poor needy person. 1 hour ago
cruella commented…
I have talked to her about it, but when I do she either gets offended and starts crying or tells me she can't change. And ew... Your sister puts her wet bathing suit on your bed? That is gross. 10 minutes ago
manu962 said …
Why can't Disney give the Princesses real dark brown eyes? Tiana's eyes don't look brown to me, and Belle's eyes are hazel but they look more olive than hazel. I tried making her and Belle's eyes brown and to me they look much better that way. Only Jasmine and SW have brown eyes and even her eyes look too light sometimes. Don't get me started on Mulan and Pocahontas that have black eyes. Disney should learn what brown eyes are. Posted 6 hours ago
manu962 commented…
BTW Am I the only one who is extremely mad that they gave Mulan blue eyes? They totally white-washed her! 6 hours ago
connor3 commented…
I guess the only reason is because they thought it looks better that way. I mean, maybe brown eyes would look nice on Belle, but on the other hand, it would be so... hmm... unoriginal? And where they gave Mulan blue eyes? I saaw black eyes everywhere. 6 hours ago
manu962 commented…
I mean in the redesign. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. 5 hours ago
connor3 commented…
oh, you right, in her first redesign her eyes are blue :/ weird... it's good that she has black eyes in never version with green dress. 3 hours ago