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The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera
The fans pick: The one in Eric's castle
The one in Eric's castle
The fans pick: Still a classic story that just retelling into live action (ex: Cinderella 2015)
Still a classic story that just retelling into live action (ex: Cinderella 2015)
A story about different meanings of love (ex: Maleficent, Frozen, etc.)
The fans pick: No
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connor3 said …
So, I know everyone are probably tired about 'will Anna and Elsa join' discussion, but since they are both included now in almost every article, poll etc., I am curious, if they won't be added anytime soon, when do you guys think there will be finally time to accept that they won't join at all? I would say when Moana will be confirmed to be added? Posted 14 hours ago
Diazdiaz95 commented…
I've been thinking that if they don't add them before Moana it is because they are waiting for the sequel, they might add them afterward. That being said it is almost as if Disney has unofficially added them because they already appear with the other princesses, even at Disneyworld and the Disney stores. 12 hours ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
You know, Frozen franchise is so popular on the world even if Disney decides to not added them as Disney Princess later. Now I see they're compeletely more famous rather than other current Disney Princesses. 11 hours ago
Diazdiaz95 commented…
@connor3- I see your point but Anna and Elsa are popular and royals so I think they are o.k. to be used here but not say, Esmeralda. I love her but she isn't as popular and she isn't a princess, but then again she was once in the lineup. I've seen pictures in stores and at Disney where the princesses and Anna and Elsa are all together and at Disney I've seen them referred to as princesses but that's, of course, all unofficial but to most people they are princesses more than the other heroines and the Frozen franchise cannot survive forever, I think eventually they will have no choice but to include them but I definitely see your point. 15 minutes ago
ArielandEric16 said …
Hey guys. I haven't been on here for a while. How is everyone? Posted 16 hours ago
wavesurf commented…
I'm good. How are you? 5 hours ago
anukriti2409 commented…
We are having quite a time with heated debate going on one of the articles. Else, I'm good! Hows you? 4 hours ago
Annabethandco said …
Sorry to make this post. Does anybody else feel we need clearer guidelines on what can be posted? Or that warnings should be included? This is a Disney site. Children visit here everybody. I'm not sure it is appropriate to post things with swear words - and even worse, sexual content such as harems and rape. To clarify - I'm not saying you should necessarily not post this stuff. However, you should definitely include content warnings. Please keep this space safe for children. Posted 1 day ago
Annabethandco commented…
Examples: 1 day ago
anukriti2409 commented…
@324anna: Its very hard to understand for someone preaching about something vehemently that they are wrong in moral sense. usually, people are deeply conditioned and have huge cultural impacts to understand certain things like objectifying women is not acceptable and is harmful for global society to progress. Such changes happen when you are induced to other side of opinions often enough and see the productivity of change. Like in my country, India, a lot of people are uneducated in basics like hygiene, public cleanliness et. Its difficult for these people to suddenly evolve to higher moral values since they have been subjected to certain kind of life for generations and it makes them feel that it is the only right way. I strongly agree with MaidofOrleans that censoring it becomes conuterproductive coz they will never be exposed to criticism of their thoughts and opinions in first place if they won't express. 3 hours ago
Diazdiaz95 commented…
^ I mean, you do have a point. I agree that we should respect other's opinions and that children should be taught to take the good and leave the bad. To clarify, I said I disagreed with some things the author said but I still respect that she has a different opinion than me. 10 minutes ago