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Aurora as Cinderella
I was bored lol! :P
Yes I want to build a snowman
Happy birthday bellerose829!
Rapunzel collage
Anna collage
Elsa collage
Princess Merida
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duhcatalina said …
'ello.. o.o
I'm Catalina and I'm fifteen. I don't do much except surf the internet, hence why I found this website. I have very shallow interests lol: feminism, glee, disney princesses, and disney in general. This seemed liked the most active club :3 Posted 9 hours ago
duhcatalina commented…
and I like Taylor in case you couldn't tell by the profile pic 9 hours ago
frostedgirl1 commented…
I don't think those are very shallow interests 7 hours ago
Sk8er__grl commented…
Wow, were getting lots of new members on here! 6 hours ago
fanlovver said …
Listening to the HOND soundtrack, and it is pure gold! Posted 11 hours ago
purplerose17 commented…
Everything about HOND is pure gold! 8 hours ago
MalloMar commented…
You said it!! Out There, Heaven's Light/Hellfire, God Help the Outcats.... 8 hours ago
misscindyspice commented…
HoND in general is pure gold ^-^ 8 hours ago
Alchemistlover commented…
The soundtrack to that is amazing one of my favorite Stephen Swartz works 7 hours ago
KataraLover said …
I showed my niece my DVD case of the movie Meet Me In St. Louis because I wanted to see if she'd recognize Judy as Dorothy. When I told her she said she thought she looked familiar. The DVD case is like a little book with pictures and some information about the actors and so forth. I showed her the pictures of Judy and she thought she was gorgeous. I told her that my mom doesn't think Judy was that pretty and she said "Then Grandma is CRAZY!". *continues to type* Posted 11 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
That TOTALLY makes up for her liking those AWFUL new Disney Channel shows, which I don't blame her too much for because she's only 6. She even wanted to hear her sing so I played her singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas on youtube. I just LOVE my little niece, even if she drives me crazy sometimes. 11 hours ago
Sk8er__grl commented…
I LOVE MEET ME IN ST.LOUIS! I adore everything about it! I adore Judy Garland and of course the movie is a big thing where I live because I'm from St.Louis! but I'm not biased, wherever your from I still think it's a fantastic movie. 6 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
It's in my top 15 favorite movies 6 hours ago