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Sparklefairy375 said …
I'm just turning 20 today 🎂🎊 Time flies xD Posted 55 minutes ago
BB2010 said …
I know it’s two months away but I’m considering doing another Mother’s Day countdown like I did last year but this time like the other holiday countdowns I’ve done in the past year with different categories each round. I was wondering since easter is coming up would anyone want an Easter themed countdown involving the princesses? Posted 1 day ago
disneyfan500 commented…
Sure! 1 day ago
BB2010 commented…
^what kind of questions do you think would be good if I did an Easter themed countdown? 1 day ago
disneyfan500 commented…
Hmm, I'm not sure. Maybe which princess would enjoy Easter the most countdown? Where everyone picks their least favorite. 11 hours ago
Winxclubgirl202 said …
Did you guys see the trailer for Toy Story 4? I'm mixed about it but I may or may not see it when it comes out in June Posted 2 days ago
disneyfan500 commented…
I haven't watched it yet, I'll look it up. 2 days ago