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Queen Elsa's Pokemon
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Captain America: The Winter Soilder
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The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea
The Rescuers: Down Under
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arieridan said …
If I ever got to voice a princess/queen, man I'd never forget the experience. I it just me or does it seem like Idian didn't seem to have much fun voicing a Disney queen? She just seemed so done with the movie, and it never seems like she puts much effort singing "Let it Go" live. I know that the song is a little too popular and she's probably heard it way too much by now, but shouldn't she be happy? Posted 2 hours ago
Shiki_Otherside commented…
I think she might be a little embarrassed about her performance at the Oscars (which was good but she was disappointed with her performance). But I know what you mean. Voicing any type of Disney character would feel like such an honor to me, and I feel like some people just overlook it 2 hours ago
BelleRose829 commented…
Well I'm a little done with the hype myself. I used to adore frozen. Just now everybody claims it's the best thing ever. I see why idiana isn't in to it. It's like great, but uh, it ain't all dat and a bag of chips. I would be happy if that happened to me but after a while I would find it irritating. Like Disney channel. Plus voicing a disney character isn't all that great. 2 hours ago
Diazdiaz95 commented…
I'd love to voice a Disney character. I think she's just tired of singing it so much. 1 hour ago
misscindyspice said …
I'm so conflicted. I'm starting to really like Belle and Jasmine, and I want to pull them out of my bottom, but I have no other princesses that I can put at the bottom because I love them all. Stupid princesses, as soon as I thought my list was nice and orderly, I start liking my bottom princesses, I try to move them up, and the whole list crumbles down like a demolished building. ( I feel like I've used that metaphor before) Posted 2 hours ago
Shiki_Otherside commented…
Belle and Jasmine are my second and third highest rated renaissance DPs and are at 4 and 5 on my overall list. I love Belle's intelligence and how she love's the beast for his inner beauty, and I love Jasmine's sass and drive for freedom in a culture that won't allow her to have any 2 hours ago
BelleRose829 commented…
Belle <3 I like Jasmine too :3 it's really hard to organize list but once you got it all figured out it's like a relief. Belle is 2nd on my list and Jasmine is 7th I'm really into my top 6. I just need to work out the rest of it. :3 2 hours ago
coolsinger198 commented…
yesss but Jasmine 1rst!!!! please! you better. :) 1 hour ago
dclairmont commented…
I've been on this site trying to figure out my list for over a year and it still isn't all figured least it's settled down though :) 1 hour ago
CRaZy_rawR said …
Ooh guys, in one fan, the club will have 38,000 fans! :'D Posted 6 hours ago
dclairmont commented…
#tbt 37,000 fans 6 hours ago
JacobBlackFever commented…
The club now has 38,000 Fans:) 5 hours ago
shanyuisboss commented…
38,007 :) 20 minutes ago