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Disney Princess Question

If all the princesses had super powers, what would they be?

It can't have escaped people's notice that Disney has two 'super hero' princesses with special powers. But if the non-powerful princesses had powers, what would they be?
If all the princesses had super powers, what would they be?
 Annabethandco posted over a year ago
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Disney Princess Answers

Silverrose1991 said:
Snow White:

* Persuasion - not in the normal sense, but incredbly so, like batting an eyelash and someone would be doing what she wanted. Not much different from what it is in the movie.

* Can enchant animals with her singing.

* Can understand animals.

* Can turn into a rabbit.


* Has powers over gravity - that girl has a lot of balance and can walk in glass slippers.

* Has supersonic hearing - just because of the thing with the clock and speaking with mice.

* Can turn in a bluebird.

* Has fairy powers - like that of the three fairies.

* Can put people in a deep sleep using her eyes.

* Can turn in a nightingale.


* Can breath underwater.

* Can turn in a mermaid when she wants.


* Can turn into a beast.

* Can read a page in the blink of an eye.

* Can know if the person is beautiful in the inside if she touches their heart.

* Has Genie powers.

* Can speak with snakes.

* Can turn into an hybrid of tiger and woman.


* Can speak tree, rock and river.

* Can listen to the spirits of the earth.

* Can turn into an otter.


* Has magnet powers.

* Can turn into a small dragon.


* Can turn into a frog.

* Voodu magic.

* Can work in supersonic speed.


* Can make ice statues come alive.

* Can turn into a reeinder.
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posted over a year ago 
I love all of these, thanks for using so much detail
Annabethandco posted over a year ago
prussiaducky posted over a year ago
Oh, I forgot Merida. Well, she can turns into a bear and shot arrows from her fingers.
Silverrose1991 posted over a year ago
zikkiforever said:
Snow White:Enchant people with her voice. Like a siren.

Why:Sings during work. Has sweet voice like a nightingale or a siren.

Name:Siren White

Cinderella:Super speed

Why:Cindy is super fast. She cleans fast,has time to go to the ball,get back and talk to mice. Cindy is really good with time and uses speed a lot.


Aurora:Hypnotic gaze.

Why:When you hypnotise somebody they go into a deep trance like Aurora's deep sleep. So looking into somebody's eyes will give her complete power over them.

Name:Hypno Beauty

Ariel:Power over water. The tree states-ice(a bit like Elsa),heat and the ability to mould water into the shape she wants.

Why:In tv shows mermaid can do this. This is because of the strong bond they hold with water.


Belle:X ray vision.

Why:She could see the beast was good at heart. So she could look inside a person and see their true intentions and see through solid objects.

Name:Belle Ray

Jasmine:Wish granting

Why:Her association with genie would allow it to make sense. She could grant people's wishes, but only non material things. Jasmine doesn't need the material objects, so other people shouldn't.



Why:Pocahonats has a close bond with nature(like the tree) and in the song colours of the wind that is shown. So she could use nature to her advantage. Make roots extend,flowers vine wrap around subject etc.



Why:The dragon connection and she can be quite fiery at times.

Name:Wonder Flame


Why:Tiana is hard working and could sue with extra help. So she can stretch her body to her needs. Make her ears grow longer or legs extend.

Name:TiAnAaAaAaAaAa(you stretch the a and change the caps)

Merida:Shape shift

Why:Cause she turned her mum into a bear she could turn herself into anything she wanted to.


Anna:Time speed up.

Why:Anna grew up being bored and lonely. So she can speed time up to make the years go quicker.

Name:Ana(1 n you say it quicker)

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posted over a year ago 
haha! this was fun! now all you need to do is make them costumes
Lanalamprouge posted over a year ago
Chica_Chicken said:
Well there's evidence Anna has super strength
1. ACCIDENTALLY throws a stone bust ACROSS THE ROOM
2. Throws bags of hiking supplies at Kristoff like it was nothing
3. Send a wolf flying armed with only a lute
4. Drags Kristoff up the mountain by herself
5. Kicks Olaf's head off by kicking only ONE TIME
6. Knocks out Marshmallow, the giant snow monster, with a tree BY HERSELF
7. Cuts a rope strong enough to support two people in one swipe
8. Sends Hans flying with her fists
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posted over a year ago 
tbh_emmanuel said:
Snow White: control over plants and animals
Cinderella: super speed, flight, change things to glass
Aurora: magic, song persuasion, freeze time
Ariel: control over water, high pitch shriek
Belle: teleportation and super intelligence
Jasmine: hypnosis, wish granting, invulnerability
Mulan: super strength and fire
Tiana: camouflage, talk to animals, psychic powers
Pocahontas: control over 4 elements
Rapunzel: control over light and chlorokinesis
Merida: shape shift and telekinesis
Anna: control the weather and turn people to ice
Elsa: normal ice powers, including light lasers

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posted over a year ago 
disnerd4ever said:
-Can communicate w/ all sea creatures
-Can breathe/talk underwater
-Legs turn to tail in water
-Voice: Sonic boom

-Can use the heart to summon a flood

-Hair manipulation
-Can harness the power of the sun

-Ice magic (but stronger; she can make giant Hulk fists out of ice)

-Super strength

-Can bring anything in any book to life(tornado, stampede, etc.)

-Can control/enchant sand (can make a sandstorm; make living animals out of sand) and can turn into sand

Snow White:
-The power of flight
-Can also communicate/read the minds of forest animals

-Pyrokinesis; can manipulate fire
-Also has a dragon tattoo that she can bring to life

-Can grow huge rose and thorn plants that have sleeping poison in them

-Aerokinesis; can control wind
- Also becomes half hawk (has wings; hair has feathers; can communicate w/ them)

-Wisp power (teleportation; can predict enemy movements)

-Amphibian-like abilities (high jumping; can stick to walls; can breathe underwater)

-Can control the minds of mice
-Supersonic hearing
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posted 2 months ago 
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