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Disney Princess Question

What do you think the DPs' D&D alignments would be?

Here's what I would guess:

Snow White: lawful good
Cinderella: lawful good
Aurora: lawful good
Ariel: chaotic good
Belle: neutral good
Jasmine: chaotic good
Pocahontas: chaotic good or maybe neutral good
Mulan: neutral good?
Tiana: chaotic good?
Rapunzel: neutral good
Merida: chaotic neutral
Does D&D stand for Dungeons and Dragons?
PrincessAyeka12 posted 2 months ago
MaidofOrleans posted 2 months ago
 MaidofOrleans posted 3 months ago
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Disney Princess Answers

disnerdtobe said:
I was actually going to write an article about this (well, not exactly related, but somewhat related). I'm probably gonna publish it as soon as I get motivated to finish it haha.

I would agree that the classics overall are more lawful good, the renaissance overall chaotic good and the revival are more mixed.
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posted 3 months ago 
That's awesome! I can't wait to read your article! :D
MaidofOrleans posted 3 months ago
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