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Well.. I sorta got bored and decided to compile a list of my favourite DP songs in order and then averaged out the results to come up with a favourite soundtrack list. All images are mine. Hope this article turns out okay! I doubt many will agree with me ahah. Here goes..

(I'm ONLY counting songs btw, NOT the background score otherwise the list would be completely different)

#10. Sleeping Beauty

Coming in at last place is Sleeping Beauty. To be honest the only song I like from this movie is Once Upon A Dream, which I find is the perfect duet. The others are all well composed - maybe with the exception of Skumps lol - but they simply just don't keep me interested (like the movie as a whole really). Well that and having other songs would probably disturb Aurora's sleeping pattern.

Favourite - Once Upon A Dream
Least Favourite - Skumps

#9. The Princess and the Frog

Narrowly missing the last spot is Princess and the Frog. There's not one single song in this movie that I love, but there's also none that I hate either. My feeling is just neutral. Randy Newman is a good composer, but he's just not particularly my style.. alot of the songs in general just felt bland, uninteresting and forced, in my opinion. Just not my cup of tea.

Favourite - Gonna Take You There
Least Favourite - Down In New Orleans

#8. Tangled

My opinion is pretty tangled here (pleeease ignore this pun) but again, I'm just neutral with most of the songs in this movie. The oscar-nominated song 'I See The Light' is great but once it gets in my head it NEVER gets out (..this can be considered both a good or bad thing..) but unlike Princess and the Frog, the songs in this movie are fantastic and it seems Disney is going back to how it used to be. Slowly but surely. Maybe I just haven't heard them enough to have strong opinions on them..

Favourite - I've Got A Dream
Least Favourite - Healing Incantation

#7. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid.. I really do love the songs in this movie, I think the songs definitely make this movie what it is (though I think it would've been fine without the insane chef who has a fetish for fish heads) It's also weird that my 2 favourite songs from here are sung by a red Jamaican crab. I don't really have much more to say, but in general the songs here are good and I can definitely see why they're hugely popular.

Favourite - Kiss The Girl
Least Favourite - Daughters Of Triton

#6. Mulan

Even though Mulan relies primarily on action and has little songs in it, I like each and every one of the songs (some less than others). The soundtrack is as swift as a coursing river, sung with all the force of a great typhoon, mysterious as the da--.. um yeah I'll shut up now. But yeah without Mulan we wouldn't have the Shang song. D:

Favourite - I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Least Favourite - A Girl Worth Fighting For

#5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The songs in this movie are so sweet and innocent that I can't help but love them (well.. not all of them) especially when she's cleaning the house with the animals. Occasionally that song just strangely pops into my head (and gets stuck!) on random days. Even though the songs are kinda dated, there's just something about this soundtrack that is classic and will remain so.

Favourite - Whistle While You Work
Least Favourite - Some Day My Prince Will Come

#4. Pocahontas

First of all, the soundtrack to this movie is absolutely fantastic. There is a wide variety of songs - some amazing and inspirational (aka Colours of the Wind) while others not so amazing (yes I'm looking at you Grandmother Willow). Overall this film probably has the most unique of all of the DP soundtracks and definitely stands out among the others. The only reason it's not higher is that I just simply love the other 3 slightly more as a whole.

Favourite - Just Around The Riverbend
Least Favourite - Listen With Your Heart

#3. Beauty and the Beast

"LeFou I'm afraid I've been thinking-"
"-A dangerous passtime.."
"-I know!"
^ That's just how awesome the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is. A mixture of humour, intensity, romance, longing, adventure, etc.. I have no faults with this soundtrack. I have nothing particularly bad to say about any of the songs in this movie, they're all good in my opinion. Some are better than others (obviously) but they definitely make this movie what it is. Where can you possibly go wrong with a singing candlestick?

Favourite - Be Our Guest
Least Favourite - Human Again

#2. Aladdin

I absolutely love the soundtrack to Aladdin. The same with BatB, I adore all of the songs. Usually in movies (Disney or not) there are a couple of songs that just make me think "meh" but it's the complete opposite with Aladdin. Want to sing along with a blue Genie?? Just watch Aladdin!! I love the beginning of the film (One Jump Ahead Reprise) where Aladdin is singing about his inner feelings, it makes you warm to the character straight away. A great soundtrack.

Favourite - Prince Ali
Least Favourite - Prince Ali Reprise

#1. Cinderella

My number one favourite soundtrack is Cinderella. The songs are basically as simple as simple can be, but I truly love each and every one of them and I think they're the epitome of what a classic really is. It's pretty sad (but awesome) when you have a bunch of singing mice on your iPod. The singing is flawless and soothing (not talking about the mice here). I don't really have much else to say about this soundtrack, but it's my favourite. To be honest the top 3 here are sort of an equal tie.. more or less anyway.

Favourite - Sing Sweet Nightingale
Least Favourite - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Hope you enjoyed my article! :)
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Hey everyone! PPGBelle4 here! :) Fhghu and I decided to collaborate on a list for fun, so why not do one on our prettiest princesses? Here is our list combined and averaged. Anyway, I hope you like it, and please comment!
PPG: PPGBelle4
FHG: Fhghu
8. Jasmine

FHG Ranking: #9
PPG Ranking: #9
Average Score: 9

FHG: She looks like an alien in my opinion. She has a big nose and extremely large eyes. She just looks weird nearly the whole time. I could only find one good shot of her. ONE. There is only one heroine who is fuglier than her, and is overrated in beauty A LOT. *cough*Meg*cough*.

PPG: Okay,...
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Well, I just listened to all of the German versions of the Frozen Soundtrack, since dclairmont and euny posted them all here on Fanpop!

I will not include the two opening songs, and fixer upper.

I'll start off by first giving you access to the songs, and have you formulate your OWN opinion before I present mine. Since, well, I don't want my opinion to sway what you would originally think.









Well, I guess you should listen to them now?


Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?:

Cute. Absolutely adorable. The lyrics are translated in a way that it still has the same...
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Coming in last place in the countdown is Ariel. This spunky little princess sets a good example with her determination and willingness to never give up, even when the going gets tough. But she also was berated by the community for her reckless decisions and called selfish for leaving her family.

8.Snow White
Snow White is known for her upbeat attitude. Her kindness and positivity toward everyone is a good trait that others should imitate. But she is also disliked by the community for her total weakness and inability to stand up for herself, as well as...
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You voted, and here they are- the members of the 2011 Disney Princess Fan Lineup!

Princess Jen- Our Main Princess
Username: princesslullaby
Favorite Princess: Ariel ♥
Least Favorite Princess: Aurora
Hobbies: Spending time on fanpop, playing the piano, singing, hanging out with my friends, taking care of animals....I don't really have a consistent hobby, I do knew things everyday
Disney Character I'm Most Like: Oh god. I should really think about it further, but I'm lazy, so I won't. Definitely Megara, which I am not necessarily proud to say. I have actually had numerous, NUMEROUS people tell...
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Frozen (2013)
animated film
Disney Princesses are often criticized. And while I see some negative points in the franchise, mainly its tendency to reduce the characters to pretty woman in glittery clothes, I also think that those people who rage against the Princesses as if they are the devil incarnates (it’s frankly disturbing), overlook something: They are not just puppets. They are characters in movies, and those movies are way more feminist than some people give the credit for. At least they should get some credit for being movies with female protagonists – god knows there are not a lot of them out there. But let’s...
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