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I originally wrote this article a year ago, which was obviously before Tangled was released. This countdown was much longer; I included 26 moments in this one, and only 9 in the last. I wanted to make sure ALL of the "romantic" moments were included!

26. Mulan: Would You Like To Stay For Dinner?
Love at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a second look. ~Author Unknown

As great as a movie as Mulan is, the only thing missing from it is romance...which is sort of a no-brainer given that Mulan pretends to be a boy throughout the majority of her film. But even at the end when Shang shows up unannounced at her house, we STILL don't get any action out of them...which explains this moment coming in last place again.

"It's a sweet scene, but more polite than anything else." -Delilah_Scruggs

" I was very disappointed that this was the closest they get, I mean I guess it was a lot for him to handle discovering his best soldier was a girl and all but come on!" -alexon31

"Lol, I'm giving credit to Shang in that last scene, after all for half a movie he probably was at war with himself, due to his obviously homosexual attraction to his soldier. I bet a part of him was reborn when he understood Mulan's not a guy lol." -BelleAnastasia

25. The Princess and the Frog: You Minced!
Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. ~Robert Heinlein

Most people don't understand the attraction that Tiana and Naveen share. For the most part Tiana is rambling on about how spolied and pampered Naveen is, and he acts like a playboy. But eventually their aggrevation turns to love. This scene is significent in a small way, given that Naveen has never done anything on his own in his entire life up to that point. He managed to create a romantic environment, and make dinner. To most people it was just sweet and thoughtful; not really that romantic.

"Aww I think Tiana and Naveen are sweet in this scene..." -alexon31

"I happen to like "You minced". I found it funny, and romantic" -SnowSpirit

"I thought this scene was an epic fail in terms of creating romantic mood. With all fairness, it fails in its attempt to be funny, original and memorable. In fact I only remembered it ever existed when I saw it in this countdown. Overall, I don't find any of the scenes in PATF romantic, due to the bland dialogs, unoriginal humor and not that spectacular animation." -BelleAnastasia

24. Cinderella: Wedding Bells
We loved with a love that was more than love. ~Edgar Allan Poe

After years and years of being forced to be a servant in her own home, and taking on verbal abuse and humiliation from her horrible Step-family, Cinderella gets her happy ending; a very well deserved one! Her petite foot is the perfect fit for the glass slipper, proving that she is the mystery girl from the ball that the Prince fell in love with. They are married, and live happily ever after.

"I love this part!" -alexon31

"It's too fast to be considered romantic." -ppgbelle4

23. Tangled: "Kingdom Dance"
If music be the food of love, play on. ~William Shakespeare

This is one of my favorite scenes from Tangled. It's not extremly romantic, but it is romantic in a subtle way. In this scene I believe Flynn and Rapunzel start to realize that they are really into each other.

"It's not romantic.. it's just fun." -Mongoose09

"This is my favorite scene in Tangled, it's cute and makes me happy but it's not that romantic." -FullMoonFever

22. Pocahontas: "Colors of the Wind"
A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. ~Thomas Carlyle

Most people didn't understand this being in this particular countdown. Last year when I did this, I originally left it out, and someone asked if I would add it, so I did. After watching it a few times, I could see where it could be a little romantic; Pocahontas showing John Smith the world with new eyes, him opening up to her and letting her teach him things, them rolling around in the grass...and then at the end, they just stand there, passionately gazing into each others eyes.

"what's romantic about this? she's just explaining her passion for nature!" -Gleek4ever

"the song "Colors of the Wind" may not be romantic, but the scene itself is romantic...when they are rolling down the hill with each other and she lands on top of him, and at the end the way they stare at each other is romantic to me...I guess people interpret things differently" -DreamyGal

21. The Princess and the Frog: "Ma Belle Evangeline"
I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox. ~Woody Allen

This is probably the most romantic scene from the film, and it didn't last very long in the countdown. It's the first scene where Tiana really lets her guard down, and seems to relax and have fun for once in her life. With the help of Ray and Louis, a romantic mood is created, and Tiana and Naveen both realize that they kind of fancy each other. Sadly, no one made any comments about this one!

20. Beauty and the Beast: "Something There"
Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr

I was kind of shocked to see this leave so early. I always thought it was a very sweet scene. It's where Belle and the Beast both begin to realize that they like each other more than friends. Belle is a bit confused of her attraction for him, but that doesn't stop her.

"They run around and he feeds some birds.
Booring." -Darkshine

"i love this scene, but i son't think it's as romantic as the others." -CuteDiana

19. The Princess and the Frog: Wedding Transformation
Where there is great love there are always miracles. ~Willa Cather

At the end of the film, Tiana and Naveen decide to remain frogs, so they can be together. That MUST be love. I can't stand frogs, and don't think I could handle being one, so they must be madly in love! They are married in the bayou by Mama Odie, and when they kiss, voila! They are human again.

"It's so fast. I basically go, "WOAH HOLY SHIT SLOW DOWN" for the whole scene." -ppgbelle4

18. Sleeping Beauty: True Loves Kiss
A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. ~Rupert Brooke

After Phillip, with a *little* help from the Fairies defeat the Evil Maleficent, he rushes to the highest tower to find his Sleeping Beauty, the Princess Aurora who happens to be the same chick he frolicked in the woods with...small world, right? He kisses her and she wakes up. It's romantic, but not in a big way.

"They don't interact with each other. Also, to me, their joy is not as satisfying as Prince's and Snow White's." -ppgbelle4

"the true loves kiss in the other hand is SO romantic." -CuteDiana

"And I really can't see how person fighting an evil fairy, who's transformed in a dragon, is romantic. And they all knew Aurora will wake up when Phillip kisses her so... In contrast in Snow White's story everybody thought she's dead and nothing can bring her back to life, and in a way the prince bid his farewell to Snow White with that last kiss *sign*." -BelleAnastasia

17. Tangled: The Tear Heals
For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. ~Judy Garland

Most people didn't find this scene to be very romantic, but I do! Flynn cutting off Rapunzel's hair was a shocker; it meant he was going to die because she no longer could provide magic healing powers with her hair, but on the other hand it meant Mother Gothel had no use for her; he did it purely out of love for her...to me, THAT is romance...loving someone SO much that you would die for them. As she cries over his lifeless body, and tear rolls off of her cheek and onto his. She had magic left in her yet! He wakes up, and she tackles him, then makes out with him. *Sighs* Sooooo lucky :)

"Not that it isn't romantic, but it's kind of just one of those typical "Oh, my love is dead, no wait, my sadness healed him/her, my love is alive!" scenes. Know what I mean?" -ClassicTV

"I honestly think that scenes when one is first dead and then another sees he/she is not, and they both are so happy and in love... are one of most romantic scenes ever." -ppv

16. Aladdin: I Choose You
Love is where smiles abound, spirits soar and joy is found. ~Charles Dray

Jasmine and Aladdin are pretty much bummed because they can't get married, since he isn't a Prince. Then all of a sudden the Sultan decides to change the law, so that from every Princess from that day forward, could marry whoever she wanted...why he waited so long to make such an easy decision is beyond me, but hey...if he did, we wouldn't have such a great movie now, would we?

"Genie ruins it, honestly, haha XD" -ppgbelle4

""I choose you...*five minutes later*...Aladdin." (Pokemon, anyone?) "Call me 'Al'."
Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little. XD It was a romantic moment, but the least romantic out of these." -ClassicTV

15. The Little Mermaid: Human Again/Wedding
The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. ~Pearl Bailey

King Triton watches Ariel sitting on a rock, wistfully looking at the love of her life on the beach. He realizes that for her to be truly happy, he must let her go. He transforms her into a human, and she rises out of the water in a lovely sparkly gown. She runs to Eric and he lifts her and twirls her around, and then plants one on her. They are married, and live happily ever after.

"It's rather funny than romantic." -BelleAnastasia

"I think this scene is more triumphant than romantic. Ariel finally succeeds after working so hard, and Eric is so happy to be with her, but there is no romance involved." -ppgbelle4

"It's a beautiful scene, but not really romantic..." -Maria7Potter

14. Aladdin: Almost Kiss
It is difficult to know at what moment love begins; it is less difficult to know it has begun. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

After Princess Jasmine runs away from the Palace, she is saved by a poor boy in the Marketplace. They escape to his hideaway and discuss how they both feel trapped within their lives. As they slowly lean in to kiss, the Palace Guards storm in, ruining what would have been their first kiss.

"i just really don't like "almost" kisses." -Gleek4ever

" Compared to many other scenes I really don´t find it that romantic." -alexon31

13. The Little Mermaid: "Part of Your World (Reprise)"
A woman knows the face of the man she loves like a sailor knows the open sea. ~Honoré de Balzac

Ariel quickly falls in love with Eric after spotting him on the ship. She saves him from drowning, and lies on the beach next to him, worried sick that he is dead. But then she notices that he's breathing, and she begins to serenade him. He wakes up to her sweet voice, but then Grimsby and Max run onto the beach, ruining their chance of meeting.

"Guys...the reprise is not creepy. She just wants to make sure he's okay." -ClassicTV

"This moment is not as romantic as the rest of them. In POYW she sings about her dream to be in the human world, and why she wants to be there (dance, see fire, walk on the streets etc). In POYWR she completely forgets about her reasons to want to be part of the human world. Her new and only reason to wish to be part of that world is to be with the hot guy she just met. This is not romantic -___- This only shown how lustful and sexually aroused she is feeling at the current moment." -BelleAnastasia

"oh, i think POYW scene is very romantic, she was with the one she loves touching him for the first time then he wakes up and sees her singing to him with the sunshine behind her, i love it <3" -CuteDiana

12. Pocahontas: "If I Never Knew You"
But love is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit. ~William Shakespeare

This scene is extremely emotional. John Smith is captured and going to die because everyone believes he killed Kocuom. Pocahontas visits him one last time. She weeps, blaming herself, and she tells him it would have been better if they had never met. John tells her that he would rather die, than to live a hundred years without knowing her. Then he sings to her. It's a very touching moment in the movie. Sad, but romantic.

"To me it was the best romantic moment in Disney movies." -MelodyLaurel

"If I Never Knew You is losing? wow. i don't even like that song or the scene, but i think it should be at least in top 10." -Mongoose09

"Not so much romantic as it's just sad." -SarahCorine

11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: "I'm Wishing/One Song"
Do all things with love. ~Og Mandino

I was sad that this didn't place better. I absolutely ADORE this scene. It's terribly romantic to me. If you really listen to the words that the Prince sings to Snow White, it will make your heart melt. It's a lovely scene that is close to my heart.

"I guess this one, because he just climbed over the wall and idk I guess it's not as romantic as the others." -SarahCorine

"It definitely is romantic, I just think the others are more." -Mongoose09

10. The Little Mermaid: "Kiss the Girl"
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. ~Song of Solomon

I'm so jealous of Ariel in this scene. The environment around her is lovely and romantic, and to top it off she's in a boat with a smoking hot Prince. I don't really care for the song...it's kind of pressuring. I love it when Eric is trying to guess her name.

"Before Kiss the Girl yeah Eric seemed intrested in Ariel but not that much it was kind of one way thing.And Sebastion was just trying to get Eric to Kiss Ariel so she wouldn't turn back mermaid before the third day. Thier relationship was kinda rushed." -Pocahontas1Fan

"It's not romantic at all, ugh.
Sebastian is adorable though." -ppv

9. Beauty and the Beast: It is you.
If I know what love is, it is because of you. ~Herman Hesse

After Belle whispers "I love you", the last petal falls from the enchanted rose. All hope is lost, until the Beasts body rises up, and transforms into a handsome Prince. It takes Belle a moment to figure out what just happened, but as soon as she looks into his blue eyes, she knows that it is him. They share a long, passionate kiss, and fireworks light up the sky, and the castle and all its inhabitants are transformed back to their old selves.

"It's not that I don't think this isn't romantic...I think it is. But compared to the other moments left, its just of them kissing. It doesn't last very long either. But I do love it." -DreamyGal

"Belle and Beast's moment is one of the most romantic. It's romantic because the two are finally together despite their obstacles." -ppgbelle4

8. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: True Loves Kiss
I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled. ~Song of Solomon

This is truly one of my all time favorite Disney scenes. Not only is it a classic moment, but it is full of so many emotions; sadness, happiness, victory and romance. My heart breaks to see everyone so sad because they believe Snow White is dead. When her beloved Prince finally finds her after searching for her so long, it's too late; or so it seems. He gently kisses her rose red lips, and hangs his head down. He eyes flutter, and she wakes up. When their eyes meet I swear I feel like my heart is going to explode because it's so sweet and happy.

Sadly, no one commented on this.

7. Tangled: "I See the Light"
Where there is love there is life. ~Mahatma Gandhi

This is one of my favorite scenes from Tangled. I love the song, but the animation is what makes it really stand out to me. I went to the theatre to see Tangled, and I got to see it in 3D. It was amazing; especially this scene. Some people say they feel that it is a rip off of "Kiss the Girl", but I don't feel that way. There wasn't any pressure for them to kiss. Sure, we all wanted them to, but it's not like either of their lives depended on it.

"I actually laugh at this scene as opposed to feeling sucked in by the romance. I cannot take it seriously." -ppgbelle4

"It's sweet, but just not as romantic as the others." -Darkshine

"I love the latterns and the song it's my most favorite part of the whole movie! It was a very touching rommantic moment and beautiful as well. Plus I loved the idea of Rapunzel and Flynn singing the song and expressing what they were feeling not only what has happened but thier feeling for each other." -Pocahontas1Fan

6. Pocahontas: Secret Kiss
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ~Ingrid Bergman

Pocahontas and John Smith keep meeting in secret, because they know that no one will understand. Nakoma finds this out, and is worried about her best friend and her safety. She tells Kocuom and he sets out to find Pocahontas. Meanwhile, her and John Smith meet up and she asks him if he will go with her to talk to her Father...in order to make him understand that they don't have to fight. He agrees, and she leaps into his arms, and then they kiss. It's very romantic, until Kocuom busts out of the bushes in a rage of jealousy, ruining their special moment.

"Well, it could have meant more if only Kocoum and Thomas weren't spying on them o__o I personally like their farewell kiss anyways." -chericherry

"Even though this is my favourite couple, this scene didn't have as much of a romantic atmosphere as the others. I found many other parts of the movie to be much more romantic." -milky-way

5. Sleeping Beauty: "Once Upon a Dream"
Life is a flower of which love is the honey. ~Victor Hugo

This is my favorite scene from my least favorite Princess movie. It's romantic, in a fairy tale world. If this happened in the real world, someone would end up getting arrested. But, it's not in the real world, thank God. That's why we watch these movies in the first place; to escape reality. A world where you dance around barefoot, with owls and strangers, and where a single kiss can save your life.

"Once Upon a Dream". That scene makes my heart melt every time I watch it. Everything about it is perfect and so sweet. So romantic and old fashion. I love it." -MrsEmmaPeel

""I know you. I wish to grope you and rapeeee yooooouuuu..." -ppgbelle4

"It's not romantic, it's creepy! Just leave already!!!" -BelleAnastasia

4. Pocahontas: Tearful Goodbye
A pair of star-crossed lovers. ~William Shakespeare

I love the way this film ended. It's what makes it so unique and special. She doesn't have your typical "happily ever after"...she doesn't marry her true love; she lets him go. This scene where they part and go their seperate ways is very emotional. I'm surprised it made it so high on this countdown, because people tend to think it's more sad than romantic, but I beg to differ. It's so powerful and you can really feel the love and passion between John Smith and Pocahontas. Their last kiss is very touching and bittersweet.

"It's very romantic, but it's also very sad. I think the sadness outweighs the romance." -SarahCorine

"I think it's romantic. They love each other, but can't be together. How tragic, but still romantic." -MrsEmmaPeel

3. Aladdin: "A Whole New World"
If I know what love is, it is because of you. ~Herman Hesse

This scene is adored by Disney fans everywhere. The scenery, the music and the spark between "Prince Ali" and Jasmine provide a romantic moment. They soar around on the maic carpet, discovering new places, and also discovering their feelings for each other. I'm sort of on the fence with the song; sometimes I find it too generic, but other times I think it's sweet. Guess it depends on what sort of mood I am in, lol.

"This is tough. Both are really romantic! I guess I prefer A Whole New World, because it is happy romantic, while Tearful Goodbye is sad romantic." -BelleAnastasia

2. Cinderella: "So This Is Love"
Love is love's reward. ~John Dryden

I am so happy with the top two moments left in this countdown. This scene from Cinderella is terribly romantic. She meets Prince Charming, and it's love at first sight. They dance, talk and get to know each other in a very romantic setting. They walk around the Palace garden with only the moonlight to guide them. They hold hands, and just as they are about to kiss...the clock begins to chime, with Cinderella fleeing the castle. They did, however, spend enough time together to figure out that they are in love.

"I think that I like Cinderella's better because she really deserved to fall in love. A whole life of practically being a slave, she really deserved her love. And love at first sight is so romantic. I love how the whole scene is all dreamy and romantic." -ajotma

"As for Cinderella, it was a very pretty moment, with the blue coloring and the sparkling water, and their dance. However I find the scene a bit boring and not as significant as the Belle and Beast scene. Moreover, I don't like the song that much." -BelleAnastasia

1. Beauty and the Beast: "Beauty and the Beast"
Love conquers all things. ~Virgil

*Sighs* I love this scene. Not only is it extremely romantic, but it's so significent to the story. Here is where Belle completely lets her guard down with the Beast. She is relaxed in his prescence, and truly enjoys his company. They share a lovely meal together, and then Belle gets the urge to dance, so off to the ballroom they go. The Beast is nervous at first, because he doesn't know how to dance, but Belle reassures him with her beautiful smile, and she teaches him the steps; just like she taught him how to love. It really does make my heart melt to see these two together, and so very happy.

"It is the apogee of a slowly build up relationship. Belle and Beast finally show to the audience how much they have really bonded. And I love the coloring: first it is bright as gold, but then the light is diminished and they dance in the huge ballroom, while the stars shine bright in the sky! So beautiful! Finally I loved the song played during the scene, and I loved that a secondary character sings it, not Belle and Beast." -BelleAnastasia

"Cinderella's is love at first sight, and well, it doesn't really speak to me. Belle and Beast's, on the other hand, it is so much more significant. We watch them and go through the story with them as they progress from two people who can't stand one another, to mutual respect, to friends, to a crush, and finally to love. I find it so beautiful because both Belle and Beast had to grow and change as a better person, and you can see this as the end result." -ppgbelle4