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The following is written by someone that's going into the 8th grade so it's not going to be as well written as everybody else's articles I also have no pictures because I don't know how to upload them yet and because I'm on my iPod touch....ok enough talking let's get to the article

10. Aurora
My Least favorite princess is Aurora.I don't hate her or dislike her at all I'm just neutral about her. Many of you say that she doesn't have a personality but she does. Many of you just don't see it or may not like it. I found out that Aurora is a romantic person. Well....that's it. I mean you can't blame her that she's only showed 18 minutes in her movie

9. Snow white
Awwww a princess that's about my age. Too bad I can't really relate to her. She would be way higher on my list if I could relate to her. Well one thing that annoys me about her is her voice. Thats it though. She doesn't have a lot of cons. Something that I admire her about is that she is brave. It took a lot of guts for her to got into a dark forest knowing you're going to get stabbed by your mother. Snow white still had a positive attitude. Snow white is just......a great person

8. Pocahontas
I don't have a lot to say about her. She was never one of my favorites. All I can say is she loves nature. But what made her higher than snow white and Aurora is her passion between John smith. But that's really it. Well their is when she jumped off that cliff so yeah.....

7. Cinderella
Cinderella was my favorite when I was a little girl. Out of all of the classic princesses she is definitely the best. What I love about Cinderella is that she deserved her happily ever after. She worked all day long! Cinderella is very nice but one thing I don't like about her is that she doesn't speak her mind or stand up for herself. But overall she is an amazing character.

6. Belle
She was originally my number 7 but whole list changed. I seemed to like belle and my #5 a whole lot better than I used to. Belle is just amazing! I used to think she was boring but I was wrong. She is very beautiful. Belle also believes in inner beauty! Yes! Finally! I hate it when people judge someone without knowing them *cough* *cough* gaston...i also love her "I don't want" expressions when she rejected gaston. Theirs just something about Belle the makes her so awesome

5. Ariel
She was originally my #10. Yep you're probably wondering why she was so low in the past and why she's higher now. Well I figured that everyone has flaws. She has the most flaws out of all of the princesses. Well I used to dislike her a lot because I thought she was shallow because when she saw Eric I thought she liked him for his looks. But maybe that was love at first sight. Also in the past I thought she was selfish. But her reason is for love. Love is a powerful strong thing. So she was very passionate about what she was doing. Sure she got the whole kingdom in trouble but, it wasn't like she didn't care. She did and it all worked out. So now here are the reasons why I love Ariel now
- she's a mermaid
- she's unique
- she's adventurous
End of story......

4. Tiana
I'm one of the few that has Tiana very high on my list. Most
peoples reasons for disliking her is because she is too realistic. Well belles realistic. Everyone is always talking about how we can always relate to belle being an outcast and stuff. So how is tiana different from belle. People were annoyed because tiana works all day and never partied like others. I don't think tiana I as realistic as everyone says she is. She's a frog for most of the movie!!!how do you not feel like their some type of fairytale going on. Well we all do have opinions and some are different from others so.... Let's move on

3. Jasmine
Jasmine used to be my favorite for the last 2 months but figure that I liked the other 2 more. I love that jasmine stands up for what she believes in. Women's rights!!!if jasmine was real I bet she would have been in our history textbooks now. Jasmine is just epic and I just love her!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Rapunzel
This is the only Disney princess that uses random objects as weapons. Such as the frying pan and her hair. I love
rapunzel's cute bubbly personality. I just naturally loved rapunzel. Rapunzel just makes me want to feed homeless people (be back in sec.).......anyways back to rapunzel. I love how she wanted to save Eugene but she knew her life depended on it.

1. Mulan
Yay! Mulan!!!! Whoo!!!! I love Mulan sooo freakin' much. This girl saved china! I love how she cares for her family so much she would even go to war for them. Mulan had a rough time training but she got through it. Even clutzy girls can be great fighters. This proves that girls are as strong as boys are. And this girl can sing! Mulan is just the whole package!!

Congratulations!! You just read my very first article! You must feel very special....no? You don't? Oh well.....thank you so much for reading my article(:
posted by disney_prince
This is a very brief article where I am going to look at each princess and see how much they are like myself.

Snow White
Like Snow White I am usually a fairly up beat person. I always try to look on the brighter side of life, at least on the outside. Compared to some of my friends I come across as being the colourful character of the group.

At times I can be a bit of a push over and I have a little bit of intelligent wit that seeps out of me every now and again. Like Cinderella I want the fairy tale ending and I also have some inner strength.

I am far from perfection...
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I'll compare the countdown by cromulanfav with the countdown I did. I agree mine is more "Least Disliked", and this is more "Favorite Princess".

Coming in last place, not to much surprise, is Tiana. Frankly no one seems too fond of Tiana, and she's barely talked about on this site. While there are die-hard fans of all the other princesses, I can't think of one person who is constantly praising Tiana. It's not like Tiana has qualities we can't adore. She's smart, hardworking, and real. But I think that's part of the problem. Disney Princess appeal to a younger age group, anywhere...
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DisneyPrince's Favourite: link//link//Princes
After yet another day doing as little as possible, I got to thinking about the Disney Princes. I for one include characters such as Simba and even Hercules to be Disney Princes however in the context of this spot I am only ranking the spouses of the Disney Princesses. Anyway, enough jibber jabber, let’s get going.

The 6 original princes
The 6 original princes

9. The Charming Prince
Due to the fact Charming is a lazy, pretentious, spoiled prince who we never see develop from, he is my least favourite. The only thing I like about him is his iconic status of being...
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Who will the children pick?
Who will the children pick?
I was just thinking the other day about how children are the ones that Disney makes princesses for and who they like best. So I started a loved by childrens countdown. Here are the results.]
Just remember these results may not be exactly accurate because we are selves aren't children but we tried are best.....

Many children I know find her boring (MadisonSavanna)
Many children I know find her boring (MadisonSavanna)

9. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was obviously going to be last. She was based to be aimed at a more adult audience and children probably won't understand her. Also children don't care about history that much and her film is a history...
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posted by disneygirl
Chapter One

"Why must dis happen? Why why why?"
"Whatchya talkin bout Cwabby?"
Sebastian the crab turned to the two mice before him. "Every year I'm all set and ready to retire. And every year someting comes up dat makes me wait on and on to do dat!" he groaned. "It's always de same thing...babysitting de girls!"
"No worry, Cwabby. We'll help ya!" Jaq, one of the mice declared.
"Uh, yup!" the more chubby one, Gus, added.
"Sides, isn't dere some magic guy comin ta help, too?" Jaq asked.
Sebastian raised an eyebrow at the rodents. "It's called a Genie."
"Did someone call me?" a voice exclaimed. Then,...
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    Allie fell further and further, in what seemed like an endless black hole. She looked down, and saw a light at the end of it, and suddenly began to fall even faster. She closed her eyes and screamed, and then landed with a thump in something leafy.

    “Ow! Stupid fairy! What is this stuff anyway?” she whispered as she looked around at what she had landed in. It was a thorny bush. “Thorns? Really, was that necessary?” Allie said as she began to get up. Then, she noticed there was a window right above her, and so she ducked back down. Hiding...
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Everyone knows that as soon as the damsel marries her very own Prince Charming that she will live happily ever after. People forget that happily ever after gets boring every now and again. My name is Cinderella and yes I married a Prince and became the Princess Bride of his beautiful kingdom. However I was beginning to feel restless.

I am lucky to have such great friends, only last week I met with Tiana, who was visiting the kingdom in which she is princess of, Maldonia. Another fellow princess of France attended the occasion as well, we both shared a carriage and travelled to Naveen's marble...
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Another bun, yay!
Another bun, yay!

10.Tiana's bun from building site
Many people dislike this hairstyle, I have no idea why. Maybe because they, I don't know, wanted to see her hair LOOSE at once. But no, we got another - BUN, yay!

And the person who was really persistent to eliminate this one is: TigerRanma, so I gonna include some of her comments for this one.
"If you don't like my bun, one out of 20, I will kick you with this hammer"
"If you don't like my bun, one out of 20, I will kick you with this hammer"

"I don't like buns that much. She's dressed all casual in this scene. Would've been nice to see it loose here for a change instead of all the buns."

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yes all of the princesses are involved, I'm just a slow writer ;)

[FYI: I'm completely cutting out what happens in Pocahontas 2 for my convenience,(not that I don't like Pocahontas 2, but I don't want to bring in more than one man for Pocahontas. John Smith seems to be the favorite anyway.) So this segment takes place right after John Smith's ship leaves for England at the end of the first movie.]

Thomas was looking back at the new world, so much had happened and changed. All his life, he'd been taught that the "savages" were mindless, uncivilized beings, but he knew now that they were all wrong....
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posted by KataraLover
It's a nice sunny day Cinderella felt that there would be nothing in the world could ruin it. Christopher was happy too her finally has a friend and still hasn't told Cinderella he's the prince, he felt like he must tell her today. He doesn't think she will care about his power but care about him. They care for each other very much. Back to the story Cinderella was danceing in a flower field all day, she didn't pick any because she didn't want to make the field of flowers any less beautiful. It's now sunset Christopher is going to tell Cinderella he's the prince.

"Oh Christopher look at that...
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PLEASE READ!! This was a long, hard, highly debated countdown. (hahahaha...i said "long" and "hard") On each princess picture, I have a link to the score I think is the best of each princess movie.

I'm not putting a score for this one. They all suck.
I'm not putting a score for this one. They all suck.

9.The Princess and the Frog
This is what you get when you replace Alan Menken with Randy Newman. A stupid backround score that's generic and basically an instrumental version of the songs. Even when Ray dies, instead of being sad it was just sort of bland. The only minorly inspiring backround piece was where Tiana & Naveen transformed,...
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"I just dont think she would be able to control her kingdom and would always need help from the likes of Sebastian etc" -Mongoose09
"I just dont think she would be able to control her kingdom and would always need help from the likes of Sebastian etc" -Mongoose09
*These countdown results are based off of the views of the Disney Princess fans, and not my own.*

9) Ariel- Our princess of the month didn't get so far in this countdown. She's bubbly, sweet, and isn't happy with her father's restrictions (Although we learn that there is very good reason for them in The Little Mermaid 3). Some said that she was childish, immature, and wouldn't take the job seriously, and with her somewhat reckless decisions and selfishness, most agreed she would make the worst queen out of the princesses.

"She's too youthful to be a really good queen." -AllegroGiocoso
"She's too youthful to be a really good queen." -AllegroGiocoso...
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    Princess Pea stood in the wedding gazebo next to Prince Bartholomew, with all eyes on her. She knew that everyone was waiting on her to say "I do" and make the union official. Come on, Pea, she thought to herself...Two simple words and everything goes back to the way it was. You've been dreaming all your life of marrying a handsome prince and living happily ever after in a beautiful castle. Now all you have to do is say the word and it's yours. You can have what you envied from all the other girls you've met. You'll be blissful and merry like that flat-chested princess...
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So back in my junior year of high school I was obsessed with Tigi Bedhead Products.
Bedhead products.
Bedhead products.

These are bedhead products. Me and my friend used to be obsessed with hair and obsessed with Bedhead's stuff. We bought their products with ferver. I made a checklist of all the stuff I needed to get. I got close to having the whole collection. Sadly, but probably better for my mental health, I am no longer obsessed with their products like I once was, though I do use some of their stuff still. One day I was bored in one of my classes and decided to write a tribute to Bedhead Products....
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posted by DreamyGal
Can you stay forever?
Can you stay forever?
9. Mulan
Mulan is strong willed and full of spirit. Disguising herself as a male soldier to protect her Father, she sets out on a great journey of self discovery and of knowledge. Meeting many interesting characters along the way, she falls for her Captain, Li Shang. Later on they discover she is a woman, but she surprises them all by making a comeback and defeating the Hun army in the end. The ending to her story is kind of a let down. Although Shang does follow her home, there’s no sense of passion between them. No romantic kiss or riding off into the sunset for these two. Voters didn’t...
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posted by Athiya
As you can see from my icon-avatar-thingy, I just adore Belle from the bottom of my heart. Why? Oh, only a hundred reasons! But, to make it short, I'll list just a few. :D

I. She Loves Books
Obvious enough. The first couple of scenes of the movie, we could see her talking enthusiastically to the baker about a story she just read. Then, she proceeded to go to the bookstore and borrowed (or as it turned out, given) a book that she read all the way to her home.

Now, this gave positive remark to all young girls out there that they should read and be imaginative like Belle. After all, I, who fell...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    With repetitive thuds, Gaston, Lady Tremaine, LeFou, and Lady Tremaine’s daughters and cats fell onto the book. But they were not on the book anymore. They seemed to be trapped in the book pages.
    “Mother, why do you have to take us down here?” Anastasia moaned at Lady Tremaine.
    “Because,” Lady Tremaine declared with an instant grin. “Down here is where the Queen of Hearts lies, and we can take over Wonderland with an invasion of her kingdom, and even if she has the slightest possibility of resistance, Gaston has...
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We all know that each Disney princess is beautiful in her own way. And to ensure the beauty of the female leads, animators often drab down while designing the female co-stars to help the leading lady shine. Let's see who fanpop's Disney Princess fans voted from least pretty to prettiest supporting character in a princess film. For those wondering, the qualifications for being a supporting character were you had to have a line in the film and contribute to the plot somehow which is why only the two of Ariel's sisters that tell Triton that Ariel's in love were counted.

9. Anastasia (Cinderella)...
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Cinderella and Belle handed Cogsworth their dishes, and then Cogsworth promptly began to clean up with Lumiere. The two then headed upstairs where they found Jasmine now wearing a poor person’s outfit, though her hair belied her appearance. “Do you have any more clothes?” Jasmine asked Belle. “My clothes aren’t really suited for the cold climate.”
    “Let me get them,” Belle replied, but Cinderella interrupted, “No, let me. Where are they?”
    “At the end of the hallway,” Belle answered back. As Cinderella began to head down the...
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posted by dee389
Loving them!!!
Loving them!!!
Hi guys, I decided to write another review on Frozen again after the first one was short, I also attempt to sound frank and straightforward than my first one. Here we go:


The scenery reminds a lot of Tangled, except for the fact that it's set in Norway and it really brings a great introduction to Scandinavia through a Disney movie. That I would love to go to Scandinavia, not just Norway.
I'm really happy that Arendelle is set at as a countryside near the sea and the mountains that it reminds me of my time in Salzburg, Austria. As it brings pleasantness and joy to it.


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