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16. Tiana’s Green Dress
This is the only Formal Princess dress that I hate. It is hideous! It isn’t flattering on Tiana. The color looks washed out, and the style of it is just plain awful. It looks like the animators literally drew this up in a few minutes. Of course she wears her hair up with this dress, but it isn’t in a cute ponytail, or a neat bun; it is pulled up, but looks ratty, like she slept on it, and her tiara looks tacky.

15. Ariel’s Pink Gown
I’m not too crazy about this dress either, but I don’t hate it. The main thing I don’t like is the color. It just doesn’t go well with Ariel’s pretty red hair. Like her blue dress, this dress pays homage to her predecessors, Snow White (the puffy sleeves), Cinderella (the skirt) and Aurora (the color and the long sleeves). It would’ve been much prettier on her if it were a different color or perhaps a different shade of pink.

14. Tiana’s Masquerade Dress
Like Ariel’s pink dress, I think this particular dress would look better if it weren’t such a boring color. I think the style, design and length are very nice. I don’t like the headpiece she wears with this, but it’s a costume party, so I get it.

13. Cinderella’s Pink Dress
I know this will sound mean, but part of me is glad that Cinderella’s stepsisters ruined this dress. I’m not a fan. It would look cute on a little girl, but not a young woman. It is very sweet that the mice and birds fixed it up for her to wear to the ball, but do you think Prince Charming would’ve looked and her and liked what he saw? I don’t think so. Thank God for her Fairy Godmother…now SHE knows how to make a dress.

12. Jasmine’s Purple Dress
I think this is pretty. The color is nice, but I don’t care for her headband. It has a funny shape.

11. Mulan’s Pink Dress
I love this dress. I love the color scheme, the design; everything. I really like the shear wrap she wears with it when she goes to see the Matchmaker.

10. Jasmine’s Purple Outfit
We only see Jasmine in this for about twenty seconds, and then she flies off with Aladdin. I really love this on her. Everything about it is simply beautiful.

9. Ariel’s Sparkle Dress
This is another that I adore, but we don’t get to see her in it for very long. I love the length, style, color, and the way it sparkles in the sunshine. Oh! It’s gorgeous.

8. Tiana’s White Dress
What a gorgeous dress! Even though it’s a plain color, it is still stunning. It’s floor length with a slit up the side. She has on a feather boa, and her hair is down! It looks very lovely on Tiana.

7. Rapunzel’s Pink Dress
This is such a cute dress. Rapunzel came in at number 1 on my casual list. This dress has a lot of detail on it, much like her purple dress. It’s a lovely shade of pink and looks adorable on Punz.

6. Belle’s Yellow Ballgown
This used to be my second favorite dress when I was a little girl. I still think it’s pretty. The only thing I would change is the color…maybe a different shade of yellow? I dunno. It just looks kind of heavy sometimes. I love the upper bodice and how the sleeves hang off of Belle’s shoulders.

5. Snow White’s Dress
This dress is so sweet. It’s bright, colorful and looks youthful. It goes with her sweet little personality.

4. Tiana’s Blue Gown
I love this dress. There’s not one thing I would change about this one. The color is nice, and its design is lovely. I love the upper bodice. I really like the bow on the skirt.

3. Tiana’s Lily Pad Gown
I was in awe when I first saw this dress. It’s perfect! I love how the upper bodice looks like a flower that’s about to bloom and that long full skirt…OH! LOVE IT.

2. Aurora’s Gown
Love it. Can’t make up my mind whether I like better in blue or pink though! At this moment right now as I write this, I like it pink. But it could change by the time you are reading it! Thank goodness the fairies decided to use magic, because it looked hideous at first! It looks perfect on Aurora.

1. Cinderella’s Ballgown
What can I say? This dress is simply PERFECT. It’s not flashy in any way. I almost don’t even know what to say about this dress, except for that I’ve been in love with it for as long as I can remember! That Fairy Godmother sure knows what she’s doing. This dress actually inspired my Senior Prom dress! It was floor length, with a big skirt, and a tight upper bodice. It was a pretty shade of blue, and I even found glass slippers…well, not really. They were clear and plastic, but hey, a girl can dream, right? EPIC WIN.