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Disney Princesses' Nationality/Ethnicity

Opinion by Arsalanistan posted over a year ago
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I hope you liked two pictures that I edited with princesses to make them look special and magical whatever you name it (thank to RionaFury for uploaded princesses).

Since I know about Disney Princesses, I did re-watch those movies, plus researched their background (Wikipedia etc) and original fairytales based their story's setting.

So then I am writing here what is my options, reasons and researching information too.

Snow White is a German Princess for sure, her original name is Sneewittchen, its means Snow White in German Language. She looked very typical German "Pale Skinned, Black Hair and Brown Eyed", with kinda traditional German Gown.

Cinderella is a French Lady, according to movie, her stepmother is Lady Tremaine, and a family named DuBois, it is french family name.

Aurora is either British or Dutch, but according to writer who wrote this story "Brothers Grimm" were Germans, so she is perhaps a German Princess. However her feature face and dress based British Culture.

Ariel wouldn't ethnic/nationality any country because she belong to Ocean called "Atlantic", so she is a Atlantian Princess.

Belle is a French Lady for sure, Belle means Beauty in French Language. This is no doubt about her nationality.

Jasmine is a Iraqi Princess, I believe because her city "Agrabah" which is based off Baghdad, Iraq. Iraq is a Arab Nation. However some people claimed her as Moroccan because of her outfit but I disagree with it. Moroccans are not Arabians by ethnic, they are Berber with European blood. So Jasmine no doubt is a Arabian or Iraqi. She is first princess which was not ethnic to European.

Mulan is a Chinese Lady, plus she is only one who have no relate with Royal Families, I believe her being part of Disney Princess was due her culture which is makes Disney Princess a diversity.

Pocahontas is a Native American Princess, she is based on real life Pocahontas who was lived in North America. Some people confused her as non-princess, let me clear that she is a princess of Powhatan.

Tiana is a African-American, second american after Pocahontas's movie.

Last but not least, Rapunzel is a perhaps Irish due people of her kingdom have brown hair, reddish faces with Irish feature. Plus dance scene in the movie looked almost Irish Traditional Dance, so that's why I thought of it but some people think she might be a German according to writer "Brothers Grimm" were Germans.

Who would thought that newest Princess called Merida from movie called "Brave" might be join in Disney Princess with ten official princesses??

Download Disney Princess Wallpaper (Yeah, I edited it):
Again thank to RionaFury for princesses images

Please comments whatever you agree or not :D
Ten Official Disney Princesses
Like it?? Download it: http://www.deviantart.com/download/278869773/ten_official_disney_princesses_by_azad126-d4m15al.jpg
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hmmm good article. I agree with most of it
posted over a year ago.
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Swanpride said:
Sorry, but since when is pale skin and black hair typical German? It isn't. The fact aside that the German population is a wild mix of different orgins, due to it's position in the middle of Europe, the most common "German" look is pale (but not as pale as Snow White's) skin, brown or blond hair and blue, grey or light brown eyes.

It's fun to point out the different styles in the movie, but I don't think that it's really possible to put the any of the fairy tales movie into a special time period, not even those which era is specified.
I.e Snow White: Yes, the style is vaguely German, but snow white shoes are way to modern, and the wildlife ist distinctively american - most of the animals shown in the movie don't even exist in Germany. Yes, Cinderella looks very french, but the movie specified that it plays in a small kingdom, and France is hardly small. Plus, for a long time most of the courts and the nobels in Western Europe spoke French, because it was just the language to use (to a point were they couldn't speak the language of the people they reigned over). Sleeping Beauty has German, French and English Heraldic symbols in the castle (and is btw officially based on the Perault version, though it is actually closer to the German one). Don't get me started on the historical mistakes and anachronism in Pocahontas, Mulan and Princess and the Frog.
I think the play simply in "Once upon a time" - even if a time and place is seemingly specified.
posted over a year ago.
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dee389 said:
Maybe Sleeping Beauty is set in either Switzerland or France. Because the French Imperial anthem is played when Aurora and Philip came down during the finale.
posted over a year ago.
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i conpletely agree with this list, especially Rapunzel. i thought i was the only one who believed she was irish
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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BraBrief said:
I agree with you about Mulan!
posted over a year ago.
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Since when is wikapidia a good source? Anyone can post anything on there!
Ariel's story comes from Denmark if you trace it back far enough.
And Native Americans don't really have anything of "princesses" but they do have women who are of higher-ups that's are treated better.
posted over a year ago.
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xxidax said:
The story of the little mermaid originates from Denmark, though the surroundings seems pretty english, it's hard to say at the time it takes place. I would say keep it real and go for Denmark ;D
posted over a year ago.
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Mulan married Shang, who is a military official. In ancient China military officers were considered royalty.
posted over a year ago.
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estelley said:
from what ive seen the princesses are normally supposed to be the same nationality of the author/origin of their fairytale
which would mean
show white - german
cinderella - french
aurora - german, i doubt she is dutch or british (though being english i'd LOVE to claim her as british or english, since we have never had an explicitly english princess before)
ariel - danish
belle - french
jasmine - yeah, she's probably iraqi but i'm not sure since no one knows the exact country where the story of aladdin comes from. it was actually set in china but was a middle eastern story
pocahontas - american
mulan - chinese
tiana - american
rapunzel - german, though her being irish isn't impossible due to how the surroundings and the people of the movie look...rapunzel with brown hair, rapunzel's parents, flynn rider, mother gothel and most of the characters do look quite irish. the clothing in the movie seems very though, and rapunzel's facial features aren't typically irish at all (though weirdly the features of most of the other characters are).
honestly, i wish we knew where the hell pascal came from, as chameleons are native to neither germany nor ireland, and mother gothel certainly didn't give him to rapunzel since she didn't know he existed (rapunzel was shown having to hide him from gothel several times).
merida - scottish
elsa and anna - danish, though i've heard them called norwegian so they might have been changed to norwegian (or people just got danish and norwegian mixed up)
posted 2 months ago.
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estelley said:
*rapunzel's movie clothing seems very german
posted 2 months ago.