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I hope you liked two pictures that I edited with princesses to make them look special and magical whatever you name it (thank to RionaFury for uploaded princesses).

Since I know about Disney Princesses, I did re-watch those movies, plus researched their background (Wikipedia etc) and original fairytales based their story's setting.

So then I am writing here what is my options, reasons and researching information too.

Snow White is a German Princess for sure, her original name is Sneewittchen, its means Snow White in German Language. She looked very typical German "Pale Skinned, Black Hair and Brown Eyed", with kinda traditional German Gown.

Cinderella is a French Lady, according to movie, her stepmother is Lady Tremaine, and a family named DuBois, it is french family name.

Aurora is either British or Dutch, but according to writer who wrote this story "Brothers Grimm" were Germans, so she is perhaps a German Princess. However her feature face and dress based British Culture.

Ariel wouldn't ethnic/nationality any country because she belong to Ocean called "Atlantic", so she is a Atlantian Princess.

Belle is a French Lady for sure, Belle means Beauty in French Language. This is no doubt about her nationality.

Jasmine is a Iraqi Princess, I believe because her city "Agrabah" which is based off Baghdad, Iraq. Iraq is a Arab Nation. However some people claimed her as Moroccan because of her outfit but I disagree with it. Moroccans are not Arabians by ethnic, they are Berber with European blood. So Jasmine no doubt is a Arabian or Iraqi. She is first princess which was not ethnic to European.

Mulan is a Chinese Lady, plus she is only one who have no relate with Royal Families, I believe her being part of Disney Princess was due her culture which is makes Disney Princess a diversity.

Pocahontas is a Native American Princess, she is based on real life Pocahontas who was lived in North America. Some people confused her as non-princess, let me clear that she is a princess of Powhatan.

Tiana is a African-American, second american after Pocahontas's movie.

Last but not least, Rapunzel is a perhaps Irish due people of her kingdom have brown hair, reddish faces with Irish feature. Plus dance scene in the movie looked almost Irish Traditional Dance, so that's why I thought of it but some people think she might be a German according to writer "Brothers Grimm" were Germans.

Who would thought that newest Princess called Merida from movie called "Brave" might be join in Disney Princess with ten official princesses??

Download Disney Princess Wallpaper (Yeah, I edited it):
Again thank to RionaFury for princesses images

Please comments whatever you agree or not :D
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