A few days ago I made a pick about what the name of Snow White's and Prince's daughter would be and the majority chose Rose Red so I hope you'll enjoy this fan fiction!

If you ever met Rose Red in real life you would be charmed by her beauty because she had the beauty of her mother, but with her father's eyes. Her hair was long and curly and she was loved by everyone just like her mother, but she had never heard her mother's horrible background story so she thought that no one could be jealous of her beauty. Her mother loved her very much and Rose Red thought that she would never have a better mother than what she had.

One night Rose Red had a horrible nightmare, in the nightmare she ranned through a dark forest and she was so terrified that after the nightmare was over she couldn't feel calm at all, she wanted to scream, but she didn't want to wake up her mother and father so she tried to be quiet, but it was so hard that she at last letted out the scream that was so loud that her mother woke up.
"What's wrong", Snow White asked
"I had a horrible nightmare", Rose Red answered.
"How about taking a walk in the forest tomorrow, it usually makes me feel better", Snow White said with a bright smile.
"That sounds great", Rose Red said happily and fell asleep.

The next morning they went walking down to the world below the castle in the clouds and Rose Red was quite surprised to see how the castle looked from below, it was like it was from a dream.

After a while they stopped infront of a small house in Rose Red's size.
"Have I told you that I used to live here once", Snow White asked Annie.
"I don't think you have", Rose Red answered.
"Let's go inside and I'll show you around", Snow White said excitly.

Rose Red thought it was a charming cottage, but she thought that the color inside was very boring, but she was happy that it was tidy.
"Where are the owners", Rose Red asked after a while.
"They are at work, they will come home at 5 a clock in the evening", Snow White answered.
"Okay, and when do they leave in the morning", Rose Red asked.
"They leave quite early, like around 7 a clock", Snow White answered.

Rose Red loved the details on the furniture since she loved animals and when they went upstairs she loved the beds and she read the names on them and she couldn't help laughing over the names.

When she came downstairs again she saw a big bed that seemed to be in her mother's size.

After a while they continued their journey and when they where outside the cottage Rose Red discoverd a glass coffin coverd with gold with her mother's name on it and coverd with lots of flowers.

They continued on a path until they came to a meadow coverd with trees around. Rose Red suddenly saw a pair of animals coming closer.
"They are so cute", she said to her mother.
"I agree", said Snow White.

They went into the forest that Rose Red had a nightmare of, but now it was light so she could just walk slowly.

They came to a beautiful hill coverd with flowers and from a distance Rose Red saw a huge castle.

(End of Part 1)