Okay, this is by far the EASIEST list- WAAAYY easier than my link. I change my mind ALL the time but I think I can be content with this list. Let me just kick if off and say that NONE of them are ugly.. some are just prettier than others. :-P Now, let's get on with it...

10. Rapunzel
Okay, I think that her eyes are so MASSIVE! Also her head is too big for her body. Unless she has a REGULAR head but a SMALL body? o.O She looks so young- maybe 13?- she definitely does not look 18. On the bright side, she'll love it when she's older! She looks cute and pretty in half the scenes, the others are full of her over- exaggerated features. I like her is her hair- especially in a braid. She looks GORGEOUS in this link

9. Tiana
Well, this is gonna be quite short. She's really pretty, but not as stunning as others. I love her rosy, plump lips, her eyes are beautiful, her smile is pretty and I like her dimples. I just BEG, PRAY, WISH, DREAM that she takes her hair out of them freakin' buns and ponytails and wears it down... I rest my case :)

8. Mulan
Mulan is a really pretty character (except for when she's cross-dressing cuz she's not really made to look pretty or else it would be obvious thaty she was a girl). Her eyes lack a bit of depth but they are really pretty almond-shaped eyes, her hair looks so lovely- even after she cuts it- and she has a great smile. The only problem for me is her brows, the shape looks kinda weird in 70% of the shots, her brows look kinda thick- link

7. Snow White
Hmmmm, guess the fairest of them all didn't make it in my Top 5? Snow White's pretty but it's more of a CUTE pretty. Her eyes look so pretty and innocent, her red lips and smile is SO GORGEOUS and her hair's quite nice. Like princesslullaby said that she looks like a china doll (or something)- I agree! She looks like the china doll that I have on my shelf; with her porcelain skin and rose red lips... except for the fact that my china doll's creepy looking. It stares at me at night ;_;

6. Belle
Okay, some people think she looks plain but "plain" looks real. She's not a stick figure like Ariel, curvaceous as Jasmine or has an athletic bod like Pocahontas- that's why I love her so much. Her beautiful warm hazel eyes, her plump pink lips are just gorgeous, her stunning smile and her lush, chocolate brown hair looks so soft!

5. Cinderella
Cinderella is really pretty! First, I never thought she looked that special and that she didn't have any striking features but after watching Cinderella, I found that the movie and Cinderella herself has brought back so many childhood memories and it opened my eyes to see how beautiful she really was. Her sapphire blue eyes are BEAUTIFUL, her peachy coloured lips are gorgeous and her smile is too cute! I hate that the merchandise made her blonde when she's more "burnt orange"- also I don't really like her bangs that much.

4. Ariel
Ariel is super gorgeous! I am in love with her luscious, volumptuous, crimson hair! I have a huge forehead like hers, and her bangs suit her face so well! I love her blue eyes, her rosy lips and her smile! But she looks SO skinny in some shots. Well, to be fair, they wouldn't of eaten meat or fish so they would have seaweed and stuff which isn't very fattening- how the hell did she manage to push the boulder blocking her grotto? o.O

3. Aurora
Well, she does have the Gift of Beauty! I wonder how she would actually look without it.... o.O I like her slim figure (sometimes she looks too skinny), her eyes are plain and they lack depth but the color is pretty (though it's inconsistent) and her scarlet smile is just BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely adore her sunshine blonde hair! I love how her curls bounce when she dances. Even in sleep she's gorgeous! link

2. Jasmine
I love Jasmine's long, thick, black hair, her seductive eyes (they can look a bit off in some shots), her sun-kissed colored skin and an incredible smile!But what turns me off is that her body is unrealistic- beautiful as a cartoon but so unrealistic- NO ONE HAS CURVES AND A TINY WAIST LIKE HER!........Well, except for this link and Ariel :P Despite that, her curves make her sexy!

1. Pocahontas
*cries* PocaHOTNESS is just soooo beautiful! Her sensuous and soulful eyes, her perfectly plump pout, her facial structure, her athletic and curvaceous figure and that HAIR of hers!!!! It flaps around in the wind wildly, yet it never looks screwed up! I wish my hair wouldn't instantly screw up after every time I re-do it! Gawwd, I feel instantly ugly when I see her ;_;