Alexandra was for the last time back at the room with the 10 doors where now only 1 door was left so Alexandra grabbed the last key, opened the door and went inside.

Now she stood infront of a huge castle located high on top of a mountain and close to the sea.
"This is where your last princess lives, she's actually very similar to you in terms of personality and she is very lovely, but like Cinderella she has to work for her evil stepmother, but unlike Cinderella she only has a stepmother and she never complains, but I still think that we should help her with her chores, like Cinderella she has a lot to do", Erica explained to Alexandra.
"I guess we can come inside with a help of your wand again", Alexandra guessed.
"That's right", Erica answered.

So Erica waved her wand so that Alexandra could fly over to the other side of the wall.

When they reached the other side of the wall they saw a young girl sitting by a staircase.
"That's her, isn't she lovely", Erica said.
"Yes, she is, I've never seen such a beautiful girl until now and I don't think I'll ever find a more beautiful girl than now", Alexandra replied.
"Well come on, there's chores to be done", Erica told Alexandra.

They slowly walked closer to the girl by the staircase without talking. When they reached the staircase the girl looked up on them with her beautiful chocolate-brown eyes. She quickly recognised Erica.
"Alexandra this is Snow White, your last princess. Snow White this is Alexandra", Erica told both of the girls.
"Well, I think that we better help you with your chores", Erica told Snow White.
"That sounds great", Snow White replied.

And so they started to work and compared to working along with Cinderella this was much more fun and the girls really enjoyed the whole day.

When the afternoon came they went to the wishing well.
"Is it alright if I start", Snow White asked the girls.
"Sure, start, my wish will anyhow come true soon", Alexandra answered.

Meanwhile they could hear the sounds of horsehoofs and a bit later they saw a prince climbing over the wall and later he came to them so that all three ran up to a balcony, but all of a sudden he started to sing to them, but mainly to Snow White because she was the one he had heard when he rode by the castle.
"I've never met such a sweet prince, but he looked like a girl because it looked like he wore lipstick", Alexandra said after the prince had left them.
"I didn't notice that, but he was very romantic and handsome, it's going to be hard to forget him", Snow White replied dreamily.
"I guess we'll stay here", Alexandra asked looking around in the room they where standing in.
"You can stay here if you want to", Snow White answered.

Suddenly they heard someone opening the door and Alexandra and Erica hided under the bed, from there they could see a woman dressed in a dark purple dress that coverd her hair with a crown on top.
"That's her stepmother, she's so vain and this doesn't seem good", Erica said.
"Why doesn't it seem good", Alexandra asked.
"Because she would never come to here normally, there's only one reason to why she's here, did I told you that she has a magic mirror that she asks everyday who the fairest one of all is, well, the mirror must had replied that Snow White is the fairest one of all", Erica answered.
"Oh no, it doesn't sound good, I hope that I can sleep well tonight", Alexandra said with a terrified look.
"Don't worry I can use my wand and make you fall asleep with some magic in case you don't fall asleep", Erica told Alexandra.
"Thanks, you're such a wonderful friend", Alexandra replied.

That night Alexandra fell asleep and slept quite well with a help of Erica's wand, but the next morning she didn't even wanted to wake up.
"Come on, don't worry too much, I'm nervous too, but try to relax, no matter what happens I'll be hear with you", Erica told Alexandra.

They had to hurry away because they had slept a little too long. They ran to a beautiful hill coverd with daisies and a forest around it and there they saw a huntsman on a distance and they also saw Snow White picking some of the daisies. But suddenly they heard a little bird.
"Now she's in danger, the huntsman is going to kill her soon", Erica told Alexandra.

And they where right, the huntsman came closer and closer.
"Turn around, turn around", Alexandra and Erica yelled.

Luckily the huntsman didn't kill Snow White, Alexandra and Erica could breath out, but when they heard the huntsman telling Snow White to run away into the forest and never return they understood that they had to leave the light and step into the dark, the forest looked so dark, but they knew that they had to go into there.

When the huntsman was out of sight Alexandra and Erica went into the forest and Erica waved her wand so that they could see where to go and so that Alexandra didn't need to be afraid because she was scared of the darkness. But Alexandra couldn't stay calm, there where some trees there that had scary glowing eyes and logs that had turned into alligators.
"I think that it's your illusions no need to worry too much", Erica told Alexandra.

But Alexandra was so terrified that when they came out to a clearing she began crying out loud.
"Don't let me go in there again", she said with tears in her eyes.
"No, I won't let you go in there again nor our sweet princess", Erica replied.
"Where is she", Alexandra asked.
"Here", Erica answered pointing on the middle of the clearing.

When Alexandra looked in that direction she saw Snow White laying on the ground crying even more than Alexandra did.

But soon Alexandra discoverd that they were surrounded by lots of animals like bunnies and deer, but just a few seconds later they ran back into the darkness, but later they started to look out from the darkness. Alexandra turned around to discover a completely different Snow White and it had happened in just a minute, Alexandra was very surprised over that.
"How can you recover so quickly", she asked the princess.
"I don't know, I wasn't like this when I was little from what I can remember at least, it has come in later times", Snow White answered.

While they talked a few more animals started to surround them and suddenly at least 50 animals surrounded them.
"We need to find somewhere to stay for a while", Erica told the girls.
"You're right, but where and who can show us the way", Alexandra asked.
"My animal friends knows where we can stay, they say it's here in the woods so come on let's follow them", Snow White answered.

And so they letted the animals lead them to their temporary home in the woods.
(End Of Part 21)